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hey guys,   I have two full leather, colored calf+bemberg spots available if anyone wants them.   Purchase date: 8/23/15 Cost: $850.00 Details: Whiskey Calf / Oxblood Calf - bemberg lining on both.   let me know if you're interested! -jsd
 yeah...just more important things to put my money towards, I think I went through my whole leather jacket phase before even getting my jackets haha.  but...this may give someone the chance to only wait a month or something for jacket which would be badass for them
hey guys,   just confirmed with Charly that I am still able to sell my TOJ spots (jackets not in production yet).   Purchase Date: 8/23/13 Cost: $885.00 Details: Both spots are for colored calf. (medium whiskey calf and Oxblood calf) and both include upgrade to bemberg lining.    Feel free to hit me up if there are any questions,   -jsd
Selling two spots. colored calf + bemberg ($885).   Purchase Date: 8/23/13   just confirmed with charly that they spot can still be sold and jackets aren't in production if anyone is interested. 
Hey guys, selling off my Himel Brothers kensington jacket. - Horsehide from Japanese Shiki leather tannery - Unlined jacket - Jacket is brand new. Worn around the house once or twice. It was just too hot here in texas when I got it, and with all my other jackets, this one just never got the use it deserved. - Jacket is a size 40 with a shortened front/back length. Can get more specific measurements if requested.  - Roughly ~21.5" chest, ~17.5" shoulders -I am not a...
yes, I am selling my 11/13/13 spot. was setup for a whiskey calf 3-zip MDR with bemberg lining. Let me know if you're interested. 
I have an early November spot (11/13/13) I can sell you. Seems like people aren't aware they can change every aspect of the order (model/material/sizing ect...) when they purchase a spot, but you can. So no need to find a dr2010 spot, any spot will do.
getting rid of a 11/13/13 full leather spot if anyone wants it. 
Note: You are able to change the jacket model/color/material as you wish, just listed the details incase someone wanted to leave it as is.   Selling an 11/13/13 spot for $885.00. Order was for a 3-zip MDR Medium Whiskey Calf + Bemberg Lining + 2-way gunmetal zips. 
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