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Notre will be getting some in a couple weeks
hmmm,   stitch down bison on a 1035 or GYW tan horsehide on a 2030...
Haha, need to downsize on the amount of jackets I have...not the actual size, although I do appreciate the concern.
Thanks man
hey guys,   just got this Thurston x SF x Vanson Daredevil about a week back. I am looking to substantially downsize my jacket collection, so putting this up for grabs   Leather: Forest Green Cowhide  Size: M/L  Shoulder Width—17.5 inches  Chest—20.5 inches  Back Length—25.25 inches  Front Length—21.75 inches  Sleeve Length—25.75 inches  Mid-section—19.25 inches  Hem—19.5 inches  Bicep—7.75 inches  Elbow—6.5 inches  Cuff—4.75 inches
hey guys, selling off a completely unworn stooges in a size 52.   I picked this up from Serie Noire a couple month back, tried it on around the house and hung it up until it got cold out (i live in texas).   I am a the point where i need to get rid of a handful of jackets and this one just hasn't seen any use.   Size: 52 EU  Leather: Heavy black calf   I typically where a size 50 EU and the 52 fits great, slim but not overly snug. I keep all my jackets in...
Going to put the forest green M/L up for sale if anyone is interested...need to seriously downsize
Police report seems like a good/obvious step in the right direction, shit I would copy/paste/submit that explanation
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