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Horsehide boot up on context in case anyone missed it. https://www.contextclothing.com/brands/viberg/wsb113-service-boot
Sounded like @LA Guy had some breaking news I'm sure most of us were interested in hearing, but we never heard back about it... Maybe I misunderstood his last post?
any update here?
exactly, i have been trying to communicate this to drew for the past month...hopefully he gets the message
measurements are spot on to what I requested, this jacket was received like a month ago, when he posted a picture of his stockpile
@impolyt_one      Drew,   You sent me the black calf MDR NOT the oxblood 2013 DR!       John Dixon 3zip MDR calf black bemberg - Received John Dixon oxblood TOJ DR alu bemberg (confirm sent slip) - Not Received  - there is a mix up on which jacket you actually shipped out to me         gah,   i get the feeling I am going to end up with 2 black calf MDR's and no oxblood DR
both my jackets are on that list,   which is super frustrating considering I got an email a month back saying that my oxblood 2013 DR was ready to ship out...then just never received or heard anything
at $90.00 per change + 4-6 month wait time increase.
Not with any standard movements. A bit here and there but not any different than my other leathers.
My chest measurement is ~39-40"...was typically going with a 21-21.5" chest.I agree that I could start doing some slight modifications, but honestly I just prefer to go with stock fits from here on out so I don't skew the intended proportions too much...tired after soo many toj's haha
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