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brand new 3-zip black calf MDR for sale if anyone wants it   http://*****************/listings/108861-temple-of-jawnz-bnib-black-calf-3-zip-mdr http://www.styleforum.net/t/480682/bnib-3-zip-black-calf-mdr
i ordered aug 2013, yeah its really nice, I just don't really need a jacket 1.5 years after ordering it haha. Don't have a problem keeping it, but at this point the money could go towards some more important things. 
Grailed: http://*****************/listings/108861 hey guys, just got this black calf 3-zip mdr from drew last week. Went ahead and grabbed some photos and hung it up with plans to sell it. acquired too many other items during the 1.5 year wait, so I really have no need for it. Brand new, directly from TOJ, - 3 zip Black Calf MDR  - Bemberg lining  - 2-way Gunmetal zips Sizing:  shoulders 17.5"  chest (pit-to-pit) 21.5"  midsection 19.5"  waist 20.0"  body length,...
going to be selling off my brand new 3 zip black calf MDR if anyone is interested ahead of time
Confirmed the change to black calf mdr 9/22/14
Order date was 8/23/13
Sure, I received exactly what I requested during one of my many order changes, started with a black lamb 2103 dr, then went to black calf, then went two black calf mdr, then navy calf and then whiskey calf over the course of 18 months or whatever, I actually got the black calf MDREdit: although at some point I guess I lost out on the 50 dollars required for the colored calf
Thanks man, assuming you're interested in how those leathers compare, the olive lamb was pretty nice, not thin what so ever and I was overall pleased with it, the oxblood was great, some stiffer substantial calf, great color and seemed very durable, really liked it. The black calf is nice, not nearly as stiff as the oxblood, similar in weight to my lewis leathers black calf. Thick stuff but not overly stiff. Out of the three, I like the oxblood calf the most.
Got my black calf 3-zip gunmetal MDR today ( I had changed this order several times but it looks like the black calf config is what stuck, cool with me though). Added some lazy basketball shorts + dirty mirror selfies just for the hell of it.
Whiskey MDR and oxblood 2013 dr may be my August 2013 orders - jsd642@gmail.com
New Posts  All Forums: