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@proteinnerd appreciate the use information regarding grailed, will get an email out to them today and see if they can actually do anything for me in this situation. I'll get in touch with Thurston + Vanson and see what options I might have to get this fixed up, hopefully cost isn't too extreme.    thanks all for the information/suggestions, will be sure to keep thread updated with final outcome. 
Thanks guys, appreciate the suggestions. Thanks for the links @dieworkwear, I sure as hell won't be able to sell this jacket anymore, so maybe a repair and using it as a beater jacket is the way to go (man, it was a badass jacket too, just could have used some extra room). I did initially contact Grailed the first time I sensed something was up (when this guy refused to show me any photos of the damage or the packaging). I told them I was working through a paypal claim,...
Posting this as a heads up to other users selling jackets (really any items for that matter),   just went through a terrible grailed transaction as a seller that resulted in me losing ~$1000.   I recently sold off a brand new forest green Vanson dare devil jacket that fit me too small. Once the jacket arrived to buyer, I received an email a couple days later saying that the jacket was scratched and he wanted a $150 refund.   I assumed there must have been a small...
Ended up grabbing that KK Attachment jacket that nicelynice posted a few pages back. Just received it today, its definitely some substantial leather. Similar or greater thickness than my FW15 heavy horse incarnation. Tossed it on for an initial fit check and a few photos. Will plan to post some better detailed pictures later. Its a bit snug in the pits and over all a pretty slim fit, but I live down in Texas so the desire to layer is generally pretty low. Excited to break...
I have a size 40 Himel Kensington, I am ~6' 1" 175lbs. It fits nice, more so on the slim side, but not overly slim. I can try to grab a fit picture if that would help.I haven't tried an rmc j-100, but based of experience with other rmc products, I imagine it would be amazing.I discovered I'm not a fan of no handwarmer pockets, so I am looking to sell of my nearly brand new himel at a substantial discount if anyone happens to be interested.
sorry if i missed this already, but what last are these on? They look great
 Thanks man, Picked up a size 48, I am a ~ 32-33" waist and ~11.5-12" thigh. Agreed, definitely on the slim side, but generally how I like my pants to fit.
Just received some LUC Autumn/Winter 2013 Military bread bag pants that I purchased recently from INK, they were running a nice sale and still have some items left if anyone is interested. First LUC item I have handled, these pants are amazing. Much heavier/stiffer than I expected, remind of a new pair of denim, will definitely be looking to grab more from them in the future.  [[SPOILER]]
anyone interested in a pretty much brand new pair of Notre x Viberg coffee chromepaks in a size 9? I don't think they're going to work for me, but they're a bit too "used" to return back to Notre.   Planning to put up on grailed, but figured I would ping this group first, will let them go for a good price. 
Planning to pick up a pair of guidi back zips soon, anyone have a comparison between the soft horse vs the regular full grain horse? Also, any opinions on the slim shaft vs the regular (will likely grab the regular, just a bit curious)? Appreciate any insight you guys may have
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