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Just picked up a himel kensington the other day,  
Model CXL 113 - Horween natural chromexcel leather   From the context site: - Made in the USA - Limited Production of 60 Units - Horween Natural Horsehide Chromexcel - Brass Hardware - Tan Wool Lining - Replica 1930s Perfecto® jacket box, custom canvas jacket sleeve and hanger included.   Size: Large Tagged Shoulder Chest Sleeve Length Back Length                     L 17.5 22.5 25.0 26.0               Other Notes: -...
Figured it could promote some additional discussion aside from wait times. Definitely not the best place to post it, but didn't think it could hurt either considering I own/have on order several tojs to compare it to. Jacket is hilariously stiff and doesn't look nearly as good worn open, at the moment atleast. Will try and grab some fit pics with it open when I get back home.
I made an impulse buy on this schott+context jacket to hold me over while I wait for my calf 2013 dr. It's nice, but I got spoiled by the bemberg lining on my tojs. (Sorry for fit pic spam, which was posted in other threads)
I like the fit, and I think it will get better with time considering at the moment this jacket is stiff as hell. I have a large and for what fits my shoulders (17.5") it could be considered slightly large in the chest, but its a welcomed change from the slimmer TOJs I have. Not crazy about the liner, I think I just got used to the bemberg haha.
Picked up the Context + Schott cxl 113. Figured I would post some pictures since I haven't seen any others around. The leather is great and a big change from my lamb TOJs. Looking forward to breaking it in.    
Ended up grabbing the Context + Schott cxl 113. Looking forward to breaking this thing in.    
Yeah, that may be it, now that I actually have a picture of the situation I may run it by charly to see if adjustment are recommended for the next jackets
Black lamb 4zip mdr Love handles fit pic (this seems to be caused by the 2 lower zips, maybe it will work itself out in time) Additional fit pics, still have a 2013 dr and calf mdr in que
I'm in for the harrington or navy suede daypack
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