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Anyone have an mdr and a 2013 dr with the same chest measurement? Wondering if the 2013 dr covers more of the chest in the sense that the lapels are closer together in the middle when worn open.... If that makes sense.
2013 dr
haha, yeah its pretty bad. I'm sure its hard to turn down people throwing money at you even if you know you can't keep up with the demand. Seems like production has come to a standstill or at least a snails pace these past 6 months, maybe they lost one of their leather workers or something. Definitely just getting strung along at the moment, seems hilarious when you say 1.5-2 year wait...but... 1 year wait also seemed hilarious 6 months ago. 
hit 1 year mark about a week back, charly just got back to me saying 1-2 more months, but then again, I was told that 4 months ago as well. Pretty sure that is just the standard response to everybody at this point. 
hey guys,   had this jacket for a couple months, live down in texas so it has virtually no wear (~90-100 F degrees here). Already have too many leather jackets as is, and figured I would put this guy up for grabs.    gallery with measurements and fit pics: http://imgur.com/a/mpnYv     Height: ~ 6'1 Weight: ~ 175 lbs   Jacket sizing: shoulders 17.5" chest...
well, I am 6'1" ~ 175 lbs for reference 
Calf stooges rnd 3, 6'1" ~ 175 lbs went with a size 52. Really liking the fit on this one, comfortable jacket while still maintaining a slimming look.
I picked up a size 52 of the calf stooges as well. Can also vouch that the jacket is great, will post fit pics later.
Just picked up a himel kensington the other day,  
Model CXL 113 - Horween natural chromexcel leather   From the context site: - Made in the USA - Limited Production of 60 Units - Horween Natural Horsehide Chromexcel - Brass Hardware - Tan Wool Lining - Replica 1930s Perfecto® jacket box, custom canvas jacket sleeve and hanger included.   Size: Large Tagged Shoulder Chest Sleeve Length Back Length                     L 17.5 22.5 25.0 26.0               Other Notes: -...
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