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Just switched oxblood 2013 dr to electric goat 2013 dr, may as well try it.
8/23/13: lead time - 5 months 4/30/14: lead time - 1-2 months 8/17/14: lead time - 1-2 months 9/15/14: lead time - "still a few months away" Pretty weird looking at that timeline.
Wanted to upload some more oxblood photos for the sake of adding to the gallery, hopefully they can help people with their decision.   [[SPOILER]]    [[SPOILER]]
oxblood collared moto purchased off B/S/T    shitty pics + shitty bathroom, planning to get some better ones up later.   knew the sleeves would come up a bit short, but I think they're manageable.    jacket is pretty damn stiff, more so than my schott cxl jacket.       
I'm closer to a 21.5-22" chest, with 17.5" shoulders.
the slim, those are the measurements for the medium and large fit jackets.
seems like quite a few people are going to be between sizes with the following options. Already submitted a deposit, so i'll have to see how the medium fits,  but almost 100% it will be too small in the chest, while the large will just be way to big in the chest. Hopefully we get some more options.    medium: p2p = 21.25", shoulder = 17.5" large: p2p 22.75", shoulder = 18"
Anyone have an mdr and a 2013 dr with the same chest measurement? Wondering if the 2013 dr covers more of the chest in the sense that the lapels are closer together in the middle when worn open.... If that makes sense.
2013 dr
haha, yeah its pretty bad. I'm sure its hard to turn down people throwing money at you even if you know you can't keep up with the demand. Seems like production has come to a standstill or at least a snails pace these past 6 months, maybe they lost one of their leather workers or something. Definitely just getting strung along at the moment, seems hilarious when you say 1.5-2 year wait...but... 1 year wait also seemed hilarious 6 months ago. 
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