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yes, I am selling my 11/13/13 spot. was setup for a whiskey calf 3-zip MDR with bemberg lining. Let me know if you're interested. 
I have an early November spot (11/13/13) I can sell you. Seems like people aren't aware they can change every aspect of the order (model/material/sizing ect...) when they purchase a spot, but you can. So no need to find a dr2010 spot, any spot will do.
getting rid of a 11/13/13 full leather spot if anyone wants it. 
Note: You are able to change the jacket model/color/material as you wish, just listed the details incase someone wanted to leave it as is.   Selling an 11/13/13 spot for $885.00. Order was for a 3-zip MDR Medium Whiskey Calf + Bemberg Lining + 2-way gunmetal zips. 
Selling a 11/13/13 spot for $885.00. Order was for a 3-zip MDR Medium Whiskey Calf + Bemberg Lining + 2-way gunmetal zips. 
Grailed listing: http://*****************/listings/36913-temple-of-jawnz-oxblood-calf-collared-moto Album: http://imgur.com/a/E66SY   ~4 month old oxblood calf collared moto.  sleeve length is a bit short on me so i'm putting this up for sale. Jacket is pretty close to new, has probably seen ~10hours of wear. A small little scuff on the right sleeve that can be removed with a little conditioner. shoulders 17.5"  chest (pit-to-pit) 21.5"  midsection 19.5"  waist...
Just switched oxblood 2013 dr to electric goat 2013 dr, may as well try it.
8/23/13: lead time - 5 months 4/30/14: lead time - 1-2 months 8/17/14: lead time - 1-2 months 9/15/14: lead time - "still a few months away" Pretty weird looking at that timeline.
Wanted to upload some more oxblood photos for the sake of adding to the gallery, hopefully they can help people with their decision.   [[SPOILER]]    [[SPOILER]]
oxblood collared moto purchased off B/S/T    shitty pics + shitty bathroom, planning to get some better ones up later.   knew the sleeves would come up a bit short, but I think they're manageable.    jacket is pretty damn stiff, more so than my schott cxl jacket.       
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