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Thank you, sir.
Bucks are Bass Brooks Bros Seersucker Not sure about socks - either BB or J Crew.
Brooks Bros socks and chinos. Cole Haan loafers.
I like those blazers....on other people. I just don't feel like I can pull it off.   Overall, I like most the Gatsby Collection but a little too spendy for me.   I especially like the pink striped linen suit but I don't think I'd ever wear it.,default,pd.html?contentpos=2&cgid=gatsby
Brooks Brothers trousers, Cole Haan socks, Bostonian shoes - not the fanciest shoes but damn it they are shiny! (and comfortable)     Manhattans and cigars on the deck. Have a good weekend, gents.
  I love those shoes! Very cool.   Thank you, sir.
Clean your mirror. Seriously. Do it now.
  what time should I be there?  
Cole Haan Wingtips not sure on socks (clarks?) Banana Republic suit pants  
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