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Sorry. that was in reply to the chaps discussing the Baracuta harrington in that lovely olive green colour.  
A bit late for you now, but you can pick up these harringtons for £40. The best bit is that they are a quality item STILL made here in the UK to the same pattern since the Sixties.
Well I do have a certain flare for sure....
What do you think of these ? i have a pair and had some great comments.  
Ha, ha its okay mate, the way the forum works does take some getting used too.
Is this any help ?
Its the trendy thing to be "fitted". Its because the type of clothes that us lot are into, are "on trend", so the cut and fit is being designed for a "younger" market. Its all balls of course, and most people just go up a size.
I think its a fair point Basset.
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