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Sorry. that was in reply to the chaps discussing the Baracuta harrington in that lovely olive green colour.  
A bit late for you now, but you can pick up these harringtons for £40. The best bit is that they are a quality item STILL made here in the UK to the same pattern since the Sixties.   http://scootssuitsandboots.com/mod-and-retro-coats-and-jackets/Harrington-jackets/harrington-jacket-by-combat-olive.php
Well I do have a certain flare for sure....
What do you think of these ? i have a pair and had some great comments.   http://scootssuitsandboots.com/mod-skinhead-footwear/delicious-junction-brogues-upsetter-royale-black-1360119639.php  
Ha, ha its okay mate, the way the forum works does take some getting used too.
Is this any help ?   http://scootssuitsandboots.com/delicious-junction-brogues-upsetter-oxblood.php
Its the trendy thing to be "fitted". Its because the type of clothes that us lot are into, are "on trend", so the cut and fit is being designed for a "younger" market. Its all balls of course, and most people just go up a size.
I think its a fair point Basset.
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