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Where did you find the $1200 SLP suit? I'm a 46, and always looking for a new suit. 
Try Kill City or April 77
figures that the slp thread would eventually become a diet thread 
 I was referring to how he managed to gain entry to Saint Laurents design studio. 
Do the SS14 15.5cm black skinnies fit slightly lager then the SS13 15.5cm black skinnies? I have a pair of both and I'm convinced that my SS14 pair fit larger, especially in the waist and thighs. 
 how did you manage that?
 Unfortunately, the only pictures I know of for the 16cm hem jeans are on the SLP "Skinny" lookbook  It's mostly because of the bad PR early on concerning the re-naming and Hedi's attitude and the intentionally jarring styling on the runway
16cm or 15.5 cm? I have pictures of me wearing the 15.5cm ones, but the 16cm ones were, as far as I know, only produced for ss13.
 the daft punk stuff has been for sale in the stores for a while, unless you mean the helmets ;)
I'd say size down. The legs will stretch.
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