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it's pretty obvious that the musical notes are so the chinese market can buy in to the most obvious and literal signifiers and iconography of americanized rock and roll aesthetic. slp is a purely commercial venture at this point, even more so now that hedi is not around to guide the retail production process (not that he was doing much to begin with). it's expensive gap at this point. 
caring this much about matching your belt to your shoes is like, the antithesis of slp 
when all your friends are going to the slp show except you live in ny...
ya i heard dior too
maybe worded that poorly, not balmain. i just meant you'll be excited unless you only loved slp for the hyped up shitty pieces which i imagine won't be repeated at another house - which, tbh, is a lot of people on here  
all i'm saying is i've heard some rumors from some well placed sources about him leaving long before the first news story broke, and those sources also told me where he's gonna go next. you guys won't be disappointed, unless you REALLY loved biker jeans and gross high tops. 
 Literally any vintage store.  
le smoking blazers are blazers with satin lapels. 
 I would imagine it does to keep proportion, just as the hem on the 15.5cms isn't always 15.5cm depending on size. 
 just do what i did and get them tailored and hemmed. there's really no reason not to get something tailored to fit you, especially when you are dropping that much on a piece. 
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