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 Is it possible that you could post the article on here? I don't have a WSJ subscription, and don't really want to get one for a single article. 
 Take to size Are you talking about KVA Dior or Hedi Dior? I've found that KVA Dior is better quality then Hedi Dior, but the aesthetic is... lacking. Hedi Dior was really bad in terms of quality from SS05-SS06, but picked up in the final two seasons. Early Dior, of course, was incredibly quality-wise. If you ever find any SS02 or AW02, you will have a garment that will last you quite some time.
How should I remove body odor from a 100% silk garment? I had it dry cleaned and de-oderized and the stench is still there. Is there anything left for me to do?
 seriously. balmain, rick owens, and fake slp? oy vey. 
 This is a really, really bad look.
 The L17 fits slimmer. The SS13 L01 is, I believe, calf leather, if you can find it.
 I keep them in my back pockets, though when I sit I hold my phone, so it doesn't rip through my pocket. 
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