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 I keep them in my back pockets, though when I sit I hold my phone, so it doesn't rip through my pocket. 
Talked to the SA at the Rodeo store today. Apparently, the old YSL store will only house the womens collection, and the current store will be all mens. He also said that L.A. will have a larger SLP stock than any other city in the world. Chill.
 The collection comes out whenever. There really isn't any rhyme or reason to it. The Saint Laurent boutiques already have a decent amount of stuff in stock. 
 What do you mean re-released? It's not even out the first time yet!
 Those are actually 16cm jeans from SS13, I believe. They have a higher polyurethane %, either 4 % or 5%. 
 Very much so. It should only last a week. 
Go with 30. They stretch out. 
 I think it's just oversized. Check out how loose it looks, and how much the shoulders drape. 
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