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 Buy from Net-a-Porter or Mr Porter, which both have great return policies, or measure yourself against the online measurements and see if they match up. 
damn, tim blanks mutilated this collection in his review. i honestly can't remember the last time a collection was torn in to that bad. 
 Skin, according to the YSL twitter. 
 The rebranding is to stay. The ready to wear line will be called Saint Laurent Paris, but the house and the couture line is known as Yves Saint Laurent, hence why some polos and bags still have the old YSL logo. The fragrances and make up are licensed out and are not part of Saint Laurent, and as such still have the different, older branding. 
 He has such the looks Hedi would want that Hedi has used him in three of his shows and his AW13 campaign...  Just curious tho, where did you find this picture?
The noise from the SL01H goes away when you wear it more. It's just the leather breaking in. 
 Not a huge fan, looks loose and unstructured on you, and the shoulders look a little small. Is it possible to just get a smaller size for the SLP one? 
 Yeah? Who else would be buying their $40k + pieces? 
 Helps that Dylan Brosnan is like 6' 5''. I know the leather jacket he wore in the campaign was custom made for him because he's just so crazy lanky and skinny.  Regardless, tying a flannel around your waist is stupid and contrived. Leather jacket looks too short too, sleeves should end right where your wrists start so you get about an inch of skin, not halfway up your forearm. 
I know I'm a little late to this conversation, but I tried on the cashmere blend double breasted coat and found it to fit very slim, while the two button top collar coat was noticeably baggier. Curious to try on the camel coat and see how it fits, hopefully it will be fitted enough for me to consider a purchase. I do wonder tho, if I just tailored in the arms on these coats, if they would fit like the runway versions do.
New Posts  All Forums: