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 Yeah, and fun fact: on the SS15 runway, they literally cut the jeans with scissors to get the raw hems, so you don't even need to bring them to a tailor to hem them! 
 They only use cardboard boxes for sneakers. The boots are still in the same premium packaging.
Can anyone speak to the quality of the Saint Laurent stores in Barcelona and Madrid? 
 The way you cuffed your jeans in the first one is really, really bad. Just roll them normally or let them stack. Not a fan of the loafers either, seems way too incongruent with the rest of the clothing. The second fit is fine in that generic SLP hypebeast way, but the shirt is too short. 
Gold chain was for women's clothing and silver chain for men's clothing. I thought they stopped doing this though, but I could be wrong.
Too bad about the jeans being bigger. My AW13 ones fit perfectly, but I did find the SS14 ones to be a size large. I wear a size 27 but find that I get major ball-camel toe (some real SS14 shit) and was hoping I could size up to a 28 to avoid that. I have wondered about sizing up and getting them tailored, but am worried that the 1cm difference is so marginal that a tailor would fuck it up. 
 Where did you find this picture? I can't find this shoe on any website.
 If it's a real life friend why would you doubt its legitimacy? 
 It's how tall the models are and they pulled them off fine. 
 Looks legit.
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