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You get a certain amount of money to spend when you start, and then an employee discount after that. I believe the starting money is $2k, and the employee discount if either 40% or 50%. 
dior homme of course 
 don't wear suede in the rain.  also, i'm selling this coat: http://www.ysl.com/us/shop-product/men/ready-to-wear-coats-signature-caban-tube-coat-in-black-wool_cod40116851ht.html#dept=rtw_men_main in size 46 for $1299. pm me or something. 
I actually just wanna rep the L.A. store for a second. Not only do they literally have the most stock of any SLP store in the world, but every S.A. is not only super great as a person, but totally knows and loves the brand, and actually live the SLP lifestyle. Half the fun of going to the L.A. store is seeing what the S.A.s are wearing that day. 
The Greene street store was really bad, the Midtown store was okay, but the L.A. store is a fantastic experience. 
 Yeah, just size up and tailor them dude. It's a suit! You're supposed to tailor a suit! 
Anyone know where I can find size 43 monkstrap creepers in plain, unembelished, black leather? Farfetch had a pair but they unfortunately sold out.   
 Armando's Shoe Repair on Westwood and Ohio
 Is it possible that you could post the article on here? I don't have a WSJ subscription, and don't really want to get one for a single article. 
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