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From your pic that looks like a 3piece base a suit. I have a 2piece base a in black and dark blue. They adjusted it for me and it fits well. Cost me 2k gbp each
Balfour provides wise words - I may well be slightly more "forward thinking" if that is the right expression than some other interviewers, although having met a resonable cross-section of our interviewers I would be surprised if shoe colour enters the equation.  We have to justify any rejection we make (as we like to give candidates feedback) and an interviewer would get crucified by us all if he mentioned shoe colour as a reason !
Hi - i thought I had replied to this on my iphone but it doesent seem to have posted it.  I wouldnt care if someone had brown or black shoes provided they werent caked in mud !  Our clients pay for our advice, not a fashion show, our only real requirement in terms of attire is to be smart and presentable with a tie.  Some of our tech clients have dress down policies so when we visit them we also dress down as appropriate - but for an interview I expect a smart suit and a...
Whether shoes are black or brown would have no influence on my decision. As others have said, the answers to questions are more important rather than what you are wearing. Our clients expect a suit and tie and a professional can do attitude. They pay for our advice, not a fashion show!
i just picked up a couple of TF suits this week - both are "plain" blue and black - the only slightly "non-plain" thing about them is the slightly larger peak lapels I would say.
the only thing I would notice about someones appearance is either if they are not wearing a suit at all, or that they are not wearing a tie.  The colour or style of the suit and tie is completely irrelevant to me (unless the tie is some sort of Disney type thing) - as I said, i work in probably the most conservative industries there is.
I am a senior interviewer for the worlds biggest accountancy firm so you can't get more conservative than that, and I wouldn't care if there was a ticket pocket or not as long as the candidate looked smart and answered my questions appropriately. I find it an odd question to be honest I have just bought 2 Tom ford suits to wear in the office if that gives any idea as to what is acceptable in my organisation
Thanks. Popped into harrods today and took a couple of conservative suits from them and a few ties. In case anyone is interested the suits were £2k off the rail
ok so i dont want to start a discussion about who likes TF or not, but in terms of which concession carries the greater variety do we think the Harrods outlet is better than the Selfridges one, or are they comparable (I have been to both, but some time apart so its difficult to remember - but they both appeared to be about the same size and carry the same range)   thanks
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