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Took my new City IIs out for a spin yesterday. Very happy, though the colour in the photo *really* doesn't do them justice.     Grant
  I wear this combination without any anxiety. Guess it depends on what you do for a job.   Grant
Hey Jase, do you have any photos of yourself in the purple knit? Trying to gauge the colour.   Grant
Don't think so, I just wandered in with no invite.   Grant
Wandered into HB yesterday to have a look at the sale. None of the pieces I've been eyeing off were even on the rack, although I did pick up a couple of pairs of P&S chinos which I'm rather partial to. Noticed that they recoup some of the money from the sale by charging for simple alterations.   Grant
Wasn't someone looking for Argyle's a few pages back?   Also, does anyone know where I can pick up a Kent shaving brush in Melbourne or just online in AUS?   Grant
Late to this conversation, but buy an aeropress and a $1000 grinder. Better coffee than any other alternative.   Grant
  For me, this is bang on. First impressions which are built on how you look, your body language, how engaged you are.... People do it subconsciously, so if you are able to dress yourself in a way which doesn't draw attention but does reassure people at a subconscious level - then you are winning. Clothes can send a powerful, yet subtle message when done well (in a professional setting).   Grant
LOL, sounds like someone from around here....   Grant
Have I lost it if I'm lusting over these?     Grant
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