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Granted, these ones aren't nearly faded as the deep indigos but the top block looks great for 10 months.   I agree with the idea that you're not beating the shit out of them enough,
Bruh is you serious?
Anyone familiar with the Vintage Dungaree jean? Looking for a lightweight denim for the spring/summer and it looked like a good option. Any info on fades/quality would be greatly appreciated.\bin\shop.prodt.detail&SKU=7656001  
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I'm thinking about getting a pair of ST-120X Shadow Selvedge or the ST-100X Indigo Selvedge for my first pair of raws.The measurements seemed to be the closest to the pair of jeans I had liked the fit on (Levis 511s). I'm just wondering if I should get true to size or will these stretch out a lot and will I need to size down?  
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