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I apologise. I am clueless as to how to add it to my signature.   Thanks.
Thanks for the highlight.      Byron
Hi guys!   For anyone who may be interested.   Thank you.
Hello, everyone!   For sale is a pair of Alden Whiskey Short Wing Balmorals, Size 9D US on the Tremont Last. This pair was purchased from Alden DC.   Included are: Alden shoe trees, Alden shoe bags, Alden polishing cloth, and extra Alden laces. I will also include one (1) Alden Tan polish. Unfortunately, the Alden box is not included.   At most, I have worn these for only six (6) times. Also, these have never been worn in the rain or on any wet surface.   The item...
Hello, everyone!   For anyone who may be interested:   Thank you!
For sale is a pair of brand new and unworn Carmina Cognac/Tax Oxford Half Brogues on the Inca Last.  It's a Size 7.5UK, which fits Sizes 8 to 8.5US. Shoebox and dustbags are included.   Payment via PayPal.   Shipping will be via Express International Shipping, which takes about 5 business days.    For inquiries, kindly send me a PM here or via e-mail:   Thanks.
Where were these from, @arrow? Ha! My dad wants that color of chukkas.
Tama ang Tagalog mo, pare! I will open a bottle of San Miguel for you because of that. Haha!Salamat!Byron
Hi guys! Just wanna share a photo of my Ravello. Just glad that although I am from the Philippines, I now have an Alden Whiskey and Ravello shell because of @mdubs's help. Cheers! Byron
Uncle, I need those. Haha
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