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Anyone know of the fix required when there is excess fabric right underneath the waistband of pants that appears like a horizontal bubble.
What is the length of the collar points?
 Another thing to think about would be creating test pairs that are more mainstream and accepted by the masses to create a gallery which is appealing to many.  I realize a bespoke shoe is for creating something totally unique but I think it is tough for people to visualize Luxire as providing a standard dress shoe or boot when they are seeing photos of only unique looking shoes.
With the excess fabric under the bum and the pants touching your calves it looks like "horseshoe" folds.If you search for that term in the forum there are a few articles of what causes it. The issue is how to remedy it. I am in the process of trying to fix this as well.
Anyone have an idea of what the regular price of the VBC hopsacks will be? 
 Do you have any diamond weave ties as well?  I am wanting to know the difference because in photos they appear very similar.  Are the oxfords less shiny?
Has anyone encountered this issue and know a fix for it?    I order my casual button-up shirts shorter than my dress shirts because I wear them untucked.  The fit is spot on other than it flares out at the bottom hem and can look feminine.     Is this a simple fix of reducing the bottom hem measurement or does more need to be done?
Do you know how you fix the vertical balance of pants to fix this issue?
 I am trying to have this issue fixed on my next pair of pants as well.  The "Horseshoe Folds" are my issue and it seems like it just isn't a simple measurement change of the pants (i.e. increase back rise and thigh and it will fix itself).  I asked a tailor on StyleForum and this was his response..."You need a straight back to the trouser.  This refers to the angle of the out seam of the back part from the knee to the top of the out seam. The straighter the angle the...
 Ahhh, thank you kind sir.  I am sending in a jacket to replicate so this would not provide much benefit and hence why I was a bit confused.
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