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 It seems there is some misunderstanding.  A fabric being available to be ordered on the website does not signify that Luxire has it in stock.  There are a ton of fabrics that Luxire orders from the mill after they accept the order on their website.    
 The Luxire website does not indicate if they keep the fabric on hand.  Luxire does not store a roll of every fabric listed on the website at their location.  There are lots of fabrics where they order it from the mill when they receive the order and that is a reason for delay. 
 What is the link of the VBC flannel you got?  I was looking at this link but the photos appear to contain three different shades of grey.
Does anyone have a recommendation for a mid-grey dress pant trouser fabric in the $150 range?
 This is what I noticed as well.  The bunching below the butt that many Luxire trousers have is not present.  Is this something you worked on with Luxire?  Do you know how it was fixed?
 Very true...using Luxire works well for the very detailed oriented customer who has some experience in the MTM realm or the patience to withstand the poor fittings at the start of the experience.  I absolutely love Luxire but I also have page long PDF memos of instructions and measurements for every piece of clothing I order.  For me that is part of the fun.
That's cute.Almost everything in my closet is Luxire. From dress clothes to wool overshirts. I have my fit nailed down on dress shirts, trousers, chinos, shorts and casual shirts. I want to give more of my money to Luxire and as a result looking for more casual shirt options.
The casual shirt choices don't jump out to me compared the fabrics you see at Gustin or Epaulet. Luxire has a ton of oxfords and casual shirting like the denim chambray but would like to see more Fall plaids, checks, brushed twills, to choose from.
@luxire, can I request that more casual shirting options be brought in.  Casual = untucked with jeans.    I do not know if it is the website or if there are a lack of options that I like but the casual shirt fabrics seem to be missing a "je ne sais quoi".  When I browse a place like Epaulet or Gustin I want a high majority of the shirting fabrics but Luxire has a ton of options and I can never find anything.   
Is the VBC 120 a dress pant material or chino material?
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