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My preference is a standard dress shoe sole. I plan to only wear them at the office.
Not a big fan of Adelaide either
Is the suede from pic 1 and pic 3 different or the same?
I am interested. Are there different brown suedes to choose from?
Type of knot you tie. How you like your knot (eg large)There are instructions on the hober site on how to get what length of time you need.
For anyone familiar with Epaulet's offerings of the 8 oz Canvas Rivets, do you know of any Luxire fabrics which would mimic that fabric?  Unfortunately Epaulet does not carry the Rivet in my size and I am looking to make it a five pocket style. 
 What did you think of the VBC hopsack fabric for your grey pants?
I realize you can order swatches but just wondering if anyone has photos of the differences between the various grey, charcoal grey and silver/grey grenadines.   Is there a consensus SF approved grey tie?
 Do you have any pics of the shirt?  Is it a denim looking type of casual shirt? 
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