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 I've sent 4 items over the years and have not had any issues (dress shirt, shorts, dress pants, casual pants).
It would be so hard to just bite my lip at times, but in a thread like this Luxire should look at two options when someone starts attacking or complaining. 1. Respond with "Send me a Private Message" 2. Ignore the post all together if you've dealt with it. A lot of people know there are two sides to a story and take the complaints with a grain of salt anyways so you don't have to publicly defend yourself.
 @Darkside posted his photos somewhere. 
I have measured the distance of my second button position for dress shirts so it is to my liking when I am not wearing a tie. Not too much that chest hair or undershirt shows.I have started asking not to have the extra buttons sewn in to the bottom of the placket.
Has anyone replicated an Inglese collar?  
No other person in their right mind would ever notice. Just fix it going forward.
Yes. I would request a light lining or some other form of instruction. I had it done and personally didn't like the feeling. It felt like a diaper.
Wish list item. White dress shirt with grey pencil stripes.
It really depends. It can range from 2 to 8 weeks based on circumstances.First order of trousers and need to make pattern? Sending in replication pants and have to wait for your pants to get there? Ordering fabric in stock? Ordering fabric that they don't have in stock and have to make that fabric order first?
 Send in your shirt if you can be without one for 4-6 weeks.  They will copy it exactly.  Without a doubt, the easiest and best way to dial in your measurements.
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