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Has anyone had a wool overshirt made by Luxire?
@Epaulet   Do you know when you will be getting a re-stock of the Espresso suede dress belt?  I am a size 38.   I am wanting to purchase a couple items at once to save shipping to Canada and wondering if I hold off on a re-stock or not.   Thanks.
 Add darts.
DHL is the worst shipping company in Canada in terms of getting hit with the duties, taxes etc.
Shit happens. Either send in your shirt to be fixed or not but you can't really gripe because you entered into a business transaction where Luxire has stated their return policies.If you had an issue with their return policies then you should not have made the initial purchase. Simple as that.
For those that have ordered a Pea Coat, do you have any recommendations on how to get a good fit?  I have a so-so fitting pea-coat right now so I don't have proper measurements to really build off of. 
I am not sure if anyone else is experiencing this, but my firewall is blocking Luxire because it says that it has malicious content threat on the page.  This is new as of today, it has never said there was a malicious content threat before.
 Have your customers found that Canada Post vs Fed Ex has any lesser duties, fees and taxes charged than the other?
Does anyone know how much shipping will be to Canada for this?
 I like this style much more than the Adelaide. Are these two different suedes or just different lighting?  Trying to comprehend what colour the dark brown suede looks like in real life. Is this style but without the detailed punched toe cap an option?  
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