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 My order status had the ability to change sizes.  I actually used it.  Then the button disappeared when it went into production.  I now have a status update of "Production status: 12/11: Denim has been cut as is now in sewing. Expected completion end of January."
Good to know. You were satisfied with the luxire sport coat? I will be doing the same shortly. Your original coat made it through shipping around the world in good condition?What fabric did you go with for your sport coat?
Fabric? Why do you like that particular blue fabric? I'm just still trying to find the perfect blue luxire dress shirt
I can appreciate Luxire's side of things in refusing certain customers.    You want to build your client base of "A" clients, and if those "D" clients are taking up your precious time and resources from serving your "A" clients, then you may as well let them go and hope to fill your clientele with other "A" clients.
 Are you wrapping it around once or twice?  The easiest thing may be to ask for a wider tie at the knot area.  The collar style also may add to making it seem smaller.  That is a lot of tie space to fill up.
It makes sense so someone can't double dip.  Get 20% off gift card and then use that to buy the sale items.  You'd be looking at unreal sale prices.  They may as well just give the stuff away for free.
 So does one only get 20% off if the gift card is $1,500?  I have ordered a $250 gift card for $200.  This will be cancelled?
Anyone aware of how to order dugdale swatches online?
 What fabric is that exactly?  I would like to add it to my wish list of trouser fabrics.
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