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Anyone aware of how to order dugdale swatches online?
 What fabric is that exactly?  I would like to add it to my wish list of trouser fabrics.
 I like the sky blue oxford over the classic blue but they are both very close.  One thing I would recommend though...if this is your first order to send in a replicate, only order one shirt and don't choose your favourite fabric for the first shirt.  In the first order, there are certainly going to be tweaks needed and/or it may not come out perfect so you may as well order your favourite fabric when you know the pattern is dialed in. 
 Holy moly.  Unreal turnaround. 
 What were the changes needed?  I have a bit of that hourglass issue right now.  I am not sure if its a simple fix of the making the bottom hem measurement smaller or not.  Curious as to what the fix you found was.
 What has prompted Luxire to get into custom shoes, bags, belts, etc. before solidifying the customer service issues and website? As an outsider looking in, I see countless people commenting on the lack of customer service response times and that the website is an issue and have not heard of improvements happening, yet see Luxire spending time and resources on researching and fabricating custom shoes and custom bags.
 Shorts take approximately the same time to construct as pants.  All that really changes is a bit more fabric from the knee down.  With Luxire offering all the customization you want for shorts, it seems silly to try and get the price down just a bit for that little bit of extra fabric on the shin.  I don't expect them to have a cheaper price for short-sleeve shirts.  I don't expect them to charge more if someone is a larger person and takes more fabric than a...
 Luxire has made two pairs of shorts for me.  I do not have pictures but can tell you they were good.  I had two pairs made (a navy twill and a maroon twill) based on a replicate I sent in with some adjustments.  I had side adjusters and no belt loops.  If you get shorts made, I would send in a replicate just to give it a better chance of success on the first pair.  The only comment I would make is that they put in some sort of fabric web that you need to button in at the...
Small adjustments. Decrease the armhole/move it up so it is tighter into your armpit. Ever so slightly decrease the shoulder width so the seams line up on your shoulders better. I can't tell for sure but there appears to be some billowing on the back side so perhaps darts or decreasing the back width at the waist. If you ever plan to wear this shirt with the top button undone you may want to think about having the second button closer to the top.
Mike,   In the past I ordered a size 38 hopsack and a size 38 120s.  The 120s were more tight overall compared to the hopsack of the same size.  I understand there will be some differences when they are cut, but does the thickness of the fabric have any bearing on the size difference?  Are pants of the same size made smaller or larger based on the type of fabric it is?   I am looking for direction on if I need to size up with flannel or if the 38 hopsack fit, then a 38...
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