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 I am trying to have this issue fixed on my next pair of pants as well.  The "Horseshoe Folds" are my issue and it seems like it just isn't a simple measurement change of the pants (i.e. increase back rise and thigh and it will fix itself).  I asked a tailor on StyleForum and this was his response..."You need a straight back to the trouser.  This refers to the angle of the out seam of the back part from the knee to the top of the out seam. The straighter the angle the...
 Ahhh, thank you kind sir.  I am sending in a jacket to replicate so this would not provide much benefit and hence why I was a bit confused.
 What do you do with a $75 unwearable canvas jacket?  I am just confused as to what that is for and how it is used in the process of sizing.
Does anyone know the details of that trial suit option Luxire mentioned a while ago? It was something along the lines sending a canvas jacket or something to that effect. I can not find the details.
 Quote: Ok good.  When I look at them online I thought they were similar laces that came with my Carminas.  A fabric lace that snapped within two days.  Went and bought round waxed laces and never a problem since.
Does anyone have any comparisons of the Kent Wang Benchgrade captoe balmoral vs Meermin black calf oxfords?    I will am looking to purchase one of these pairs of black shoes but hard to compare two shoes I have never seen or wore in real life.    Based on photos:   -I like the sleeker last of the KWs - big selling point at this time -I don't like the laces of the KW (very minor issue) -The Meermin is a better price for a shoe I may not wear a ton -KW may be more...
Are they dress shirts or more casual?
 -It seems like it could have a higher/smaller arm hole based on the raising arm photo but not sure how it actually feels.-Increase the chest-Get rid of the pocket-Add darts to the back-You may be able to decrease the bicep slightly
 What is the front band height?  I just don't see a 4cm measurement on the collar.  http://cdn.styleforum.net/0/0d/500x1000px-LL-0d4fb487_Barba-Napoli-Collar.jpeg
 My emails have been answered very quickly.  I have emailed a few times within the last couple of weeks.
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