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Mike,   In the past I ordered a size 38 hopsack and a size 38 120s.  The 120s were more tight overall compared to the hopsack of the same size.  I understand there will be some differences when they are cut, but does the thickness of the fabric have any bearing on the size difference?  Are pants of the same size made smaller or larger based on the type of fabric it is?   I am looking for direction on if I need to size up with flannel or if the 38 hopsack fit, then a 38...
I am looking to purchase my first pair of flannel trousers.  Oxford grey or charcoal? Are oxford grey the standard flannel trousers one should start out with?
 I believe you can make any of the 8oz or duck canvas fabrics into a 5 pocket style through their MTO program.  I have done this a couple times already and it was just a matter of emailing them after I had ordered. 
Has anyone found a good dress shirt fabric in a navy gingham?  I am looking for the perfect size of gingham for business casual.  
 I got the navy twill chino but requested it not be a shiny twill.  Theresa emailed me photos of 5 different navy blue twill fabrics and then chose my favourite.  I wear them all the time.  I then got the maroon twill for shorts.   They are a bit more dark purple than maroon but I like the way they look.
 Shipping charges from Luxire are $15. The duties, taxes and fees are then your responsibility and you will be charged by the carrier (e.g. FedEx). From my experience of roughly 15 shirts, 2 shorts and one pair of pants is that you will only be charged by FedEx if you order more than $200 or so.  My guess is that FedEx can only assess fees to so many packages in a day and they will make it worth their while instead of worrying about packages with insignificant value. ...
 It'll be whatever you request.  You obviously care about that detail, so if you include your preference in the notes they will follow it.
The VBC Four Seasons book looks amazing.    https://farm6.staticflickr.com/5037/14652569466_1a002efa23_k.jpg   I am looking for a second sport jacket.  My first was a navy hopsack.    I mostly have navy and grey dress pants.  Is there a consensus "2nd sport jacket" for versatility?
Don't post.
Is there an ignore feature on this forum? It would come in handy for posters like JLopez.
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