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Luxire, What is the top fabric? 
 I do not have a picture but can tell you it looks like a solid blue from more than 5 feet away.  You can only tell it is striped when you are much closer.  The colour of the blue isn't pale, it is a darker colour of blue.  Not navy, just not pale blue.  Think standard business dress shirt blue.  If you want a pale blue, the sky blue hairline stripes fits that description (I have that as well).  The fabric itself is pretty basic, but does a good job of not wrinkling.  It...
 I have purchased roughly 15-20 shirts and my favourites are: 1. Blue and Sky Blue Hairline stripes2. Red Mini Gingham3. Deep Red Gingham - kinda a brownish dark red, but goes well with navy dress pants.4. Pale Blue Dress Stripes - it was $80 bucks but good luck finding the same one on the site. I have had good success with Monti, and that is around the $100 range. I am hoping the new site has a better method of naming the fabrics, because there are many fabrics with the...
I sized down mainly to avoid the heel being too long on my foot.  It is easier to stretch the foot of a sock so the heel placement is correct versus having it too big and having the heel of the sock fall on my achilles. I will give a size 12 a shot.
Does any one have fabric recommendations for a summer popover?  This would be for wearing in 20 - 30 Celsius weather with shorts.    Some fabrics I am looking at.   1. Blue End on End Linen - http://luxire.com/collections/linen-shirts/products/blue-end-on-end-linen 2. Sky Blue Summer Chambray - http://luxire.com/products/sky-blue-summer-chambray Is this more of a dress shirt fabric? 3. Classic Blue Summer Oxford -...
I ordered size 11 in the socks. I wear a size 12 shoe. 
I am 6'2. I checked my invoice and they are OTC socks. Half an hour into my day the socks have fallen down my leg and are around my ankle. Everyone in this thread is going ga-ga for these socks but frankly they are terrible IMO and feel I am missing something.
You don't need to send in a perfect fitting shirt. Send your best fitting one and use that as the base and then add any tweaks to it on your first order. If the shirt you're sending in is baggy in the arms and you know this then just say -0.5 inches in the notes of your order.
New Posts  All Forums: