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Are they dress shirts or more casual?
 -It seems like it could have a higher/smaller arm hole based on the raising arm photo but not sure how it actually feels.-Increase the chest-Get rid of the pocket-Add darts to the back-You may be able to decrease the bicep slightly
 What is the front band height?  I just don't see a 4cm measurement on the collar.  http://cdn.styleforum.net/0/0d/500x1000px-LL-0d4fb487_Barba-Napoli-Collar.jpeg
 My emails have been answered very quickly.  I have emailed a few times within the last couple of weeks.
It is only showing two images per line in the regular section in addition to small search images.
I am new to the fabric side of things but what would a good weight for a four season suit be?What are the pros and cons of a lighter fabric to a heavier fabric?
Can one simply request swatches from Harrisons and have them sent in the mail?
Can anyone recommend a widely accepted charcoal fabric from Harrisons or Dugdale to be used for a suit that needs to be very versatile (eg. first suit and used for business and dinner events)?
 My order status had the ability to change sizes.  I actually used it.  Then the button disappeared when it went into production.  I now have a status update of "Production status: 12/11: Denim has been cut as is now in sewing. Expected completion end of January."
Good to know. You were satisfied with the luxire sport coat? I will be doing the same shortly. Your original coat made it through shipping around the world in good condition?What fabric did you go with for your sport coat?
New Posts  All Forums: