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 Thank you, that is very helpful for getting a gauge of the darkness when comparing my swatches. 
Quote: Is 15 a navy nailhead? 
 I am assuming you mean 75713.  I have that swatch as well and quite like it.  I also have the 62 swatch so I will take a look again between 75713, 75762 and 75763. I would be wearing this to work functions and networking events only.  I would like something that is dark grey but does not get mistaken for black.  The rub for me is I don't know at what darkness of grey that line is drawn and it is difficult to know from a 4 inch swatch.
I am choosing a dark grey/charcoal fabric for my first suit and believe I have narrowed it down.  I have looked at the physical swatches over and over in different lights and basically can't make my decision.  Any advice on which way to go would be helpful.  I believe they are both sharkskin.     Harrison's Oyster 75763     or   Harrison's Oyster 75764   (this appears almost black and not sure if that is how dark of charcoal I should go) 
 Do you have a crease on the Wool Rich trousers?  Are they a more casual dress trouser, or would they fit in the rotation of regular dress pants?
What is wool rich and what is the fascination with it?
 Don't worry, you don't sound entitled. 
How about a hidden button down? That's all I use for dress shirts.
 What blue oxford fabric is that?
I'm a little curious. Why are there large gaps in the seam?
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