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Is the VBC 120 a dress pant material or chino material?
Is there a method to get swatches from VBC or Delfino?
What are the details on this loafer make up?
Can anyone recommend a sport coat fabric in a black/grey/blue in a smaller pattern such as shepherd check, gunclub or houndstooth.      I mostly have grey, charcoal, navy trousers.   Anything along the lines of this picture.  
Has anyone added a light lining to a dress shirt placket?  Would it stay a bit more crisp and less wrinkle prone or is this a bad idea?
Send in your PC shirt to Luxire to copy the measurements and pick up where you left off.
 Which is the old and new pattern in your photo? What type of issues were you having in your back rise area?
I was comparing Carminas I purchased a few years ago to ones I recently purchased.   Is the open vs closed stiching on the sole a change in method or is it a function of the type of sole ordered?  The older version had a plain sole while the newer one had a topir sole. 
#2. If your suit pants have a higher rise and different upper block than what you'd wear for chinos then send your chinos in and base adjustments off that.
Yes.  I've done that on every shirt ordered
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