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 $18.50 here
Any word on the release date or price on the sneaks?
Not sure if this is against the rules, so correct me if I'm wrong please.  Looking to grab some Grana scoop necks.  Anyone wanna PM me with a referral code if they're also looking to buy?  We'll both get 10 bucks off an order.
GATs/CPs lovechild:  
Got my Chelseas in today as well. Unreal packaging. Hand signed shit everywhere. My Vibergs didn't even come close to that level. That said the boots are good value in themselves, very satisfied. Didn't get dinged with duties yet but I'm not out of the woods yet as I've heard people getting invoices in the mail. Used the chart to size. Hit 43 and ordered that. A little heel slippage but nothing too worriesome. If I could order again I would probably size down half...
Leather is sourced from Charles F Stead according to the site: http://www.cfstead.com/
I hear Greats is good.  No branding.
Ah thanks.  Will keep an eye out for AMI and the W+H.  Club Monaco has some on clearance, may check out their store this afternoon to see what they have.
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