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Quick question since these have been discontinued.   If a medium 2011 TOJ Peacoat fits me perfectly, what would be a good size for a TOJ1?   I was sized by Charly as a 48 in an MA-1, but it's still in queue so I have no idea how it will fit.
Apologies in advance, I never venture over here to MW. Found these Fifth Avenues at a thrift store for 3 bucks. Fit me very snug width wise to the point of discomfort (it's a 9.5 D and I'm a 9.5 D on brannock but usually wear 10.5 on average.) There's a bunch of irregular polish buildup but after a cleaning/conditioning they look okay. Are these worth stretching to a comfortable size or restoring via AE?
Might as well tack on law to the list of things Crane knows nothing about. Get real, man. That album is not mine nor do I have a personal vendetta as I stated before. Now quit gaslighting the thread.
 This has nothing to do with Styleforum itself, but everything to do with addressing your customer's feedback and managing expectations. If you value transparency and customer service as a company, here it is, for better or worse.  There are ups and downs, but reiterating @cathpah's thoughts, what matters is what actions come of it.  You simply can't blame Styleforum or its users for being frustrated because you've been dodging legitimate questions and undermining...
http://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Canned_responseEdit: I'm emotionally compromised so I'll see myself out of this thread for a while.
You're coming across as if the negative discussion was unwarranted. Adding to misterjuiceman's questions, what do you plan to do about the level of quality control at PW Minor? While this has mostly been about the shells, it's also about the overall trench boot QC (which I've been a victim of and have pictures of my boot documented in mister's album. Pictures 12 & 13 - the defect has yet to be resolved by OSB). I don't think a simple "we've reached out, it's done" sets...
 Streisand effect in full swing.
It's surprising that George or OSB haven't weighed in on any of this, despite the fact that shit's hitting the fan in their own affiliate thread.
Earth tones so not much help there. I do have a ton of charcoal already it's probably my color of choice.Btw the shoes look legit as far as I can tell.
INB4 "fuckin casual, get a Mismo"   Olive or Charcoal?    
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