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10%, 15%, whatever       Pls.
Any more Tres Bien codes avail?
Anyone have experience with Tres Bien self-branded items?  There's some shirts/jackets that I've been eyeing but wondering about the quality.
Looking for tan or grey chelseas in 43.
In love with their silk shirts.  The nep and drape are awesome.  Almost give off a thrift store vibe?  I don't know.   Got two long sleeve in white and green cast, and the short sleeve in pink (my personal favorite) this season.
Cool, emailed and sized down to a 46. Thanks!
How's the fit on the jumbo shirts?  I'm a smediumish (6', 38" chest) and am usually comfortable in a OL 48 ordered TTS but I'm afraid of it looking like a trashbag.  Should I size down?
Warm white CP slip ons ~$160 for non-EU.  Most sizes left.   http://thehipstore.co.uk/collections/common-projects/products/commonprojectssliponinleather1895warmwhite?variant=16860569285
Been on an OL kick lately. Thoughts?
Did something change with the latest version Chelsea?
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