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 Thanks but I found a deal on a new Filson Med Duffle for $195 so I went with that 
Has anyone ever sized up 1/2 from their Brannock on a 2030 due to their foot volume?  That's where I'm in a predicament, and I feel like I'm crazy.
Salty that I missed this
 I've been sized 9.5 D on a Brannock twice now, maybe I just have a large instep or high foot volume?
One last 2030 sizing question.   I went in and tried on some Alden Indy's in Trubalance (people say this is closest to the 2030 and I wanted to be 100% sure with the preorder) and found my Brannock size 9.5 to be pretty snug on the Indy's, but not uncomfortable.  I was wearing regular sneaker socks at the time, and I don't think i could wear thick wool socks in them.  Length was spot on.  Would the safest bet go with a 10 or will the Service boots stretch to comfort?
Got an address email confirmation for a Sept 9th wool MA-1, fingers crossed.
 He's the hero SF deserves, a watchful protector
The model in the photo is 6'2 175 lbs in a medium. I'm 6' 160lbs. Wouldn't that make me a small? I'm usually a medium otherwise
Massdrop on a Velva Sheen sweat: https://www.massdrop.com/buy/velva-sheen-raglan-sweatshirt   Anyone have experience with the fit on these?
Does anyone know the fit on the Velva Sheen sweats?  There's a Massdrop for a pretty good price, but sizing is somewhat inconsistent.  I've read on Hickorees to size up from normal size due to them being "small".  But according to the chest measurements I should be a small.  Dude is 175lbs and 6'2 wearing a medium.  As a 6' 160lb guy, this leads me more to choose a small.  W+H and Reigning Champ's medium sweats share the same chest measurement as the Velva Sheen small....
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