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Warm white CP slip ons ~$160 for non-EU.  Most sizes left.   http://thehipstore.co.uk/collections/common-projects/products/commonprojectssliponinleather1895warmwhite?variant=16860569285
Been on an OL kick lately. Thoughts?
Did something change with the latest version Chelsea?
True. True.  I'm switching out the button down for a blazer. (HR/Admin position)
I've been interviewing for a well established fashion startup in LA and I'm flying out there next week for in-persons.  What to wear?     It's not the culture for a suit/tie.  I was thinking: black/cream plaid button up (cotton/linen), black jeans, and tan SeF chelsea boots.  Too casual?
Edit: Wrong thread
+1 for double zips     Interesting to hear about the calf vs. lamb.  I'm not a fan of the lamb veins and was hoping the calf would be more, for lack of a better term "armor" like, and broke-in/looked better with wear.  Is this not the case?  I remember reviewers of TOJ calf stating they were thinking about returning because it was so hefty.  While that may be overkill, I'm looking but a lux but still meaty leather.   I know it's not in the same league, but what's...
Anyone have an opinion on the textured vs. regular? Is it worth the extra? Bought a ton of Grana scoops last year but these look much better.
Solid deal: https://makr.com/button-stud-belt-black-english-bridle
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