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Will there be any more drops at Steven Alan?  Wondering if I should hold out.
Check this out, rarely does a wireless compact bluetooth speaker get an audiophile's stamp of approval:   http://www.innerfidelity.com/content/bluetooth-speakers-back-country-tested-infinity-one
 What are some good pieces this season?  Thinking of doing a second round.
 No it's automatically adjusted on the site
COS now at an extra 25% off from previous 50% off.  Some cool bombers and filler pieces (knits, shirts).  Grabbed like 4 jumpers, 2 ties, and 2 scoop neck slut shirts for 230.
Anyone looking to sell a pair of the +J wool pants in 30 or 31?  PM me pls.
 The medium duffle is way too large for everyday use.  I bought mine for carry on use, and returned it due to the sheer size.  It could fit two weeks of clothes if you wanted it to.   If anyone has a Sportsman, could they comment on it's size and versatility, in comparison to the small duffle or medium travel bag?
Any word on the current MTO shipment?
Have:   Brand new charcoal MA-1 size 48   Will trade (or add cash) for:   Black calf/gunmetal MDR w/ similair measurements Small cracked pepper fishtail
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