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Edit: Nvm they fit :)
Got my MTO Natty Service boots in.  These things are thick, and very very snug in the vamp/toebox.  These are a 9.5, and I'm a 9.5 brannock and 9.5 Trubalance, but these things are pretty tight.  I feel like a freak, and know this is way out of the norm.  Granted, I only had them on for a few minutes.  Does the CXL stretch over time?  Wondering if wearing these around will soften them up, or if I should have a cobbler stretch them out.  Or maybe cut my losses alltogether?
The natty's    Can't wait to get em, thanks a million Fok
Does the fill in the MA-1s settle down after time?  Mine's pretty puffy.
 Exactly the same, medium too big now, small is too small.
Anyone a little underwhelmed with this season's (Spring/Summer) OCBDs?  They are a bit on the thin side for me, and fit a little wider than the ones I got a couple years ago.   Also has anyone tried on that light wash Miracle Air pair?  Stock photo looks nice, muted, low contrast, but in the model photos they're a very contrasty sky blue.
3sixteen makes a Type 2.   I like RgT's Supply Jacket myself, or Momo Type 1's.
Either this guy is the ultimate lurker or a Nigerian prince.
I realize these are practically identical, with different details, but I'm stuck.  Which pair?   Zips/Reissue: OG:
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