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*eye twitches*    
Anyone have the lightwash Miracle Air?  Want a pair but the stock photos are confusing.  Looks very Seinfeldesque.
Nothing like the fading on the Grand Indigos.  Have the Blue Owl BOM006, they're about 1.5 years old and have been repaired once.  Holes are starting to reopen in the knees, wish there was a decent replacement around in this fit!
>"groundbreaking" >basic dress shirts and two suits
Edit: Nvm they fit :)
Got my MTO Natty Service boots in.  These things are thick, and very very snug in the vamp/toebox.  These are a 9.5, and I'm a 9.5 brannock and 9.5 Trubalance, but these things are pretty tight.  I feel like a freak, and know this is way out of the norm.  Granted, I only had them on for a few minutes.  Does the CXL stretch over time?  Wondering if wearing these around will soften them up, or if I should have a cobbler stretch them out.  Or maybe cut my losses alltogether?
The natty's    Can't wait to get em, thanks a million Fok
Does the fill in the MA-1s settle down after time?  Mine's pretty puffy.
 Exactly the same, medium too big now, small is too small.
Anyone a little underwhelmed with this season's (Spring/Summer) OCBDs?  They are a bit on the thin side for me, and fit a little wider than the ones I got a couple years ago.   Also has anyone tried on that light wash Miracle Air pair?  Stock photo looks nice, muted, low contrast, but in the model photos they're a very contrasty sky blue.
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