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  Renomat sounds like a good idea.  However any kind of conditioner would darken the leather I think.  I tried using Bick4 in the past due to this, and I believe even that contributed to its yellowing.  The leather itself is natural, not dyed white but bleached white I think.  When the gets wet it turns a mustard color.
I know this is a bit outside the norm here, but I figured you guys could help.  I have a pair of Margiela GAT sneakers that were originally a white/cream camel leather.  Over time these have yellowed a ton, possibly due to the sun, wear, oxidation, etc.  What's the best way to get these back to their original state or at least a uniform white color?  I was thinking Saphir recolorant or even a Fiebings white dye.  I had previously used oxalic acid (which has been...
Has anyone done any mods to their bags?  Just snagged a murdered out black rucksack and am already thinking of the possibilities: Inner pockets, water bottle holder, shoulder pads, etc.
Is Shoe Repertoire legit?  I've seen people order from them before and the store still says open on Google.  Their website is still functional.  But their number is disconnected.   http://www.shoerepertoire.com/
Anyone know what the fill is in the MA-1? Down or something else?
 I've always wanted to dry clean my jeans, and after seeing yours I'll definitely go that route.  I hate "denimheads" who spout out information they heard somewhere else like "dry cleaning will ruin your denim due to the chemicals" and "wash your damn jeans, the water strengthens the fibers".  It's like fucking broscience for raws.
 Right, I'll probably just live with it.  Sucks that it's like that for a $450 jacket, but in the grand scheme of things, it's not a big enough issue for me to have to deal with the wait time.
All I can see is that ballsack texture
Noticed something about my recently received MA-1 that kind of put a damper on things. The inner lining on the sleeve was stitched all wonky, and it's visible from the outside. Is this something I should just live with?
A knockoff perhaps 
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