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Can anyone suggest a minimal/military/pilot style watch for under 300?  Looking to upgrade from my Seiko 5 military, the face is just too small.
 Very clear and precise answer, thanks Fok.  Now to just scrape together some funds. 
 So if Mr. Porter does come in lower, will you refund a certain amount if someone already ordered?  Just curious as to why the pre-order is pricier than Vibergs standard CXL service boots direct from their site, even with shipping.  Wanting in on the Natty's but I'd like to wait on the off chance Mr. Porter has a better deal.
 Right, but 55 dollars worth?  Natty preorder is $765. http://viberg.com/collections/footwear/products/service-boot-brown-chromexcel Just looking for someone to convince me that the preorder is a good deal.  Or at least better than waiting for Mr. Porter's model.  Sorry for the confusion, I'm talking about the service boots.
You would think his ego would be enough to try and save TOJ's reputation, but instead it's going down the shitter in it's final moments.  Bummer.
At risk of sounding like a cheap ass, why is the SF MTO (natty CXL specifically) more expensive compared to Viberg's standard CXL offerings?  I would think that a group buy would lower the cost some.  Also, does anyone wanna spitball a price estimate of the natty CXL's coming to Mr. P?  Time isn't an issue so if there's a better deal out there I'd be happy to wait.
Looking for a small cracked pepper fishtail or a black calf MDR (gunmetal hardware preferred) that'll fit a dude who's 6' 160lbs
Everyone copes with loss differently
I think speculating on why they aren't shipping is pretty laughable. But to be fair, 56 weeks on my MA-1 with no peep from the Nigerian princes is pretty laughable.
 Would this be an MTO option or can I request this when buying from this sale?
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