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Any updates to new product shots to site? Looking for more pics of chesterfield.Also can black fishtail be done with black fur?The previous iteration had removable fur and quilted lining came standard if I recall.
Any plans to bring back the daypack or get into bags of any sort?
Good branding.  I never understood the appeal of luxury toiletries; it literally goes down the drain.
TBS has Garrets @ 460 right now with promo.
In the market for a new topcoat. Anyone have an Acne Garrett and if so could you share your thoughts on it? Also looking at the Falcon Garments chesterfield. If anyone has any other suggestions please shoot them my way. Budget extends to about $600.
If anyone else has fit pics of the new chesterfield please share! Charly, is the weight of the wool about the same as previous model? I have a TOJ peacoat and am trying to gauge the warmth.
If anyone has a line on a 30 in the olive U wool pants pm me
Sorry about that. This is at around 28. Regarding pic 2, if I take in the seat and taper the thigh a bit, would that affect the inseam length? I can get these hemmed for free but am thinking on getting those adjustments down the road. Would hate to get those done then have the length be too short.
Looking to hem my pants for a first no beak look (and sometimes cuff for a cropped above ankle look). Im 6' and usually a 32 in jeans and measured 28 for no break on the trousers. Thought this was a bit odd. Is that too short?
The new last looks great. Looking at the black calf western; should I go with harness or nah?
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