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Cool, I'll be sure to order before the 26th
 Are you still planning on holding the Natty's till Mr. Porter's version debuts?  Understandable if not since you dropped the price.  
Thanks, I'll probably get one.  It was either that or a Fjallraven No. 4, which looks kind of boyish IMO.  It does look like they've come out with new iterations like the reverse denim and black leather (which I might grab), or the ones with tan leather.
Dandy life.   I've decided to pass on those Horween NB's in case anyone was wondering
I've seen a lot of recommendations for these but I'm a vain dude on a fashion forum, so I do value form as well as function :/
 How is it holding up?  I've heard some opinions say it is good, some say it's shit.  I'm on the fence so I'd like an opinion from someone who has used it quite a bit.
Looking for a decent weekender/carry on bag, preferably for under $100.  I've come up with either the Everlane Weekender of the Fjallraven Duffel No. 4.  If anyone has these and would like to comment on the quality, it'd be much appreciated.    
Speaking of mods, what do you guys think of this mod to the Seiko 5?  
 These look even more dadcore tho
  Having an identity crisis.  First pair of NB's that I don't find ugly.
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