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What's a good place to pick up reasonable, well constructed and interesting knits? Looking for chunky patterns, long arms and proportions, reversed seams etc.
Oh sorry mate, next time I'll just create an entire thread dedicated to mopeds Still cheap; Paid $450 bone stock. Been messing with it as a hobby.Engine is still stock save for a flipped clutch. It's a ZA50 and I'd rather not blow it up. But you're right, it's still heavy as shit and I plan on getting a motorcycle down the road.
Ya it's pretty nice here in Chicago. 50cc- Stock it went about 30 but with the new pipe, carb, and intake it hits the low 40s. Fun to ride and tinker on.
Go ahead and laugh.
The line spanned 4 blocks. But I actually got in a half hour after opening. Most of the good Lemaire was picked over so I got some promo socks and undies.
Anyone in line for the Chicago opener? This shit is ridiculous.
 $18.50 here
Any word on the release date or price on the sneaks?
Not sure if this is against the rules, so correct me if I'm wrong please.  Looking to grab some Grana scoop necks.  Anyone wanna PM me with a referral code if they're also looking to buy?  We'll both get 10 bucks off an order.
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