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^ Bummer.     Any news on the sneakers?
I have the same pair of GATs. The whole shoe oxidized to a yellow color. Used Fiebings white dye. Worked great but it did crack in some areas. I made a post on them in this thread.
Edit: removed.
An extra long belt?  Not necessarily buying this particular one but I'm curious.  
Great fit.  This thread really needs more pics.
Custom Ray Ban makeup.  Around $170.  Any similar alternatives at that price point?  Am I basic?      
Grabbed a pair of the combat boots.  Exactly what I've been looking for and the price is right  hopefully they can stand up to the Chicago winter.
~$180 for the murdered Wolverine 1k collab at SA
Copped the all black on a promo for 140 shipped. Gonna throw on some lug half soles for the Chi winter.
New Posts  All Forums: