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I realize these are practically identical, with different details, but I'm stuck.  Which pair?   Zips/Reissue: OG:
So with the new price increase is it really still worth it? Looking at tan suede Chelsea's for spring and Carmina looks to be only around 100 more now.
Sweatshirt blazer?  Could look cool in a streetwear fit.  
The zips would match nicely with my TOJ MA-1, any thoughts?  
On a similar note, can't wait for the shop to open up in Chicago this year. 
From this season, worn once.  Looking for the sweatshirt version of this with the side zip in same size and color (seen below).  PM me if interested in a trade.  Thanks!     Edit: if anyone is interested in buying, I'd be willing to let it go for $150 to buy the sweat I'm looking for at retail.  
Will there be any more drops at Steven Alan?  Wondering if I should hold out.
Check this out, rarely does a wireless compact bluetooth speaker get an audiophile's stamp of approval:   http://www.innerfidelity.com/content/bluetooth-speakers-back-country-tested-infinity-one
 What are some good pieces this season?  Thinking of doing a second round.
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