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Reviving this thread once more.  Anyone have any new solid options?  Still on the lookout; Grana got rid off all their colors and DSTLD is a mess.  Ordered 10 tees from them and the length was crazy long and a bit wide for the size (I'm 6'1 and the M dropped below the crotch of my jeans).  They said they had a defect in their latest batch and that I could exchange but I'd rather find something else.  Their CS is shite and the shirts were very thin (decent drape though)....
Are there any SF members that proxy from Japan?  Looking at a watch that's releasing in-store only.
  Via Seiko direct or forwarding service? Looking at this model specifically. Edit: if anyone living in Japan is willing to proxy PM me!
Is there a way to buy Japan-only Seiko's in the US?  Proxy or some other option?
 Hoping he changes up the design of the Side Zips to be more of a sharp angle and go all the way to the top, like the new Wyatt 40's. 
Murdered out luggage set from Filson.  Both come with a lifetime warranty and will probably outlast you.  Selling as a pair for now, but may be willing to separate depending on the price.  Both bags are clean and good to go.  Asking 565 shipped via UPS ground in CONUS.  If you're in Chicago, we can meet and I'll knock off $15 for shipping.   Rucksack: 7/10 condition, used for about a year.  Retail $350.   Black waxed canvas/English bridle leather Brass hardware and...
Selling my black Rucksack/Original Sportsman 266 In the BS&T section; gonna miss these babies!  
 If you ordered previously on the old last, Lian suggests sizing up half a size.  43's in the old chelseas fit me perfectly and I just ordered a 43.5 in the black calf harness boot.  By the way, Lian gave me a few details on upcoming projects in the pipeline. March/April he'll be debuting a new color "Gold" which is in between the current Tan and Tobacco colorways.  My guess is this will closely resemble the SLP Cigar suede. April/May he'll be releasing 5 new boots: 2...
 I really don't understand the hype with this brand, if you can call it that.  Nylon mil-spec belt with a Cobra buckle? OK.  
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