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 Sounds like a sanctimonious prick who wouldn't get my business.  $52 seems a tad high as well for toe taps and topys.
Yeah I've never seen anything quite like that at this price point. Gotta say the attention to individual packaging is super impressive and shows that they stand by their product. FWIW, Lian has been super responsive and comprehensive through emails. Even the sizing guide printout is insanely thorough.
Great write up. Not sure how I feel about the color. May cancel..
So you're saying the topy sole and toe taps are not on the boot? Does the shoe just have a leather sole to start?
Did Lian omit the topy? Can't tell by the pics.
Anxiously awaiting new tan Chelsea pics and commentary
What's up with the consistent wrinkle on the left lapel?
Yeah I dig the old one as well as the new one. Is the sole thicker? Appears that way Edit: In for a 43. Could someone give me some sizing info on these new ones? 43 in CPs, snug fit. 44 in GATs, perfect fit. Liam initially suggested 42, but with this new toebox I felt that would be a bit snug. Either way if someone could confirm I'd be at ease.
So what's the general consensus with Chelsea sizing?  I'm a 9.5D with high instep, 43 in CP training boot (snug).  On the fence of 42 or 43.  Does the leather stretch out?
*eye twitches*    
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