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Thanks guys, I think I've settled on the medium duffle.  Just seems like it's the most versatile for all my needs.   As an aside, what do you guys think of the Black Collection?  I like minimal pieces, but is it boring?  The more I look at it, the more it seems like another piece of luggage.  However, I would probably grab a black rucksack since I'm in the market for a backpack (which looks awesome in comparison to the duffel).  Not sure if I could pull of the tan color...
 Well when I owned the OSB's I had a 9.5 (which I was sized on a Brannock), but after a few months of wear they didn't stretch out and were too narrow and just seemed suffocating, which is what lead me to think I was a 10.  In this instance, which size would you recommend? Wish there were some Barrie's or TB in brick and mortar stores so I could try them on for reference.
 Cool, I think the medium duffel would definitely be the most versatile, and I don't believe the small would be big enough for any trip longer than a weekend.  The medium's dimensions are 25" which exceed carry on requirements of max 22".  I guess I'll just make sure to not stuff it to the brim.   That said, if anyone has a used medium duffel they want to get rid of PM me!
^Damn   Quick sizing question before I hop on the SF Pre-order.  If I'm a 10 on the OSB Elston last, would that make me a 10 on the 2030 last?
What's the best duffel for carry on flights?  I've read the medium might be too large, but the small looks too small 
Cool, I'll be sure to order before the 26th
 Are you still planning on holding the Natty's till Mr. Porter's version debuts?  Understandable if not since you dropped the price.  
Thanks, I'll probably get one.  It was either that or a Fjallraven No. 4, which looks kind of boyish IMO.  It does look like they've come out with new iterations like the reverse denim and black leather (which I might grab), or the ones with tan leather.
Dandy life.   I've decided to pass on those Horween NB's in case anyone was wondering
I've seen a lot of recommendations for these but I'm a vain dude on a fashion forum, so I do value form as well as function :/
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