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Have MM Gats changed sizing since they've adopted their own branded sole? Bought a 44 which is my size in them but they seem bigger than my older pair I once had. A bit of heel slippage. Nothing crazy but it's annoying.
Looking for new Chelsea's/non-harness westerns in 43.
Anything at End or TBS?
Jesus that rise is absolutely nuts.   FWIW, I heard the low standard is more suited for women with a high waisted fit.  Think old Lee's or Wranglers.
Any new contenders in the mix? DSTLD are just about to stock their modern crews which have been sold out for a while but the wait list pics look totally redesigned; more conservative neckline, raw hem, thinner fabric. Drape is totally gone and the shirt looks tighter and more cropped. $5 increase per shirt too. Bummer.
Everything seems to shrink like crazy nowadays. My ankle socks look like they're from Baby Gap.
Was really digging this knit until I saw it was 85% acrylic      Cashmere blend Chesterfields are on the site.  Texture looks cool; a little hairy.   Also just a guess, but is are these Lemaire's mainline?  Very reminiscent of some pieces in the previous...
10%, 15%, whatever       Pls.
Any more Tres Bien codes avail?
Anyone have experience with Tres Bien self-branded items?  There's some shirts/jackets that I've been eyeing but wondering about the quality.
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