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Is there something about the fit of the chinos that I'm missing? Granted I wear a lot of low-rise bottoms, but I had to button the chinos just below my belly button to get these to look like they fit in any sort of capacity.
See my previous post
Funny you should say that.   I literally just restored backup to a new iPhone 5 minutes ago.  Completely shattered my caseless one last week and got my replacement from insurance in today.  Felt I needed a case this go-around.  Love the nakedness of a caseless phone but with a 50 dollar deductible with insurance, I'd rather get a case (these things were only like 50 each anyway).
Copped these RO cases on closeout.  Which one to keep?  Fits my 6 currently but when I get a 7 I'm going to attempt to make the camera hole larger to fit (need to get more use out of my Dremel).  
TBS prices are the same as before. With VAT deducted it's $296. Used the 25EUR discount a few weeks ago and got a pair for around 270.
I ordered a ton online and it got to the Chicago store next day. Guess I'll share some thoughts: Shirting (OCBD and broadcloth): good fit much better than Uniqlo's mainline. I have broad shoulders which they accommodate. Dig the collars. Will probably get darted. Wish the broadcloth fabric was a bit thicker. Sweaters: the ribbed raglan lambswool is super beefy and rigid. Fits like a champion sweat. Hope it settles down and forms a little bit as the ribs keep it...
Looks great
I may be the lone dissenter here but I really like the fit and hand of the sweatshirts.  Fit is 80s style but updated; the raglan is great for broad shoulders but it also tapers down and hugs your waist.  They may not be 100% cotton (there's a tiny bit of viscose or rayon in there), but it's beefy like my heavyweight Reigning Champ sweat.  Bought 3 in off white, grey and black.  For $30 you can't really go wrong.   Anyone have experience with the U cashmere blend...
Have MM Gats changed sizing since they've adopted their own branded sole? Bought a 44 which is my size in them but they seem bigger than my older pair I once had. A bit of heel slippage. Nothing crazy but it's annoying.
Looking for new Chelsea's/non-harness westerns in 43.
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