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I haven't posted in a while, but had a couple eBay finds to share... neither is available for trade.Giorgio Armani blazer, which seems to be made from some sort of exotic material, for about $187 shipped... [[SPOILER]] Kiton 925 cufflinks for about $40 shipped... [[SPOILER]]
I haven't been to a thrift store in the past few weeks as I am trying to cut down on inventory, but e-thrifting is entirely too convenient.By far the best find.. less than 200 smackeroos... fits perfectly, but will probably still flip as suede jackets have never really been my style. Cucinelli suede with cashmere trim, cotton lining. Flawless, minty condition other than the name tag with scribbled out writing: [[SPOILER]]
Some recent stuff...all NATrue thrifts:Nudie: [[SPOILER]] Diesel: [[SPOILER]] [[SPOILER]] Vince thermal:Paul Stuart: [[SPOILER]] HF gunclub check: [[SPOILER]] Canali: [[SPOILER]] [[SPOILER]] PRL: [[SPOILER]] Crombie cashmere: [[SPOILER]] Burberry Bond Street suit: [[SPOILER]] Orvis fleck funnel: [[SPOILER]] Looks and feels to be pretty decent quality..suede button, likely Italian... anyone have any ideas on who this might be? [[SPOILER]] Eskandar wimmenz shirt:...
Yeah I think I'm leaning toward just fixing the lapel and flipping... maybe wear it a few times for the fuck of it and then flip it. I'm sorta doing that with an LP Icer I e-thrifted a couple months back...wearing it for at least this season and then potentially flipping it next winter.And it doesn't say anywhere on the coat "100% Vicuna" or "Pure Vicuna" like the other vicuna items I've handled/flipped have, but this is by far the softest piece I've come across and the...
Recent e-thrift for $90 with a few issues (moth nibbles, a couple lining tears, lapel stitching needs repair)...Does anyone know how much the following typically costs to get fixed? I would assume not too bad since it's along a seam: [[SPOILER]] A couple decisions to make on my part:1) Russell Firestone, Jr. seems to have had extremely similar measurements to me... so, to flip or not to flip...2) If I do flip, should I fix the issues or sell as is...
Nice! I have been looking for one of those as well (in black preferably with the cincher on the back) the past several weeks... there was one on eBay recently that I bid too low on... I still regret not just bidding higher. Went for around 90 but they tend to sell for much higher. Congrats on the find.
I think he may be holding up a "gouger"
I'm partial to TF Italian Cypress this time of year... so awesomely spicy/woodsy without being obnoxious.
That (looks like) same coat just sold for 80 shipped within hours of being listed the other day
Yeah I had forgotten to include (ninja edited right before your post) my research that led me to believe it was Fremont. Good to hear confirmation on that.So now we've had thrift synergy two different ways in recent weeks... your mother-in-law is from the same town in NZ that a sweater I found was from and now this.Do you happen to know what makes one of these letterman cardigans desirable? I see prices all over the place on these.
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