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Pfft. I know a genuine Loro Piano when I see it. http://www.ebay.com/itm/381093287912 n/a
Isaia Aquaspider suit: http://www.ebay.com/itm/281507330754 ... after I paid the lady emailed me asking if I was interested in another Isaia Aquaspider suit in the same condition for 40 pounds shipped...she probably needed the money for Christmas, so I decided to help her out.
No misspelling or anything, but I guess it does depend on the definition of "e-thrifted"... I was hesitant to post that one because it wasn't like a thrift store price (it was 175). But anyway, I just threw an offer in early with intent to flip it and got it: http://www.ebay.com/itm/321605477439However the Brioni 180s suit and Loro Piana blazer ...those were verrry true e-thrifts
Speaking of being in a store for 12 hours late at night...I can't tell you how many times I've fantasized about being able to be in a big thrift store overnight and just rummage through any and all stuff they have with no screaming children or competition or deadlines... and being able to look through all the stuff they haven't put out yet.
Recent e-thrifting binge..about the past month or so... all flipping or keeping:Inis Meain alpaca:Loro Piana wool/cashmere blazer: [[SPOILER]] Neiman Marcus Vicuna: [[SPOILER]] Brioni cotton pants:Zegna cashmere (misspelled the original listing and then sent me the wrong thing... was supposed to be NWT wool/silk): [[SPOILER]] Brioni super 180s suit (small hole in pants, but otherwise fine): [[SPOILER]] Borrelli:Brioni wool/silk orphan: [[SPOILER]]
50% off day so had to check it out, but mostly picked over when I got there. Still some keepers and flippable stuff though: Dark green wool/cashmere Armani Collezioni overcoat Koto 80sish fleck sweatshirt for the girl RLBL FC shirt Bonobos gingham BDC Pendleton wool BDC Hathaway Kennebec flannel vintage steez TB linen/tencel shirt Bloomingdale's cashmere crewneck Nordstrom alpaca/wool knit scarf (prob my favorite find)
Hackett linen blazer: [[SPOILER]] Blumarine wool/nlylon marled crewneck sweater: [[SPOILER]] Bloomingdale's modal/cashmere blend night shirt: [[SPOILER]] I had never seen a modal/cashmere blend before and had wondered about that specific blend in the past...couldn't pass it up.
That's the pattern of the coat....like a wide herringbone pattern. I agree...very cool and subtle. As far as size, I'd say about a 38...measures 21" pit to pit, and 17.5" across the top.
Found this coat a few weeks ago at a DC area thrift store. Seems to be very well made and about as soft as any cashmere coat I've ever found. I was wondering if anyone has any ideas about where it was made or the material. The name on the label is Robert Siegel/Seigel, who as some may know is the name of the host of NPR's All Things Considered, but the coat was apparently made in 1975 while he was starting out his radio career in NY, so who knows if it could be his....
Haven't posted in a long while but thought this was as worth it as anything: Finding this of course made me look through about the rest of everything in the same size in every other section, alas didn't find anything else besides a Zegna wool granddad cardigan and PRL Corneliani cashmere blazer. Pretty good day for about $50 total.
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