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A couple e-thrifts tonight:Kiton polo shirt: [[SPOILER]] Loro Piana silk/cashmere scarf: [[SPOILER]]
Yeah certainly nothing special but they do move quite easily on the bay. I mean it's estate cashmere after all.
Yep definitely seems to be well constructed...ended up picking it up even after finding nothing on eBay on my phone because it was just flat out a nice sweater.If she used to knit sweaters for a living it may be an even smaller world!
Thrift store finds going on the bay soon:Zegna Soft linen shirt: [[SPOILER]] Zegna recentish bdc shirt: [[SPOILER]] Zegna recentish FC shirt: [[SPOILER]] Recent Canali shirt: [[SPOILER]] RLPL: [[SPOILER]] Lacoste NWT linen shirt: [[SPOILER]] Woolrich wool blend twill shirt: [[SPOILER]] Alan Paine ?NWT? v-neck Shetland wool sweater: [[SPOILER]] RLP cotton/cashmere polo: [[SPOILER]] Club Room cashmere: [[SPOILER]] Orvis women's cashmere waffle knit: [[SPOILER]] Has anyone...
And other stuff picked up in the last week (or so) going up on the bay soon:Filson wool vest: [[SPOILER]] EZ cotton blend v-neck: [[SPOILER]] Barbour flannel shirt (well worn and has some flaws but was cheap): [[SPOILER]] Allen Edmonds Park Avenue: [[SPOILER]] suitsupply FC houndstooth shirt:E-thrift:Cucinelli with faded spots... hopefully will still sell easily: [[SPOILER]] Domenico Vacca, again, with faded spots (don't think intentional)...again, hopefully will still...
Came across these today after work:Only picked up one because they were $25-30 each and most had moth bites... none too bad but gave me reason to pass at that price. This is the one I picked up: [[SPOILER]] Still thinking about going back and picking up at least some of the other 6. They seem to flip pretty consistently and easily.The ones I left behind: [[SPOILER]]
price, pattern, condition, style, etc.
Thing?/Authenticity check: [[SPOILER]] Being a "jeans" line has me doubting it's a thing and the button fly has me doubting it's a fake, so probably a wash either way but just checking.
ah cool interesting.. These are surprisingly made in Italy.
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