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I heard someone describe midnight blue as blacker than black under artificial lighting.
Were you ever hit with custom charges?  What were the prices ranges of the watches?
I do that a lot.  I do that because, lets say, I am looking for a sports coat.  A sellers item looks attractive, but I want to keep on looking.  If I make the seller an offer and he accepts then it is a commitment to buy. I will put it on my watch list, so that it is easy to find.  This way I can compare the seller's item with other items I find. 
They are a fine English Company.  If the suit fits, wear it in good health.
I agree.  I have also been scammed by ebay sellers with the exact same phrase.  The unwritten message they are trying to convey is,  since I  believe in God, I am a good person and you can trust me.
If Imogene and Willie were to hire only knowledgeable staff, then you would be bitching and complaining about the lack service due to an absence of employees.
I purchased a Pal Zileri, Abito Privato suit on ebay.  The suit looks hardly worn.  Unfortunately for me it has working cuffs and the sleeves need to be taken in from the shoulder.  Anyone know a good tailor who can tackle such a job?  I have no car, so the tailor would have to be TTC accessible.
That is my impression as well.  But completing an  transaction out of ebay is against their rules (they lose commissions).  Ebay advises all buyers not to do so and report any sellers that make such attempts. While his money may be lost, hopefully  ebay will suspend the sellers account.
Did you contact ebay?  If the transaction was completed within ebay then you have an item not received case.  If the transaction was completed outside ebay that goes against ebay rules and you can report him.  Maybe you will not get any money back but he may be reprimanded. 
I found out that while in the past packages would take four weeks to arrive, they take now six to seven weeks.  But I have not lost one package yet.  With the rise of U.S. postal rates, and the fall of the Euro things are not as attractive as before, price wise.
New Posts  All Forums: