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But yet many sellers accept.  It is crazy not to ask.  "There is a saying in German, asking does not cost anything."
Why is he crazy.  This is the advise ebay gives on finding bargains "Submit a Best offer ( when sellers have this option )  you will be surprised at what some sellers are actually willing to sell an item for ( I have gotten items for up to 75 % off the asking price ) You can search for items that offer this."
If others are in the same predicament, they can do a google search or search this forum.  If they land on this thread they will have found a solution to their problem.   If the owners of this site do not want people to resurrect old threads they should close them.  Apparently they do not have a problem.  Why do you? 
What is your budget?  People cannot give you recommendations without knowing how much money you can afford.
Where it really,really gets confusing is the short and long sizes.  Not all countries use the S and L to indicate small or large.   I copied this from suitsupply. For example,  a European 48 is an American/U.K. 38.  But a 24 is American/U.K.  38S, while a 94 corresponds to a 38L and so on.  Reg          Short       Long  42     44     46  23   90 48 24 94 50 25 98 52 26 102 54 27 106 56 28 110 58 29 114 60 30 118
It appears to me the bride and groom do not want the dark formal colours associated with a traditional wedding.   A light grey suit is  "summery" attire.  You can wear that with a pastel tie.
That people who follow traditional classic menswear follow rules of yesteryear.  Things like wearing taking off your suit jacket in public, wearing a sports coat or blazer with jeans, wearing black, wearing suit separates, etc  (something that modern style rules say is perfectly acceptable) is extremely frown upon on this forum.  Look I am not saying that there is anything wrong with traditional classic menswear, if that is the style you wish to choose.  But if the OP...
This person has a drop 10.  Finding clothes on ebay will be hard. Secondly, telling a member to buy high end clothing without asking if he has the financial means to do so is absurd!  
Just remember that the core members follow style rules of days gone by.  
I agree with the above two posts.  In order to look good, you will also have to match the fabric texture of the vest with the jacket, which will be hard.  You are better off with a cummerbund.
New Posts  All Forums: