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It is hard to make a pinstripe orphan work.  So after buying it they will then come to SF and ask what they could wear it with
Just a heads up.  This is a classic menswwear forum.  People like to follow style rules from the 1950's.  Taking off ones jacket is a considerable no-no.  It stems from a time when a shirt was considered a part of an undergarment.  It is the same as wearing your undershirt today in public.   This no longer holds true, but is a good example of people quoting classic meanswear rules without knowing the history behind it.  Any advice given should be taken with this in mind. ...
BTW seller uses FEDEX for shipping, so do not know how that will impact custom charges.
I know  this is not a Toronto issue, but anyone in a size 46 or 44 there is an Italian ebay seller actioning of some beautiful Isaia Napoli suits.  Following some of his  past actions they should go for a steal.  A current model Isaia suit at Neiman Marcus goes for over $3000.  These suits are 3 roll 2, but still a classic and a work of art.  The reason for posting on this thread is that Americans have all the luck in finding good quality name brands at discount prices. ...
I thought he was mentioning this from a sellers point of view
May I ask how?  With the  current exchange rate, I  have stopped buying items from U.S. sellers.  After paypal takes their exchange rate cut, a $100 dollar item is almost 100 Euros now.  Makes me glad I filled my closet when the  exchange rate was higher.
Reviving this old thread to recommend this seller.  Purchased a caruso suit for less than $500.  Definitely not fake.  Nice fabric, full canvassed.  Great deals on Brioni products as well.
Part of learning the game, is finding the good thrift stores. Unfortunately I do not have a car so it is out of the question.   But are you saying if one learns the game they can find  super luxury items like Kiton, Brioni, and the likes at thrift stores in Toronto (and its surrounding area) with relative ease? To clarify, I am a hobbyist thrifter trying to find wearable clothes for myself.  More specifically suits, sports coats/blazers, coats and jackets....
This very thread also has contributed to the creation of tons of thrift store customers.  The prices of suits and sports jackets have gone up. In the Toronto area at least.  Finding a high end product in any size is extremely difficult.  When I say high end, I mean E. Zegna, Canali or Samuelsohn.  These suits are mostly double breasted or three buttons.   Forget about brands about Kiton, Brioni etc.  Next in line are Hugo boss, Strellson or Brooks Brothers. The Hugo boss...
That would be a better stratergy.  The last seller accepted my second offer 12 dollars more than my first on a 500 dollar suit.  As  a buyer I will always offer an amount  lower than what I am willing to pay, in the hopes that he accepts.  If a seller makes a counteroffer in the ballpark that  I am willing to pay, I will accept.
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