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Tech21 is my personal favorite case. I'm a college student and relatively rough on my phones and it's the only one that doesn't add tons of bulk but still has excellent protection.
What are good underwear brands? I have big thighs from lifting weights which leads to my underwear always riding up around my thighs.
Is anyone having a problem updating apps on the iPhone 6? I can't update or download any apps from the App Store. When I called, the representative wanted me to do a factory reset.
My dark brown carmina boots came in today. They are gorgeous, thanks Steve for making this a possibility! Tomorrow will be a fit pic with them.
I have a mission workshop and I am incredibly hard on it (college student) and its the only backpack I trust with my laptop in the rain and the only bag I trust to either stand up to the abuse or be replaced by the manufacturer. Plus it looks incredible and holds all the things. 
Anything in an 8uk?
Fit seems to be right on, actually it's one of my better fitting shoes. Sounds good, character it is.
There's a crease forming just below the toe cap, is there anything I can do to stop it?
I will wear them tomorrow and snap a picture at the end of the day. Just kidding, my denim today ended up bleeding on my suede carmine chukkas. Here is a picture that shows them at the beginning of the wear. You can see the right boot has a bit of bumps that get progressively worse as the day goes on.
So if i get a heirloom cardigan, which color would be the most versatile? I'm assuming its between navy and charcoal, the navy would be better for Spring/Fall and the charcoal better for winter, but if I'm only getting one, which would be most versatile? 
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