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Yeah I had the same problem and never heard from them.
The Tom James found today, fits so NA. EDIT: added Mezlan pics, available, size 12M.     [[SPOILER]] Mezlan: [[SPOILER]]   
So I am not sure about the Tom James suit I found today, mostly I got it because it fits and has surgeon cuffs (first time I've ever found them in the wild). But hopefully its something nice, oh and a pair of size 12m Mezlan split toes, if anyone with big feet is interested.    EDIT: Olive ish color suit and brown Mezlan
Ok I got this jacket from jgill79, and I love it. It needs to go to the Tailors for sure and excuse the shorts/t shirt pic it's super hot in the 303 today. Mostly I'm worried about the length, everything else is pretty easily doable for my tailor.
Make sure theres $0.99 in pennies in there too... 
Who ever posted up about the Exquisite Trimmings sale, THANK YOU! My Saphir stuff just arrived. Hoping to try it out tonight. 
I'm thinking Minoan. If you really need to know I can ask my archeology professor to take a look. EDIT: probably Not Minoan. So much for that class...
Another Zara man tagged 36 again. This time its 80 cotton 20 linen blend. As always, available.   
Size 40 Zegna Sport available if anyone is interested, if not they are going to that other place.  Waist: 19 in Inseam: 29 3/4 In Rise: 15 1/4 in        
The lapels seem to be bowing some, but I think it is interesting that the lapels, the collar and the tie all create an interesting bowing out trend. I am not sure how I feel about that, but it is an interesting observation. 
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