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I would say the medium grey and the blue grey solid would be the best for a financial management profession. I'm also a big fan of Spier and Mackay. Ordered two MTM suits and would even suggest @The Noodles maybe give them a shot. Hard to beat the Minnis fresco cloth at $750 CAD which converts roughly to $600 USD. But, as always, it is up to you.
Hey Rick,   A quick thread search didn't return any results and a few other might be interested as well, so I figured I'd ask here. Can you guys do a tuxedo? I might need one in the near ish future and was looking at getting something made to get some prices. I'm happy to take this to PM to if it would be a one off or something.
I would be interested to hear this, but since I am based in the US, you guys should record it, if possible and put it up on your website or something. Not sure if that would be an intellectual property thing or not, but you could always password protect it or something if you wanted to. That would be an incredibly cool event though! 
Have you looked at Carminas? They have some on sale that are in the $250 range, so not a huge loss if she doesn't like them, and I think they would take them back if they aren't comfortable, provided the soles haven't been scuffed. Have her wear them on carpet for a few days before taking them out and the soles should be fine to return if need be.Edit to add: looks like the number is $297 so a bit more expensive than I thought. Still good value in my opinion, especially...
I've noticed if your feet are dry you can sometimes get pulls in the back of the calf when it drags over the heel. I live in Colorado, so the dryness is a particular problem here. The way around it is not pulling the entire sock up but bunching it up before you put it on then start at the toes and slide it on that way. I'm not sure if that's how everyone does it, but it seems to put less stress on the sock as a whole.
Does any one have their last polo offering and can comment on sizing between the old version and the new version? Specifically the ribbed collar version, if it matters. I was a medium in their old polos, and it was definitely fitted, but not too tight. If the new mediums are any smaller, they would definitely be too small. 
@SeaJen, what shoes are those? RL shell cordovan by C&J? 
That picture freaks me out a bit. Looks like your head has been lopped off.
I would love to be in on the minnis MTO, but I need my recent purchase first and I need to be a little deeper into the summer since I make next to no income during the fall/winter/spring as a college student. How long will you be running this @spiermackay? Can I still get in on it, say in June/July?
I'd be interested to hear the details. I'd have to wait until the end of summer for an order, though.
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