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I would definitely be interested in the pricing for the sneakers as well.
Thanks for all the help! I'll start looking into the Bambino.
So if I'm in the market for a cheap ($100ish) watch with classic styling, what would you find gentlemen suggest?
Those are absolutely gorgeous. I can't wait to see them in person! Thank you so much, those are some seriously next level jeans.
Hey everyone, I am a complete novice here so I'm just getting started. Just wanted to chime in and say this thread has been super helpful to read through and see how you all balance your portfolios and take a look at risk. Here's to hoping I don't lose too much money, and best of luck to everyone in this thread as well.
Very true. I forgot there is an option to return them if necessary. I don't have a V shape, I have both sides of the leather where the laces are touching each other once I lace them up.
Interesting. I thought I had heel slip because it was too big. Maybe I will have to try a size up then..... I hate to spend that kind of money on some shoes that might be too big though. Still interested in the Carmina shell Robert last boots if a size 8uk or 8.5uk is available @unipair guy 
Did you have any heel slip in the 7.5uk? For me, I feel that the heel is almost too big which is why my foot tends to slip ever so slightly when I take a step. 
I have a touch of heel slip unless I lace up the boots pretty tight which puts a small amount of pressure on the top of my foot. It's not a big deal, and the shoes are definitely still in their break in period, but as far as wearing them all day and all night I probably couldn't do it right now. Maybe with a few more wears the shoes will stretch since CXL is fairly forgiving.
I have a pretty high arch, and that is something that does bother me a touch about the Oscar boot. They are by no means unwearable, but I find that if I lace them the way I like then the top of my foot does feel a little squished. 
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