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If those EP Horsehide boots don't work out for whoever snagged them super fast, please let me know. 
PM sent.
Spoo came loaded for bear.
Tried to jump on the silvery-wheat flannel and was sold out before I even opened my cart.... you guys are quick. 
Sad I missed out on that pearl grey, if anyone is unhappy with theirs and happens to be a size 34 or 35, please let me know..... although from what I've seen from EP, if you are unhappy you must be crazy. (unless you already have a similar color, then to you I say )
Good thing I have no money for pants. If I did, I'd probably have even less money then I do now.
Not super happy with this......... But if there is a free trial I will give it a shot. When I tried beats music before it was not very. Good.
Does anyone know anything about the women's line as far as sizing goes? I'm thinking about getting a pair for my girlfriend, and know her general US size but have no idea how the women's line lasts fit.
I've been wearing my commando soled suede Carmina's and they are fantastic. However, if they were on a leather sole I would not be subjecting them to such abuse. I also use the Terrago Nano suede protector for the uppers.
I too am curious.
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