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Do you have any pictures of the ET grenadines? Do the tips of the ties really appear that see through when paired against a white shirt?
Grey and navy are usually my go to suits. I own one brown but it doesn't fit and look as well as I'd like it to so it gets worn once every two or three weeks. I have yet to find a brand that fits me really well otr.
Letting it recover for a few days shouldn't be bad. I do have quite a few ties that I can rotate them through.@TweedyProf $140 would be nice. I looked at Hober and it was about $165 or so for both a brown and burgundy.Oh one more question, what is the best way to store ties? I have three tie racks that came built into my closet, but you mentioned stretching so a tie rack would accentuate that problem right?
I work at an oil and gas company. Mostly business casual if your just in the office to business pro if you're meeting with clients. I'm trying to build out my ties to stuff I can wear more regularly and don't have a hard time pairing.Edit: @TweedyProf you are definitely right. I have plenty currently and now I'm just looking to expand to stuff I can go to as a bread and butter kind of thing instead of staring at my closet/tie rack to figure out pairings every morning.
If I am looking for something that can maybe be worn 1-2 times per week, what would be the most versatile fabric? Just a regular silk? Especially since this will probably be one of the nicest ties I currently own (most of my ties are thrifted or gifted from family). 
So @Claghorn you think That would be a good next step?
They look a little on the shiny side to me. Are they that way in person?
I looked at both fina and grossa on the Hober site and I thought the fina looked better to me. How often do ET's grenadines go on sale?
I do have quite a few repp ties. They just seem easier to pair. Probably not as easy as a navy grenadine or something but easier then other patterned ties. Any advice on some reasonably priced ties in solid colors? I looked at Sam Hober and they seem to be the best price between that, Drakes and Cappelli. I haven't looked at Vanda or any others outside of Drakes, Cappelli and Hober.
I would say I picked those fits for more then just ties. I liked the way the jackets fit, draped and also the color combinations. But yes, I suppose the ties did draw me in on most of the fits as well.I have a bunch of neats in different colors but almost no solid ties. I guess I didn't really start with the basics.
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