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CHK even set a 52 week low this morning and then rallied back this afternoon.
Interesting. Great explanation. Once the full canvas are ready I'll try one in a 42.
Just noticed that the model 2 slim fits stop at size 40. Will these be expanded to size 42? 
Well guess they aren't for me then. Oh well.
40R might just fit. Can I get some measurements? You can PM them if you want. Edit to add you can measure one and assume the rest are the same.
I don't have any shoes on the Detroit last, but I have a pair of chukkas on the Soller and the medium trees for the 8uk Soller last work really well.
For the 8 UK and the 9UK I would probably go medium 9-10d Jos A Bank trees.
Just placed my first order. Grabbed three polos and three shirts. Will report back once they come in, but I'm really excited for the linen shirts as I'm working in Oklahoma City this summer.
Quick view doesn't work on mobile :/ I will look at it when I get my laptop out this afternoon.
New Posts  All Forums: