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Carmina handsewn snuff suede string loafers. Finally getting a chance to wear these after having some string issues.
I didn't even see the buttons, just saw it was Henry Poole and 38r
I wish I was a 38 Henry Poole tux for a 38r
^ I am leaving my office to go back to school in a week and will have to do this to all my co-workers phones.
+1 Steve is fantastic to deal with. Wouldn't rather spend money with anyone else.
Are any of you sitting on a pair of black AE Park Aves in a size 9d? If so please PM me and we can work out a deal.
I am a similar dumb block head that asks about a thousand questions before making a purchase.
Ah Ok. Thank you!
So I was dreaming of the day when I finish college and stsrt a career and thinking about this Formosa. How does the $140 of tailoring credit work? The 18.9 shoulder on the 50r would be perfect, but the 36 waist would have to come in a bit to a 34/35. (again, college student, so I am not anywhere near spending almost 2k on a suit yet.)
New Posts  All Forums: