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Picked up my scotch grain shaft Valways yesterday and decided to start breaking them in today. Also have a pair of double monks and a black captoe, but I elected to have those shipped home instead of taking them back to Spain with me.
Heading to Budapest to see Vass this weekend and take in some sights. Excited to pick up a pie of Valways and order a double monk and a black captoe. Should be a good weekend full of food and shoes!
Placed an order for a belt and some grey Birdseye pants. Looking forward to receiving them since I need a pair of staple grey pants to go with some Blazers that I have.
+1 on unpadded as well since my shoulder cause divots where the arm scythe meets the sleeve if there is any padding.
Ah then yes I agree with the previously stated features.
Is this a suit or a jacket? If jacket I agree with the above. For a suit, id prefer flap pockets on the bottom and welted on the chest like your typical suits.
So I need some help. I am going to have two shoes made up two weekend from now and I have to decide between a Valway boot and a black captoe. I don't have a pair of staple black captoes yet, so would that be a batter option and then order the Valway boot at a later date? If so, would you recommend any brouging on the captoe or just plain?
What exactly do you mean by liners?
Did we end up with an extra pair of laces or not? I can't remember.
This makes me think I'd be closer to an 8UK then.
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