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Fair enough.
I don't have one on hand. I will take one when I get home and post it here. Thanks for the feed back, and I don't mind if it's noticeable but I also don't want it quite this prevalent. It will also settle some with wear too which will be good.
In need of some good natured advice on this suit I had made. I asked for spalla camicia and got this. Is this fixable? If so, how much would it cost? It's fairly noticeable when worn, and I can take a picture later to illustrate that if needed.
Burlington Coat Factory
Fair enough. I was on my first wear and destroyed the top of my big toes by pushing through it. Not a good idea, but i was stuck in the boots and had to walk home which was about a forty minute walk. Live and learn I suppose. 
Do you still have to do this or does it eventually soften the leather to the point you don't have to wear a bandaid? 
I would also be interested in this, and if so how did they come to be a company? Usually the internationalization begins with local demand first, but the country is not known for its abundance and Vass shoes are definitely a luxury good. 
Appreciate the advice, and I always do some research and ask a question about the company, which usually lands me the next interview as long as it is either something that takes some time to answer or something that the person interviewing me can't answer. That is one of the easiest things I think interviewees can do to differentiate themselves from everyone else. 
Thanks for the insight, I will have to feel out the company when I go for a visit next week. Do you feel that it is a technology that could be the future for power generation? And if you don't mind me asking, how long ago were you in the industry? 
Hello everyone, First thread I've started over on this side of the forum, and I'd like to get some advice from all of you. I'm in my junior year and I have three current opportunities for second round interviews with companies. They are in three very different industries as well. The first option is a beer company. The second is a large food and organic beverage company and the last is a solar energy company. Just off of industry, do you feel one would be a better choice...
New Posts  All Forums: