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I think they are IMAP. It's only my outlook email as well my gmail doesn't have the same problem. Let me check my MacBook but I'm using the IMAP on my iPhone. Edit: I am using POP3 on my MacBook.
Hey guys, when I delete emails on my iPhone I end up having to do the exact same thing on my MacBook. Is there some way I can get the two to stop making me delete emails on both?
Can't wait! Will post up in here when they arrive this weekend.
it would be nice if he could condense it into one post though and not blow up the forum with three.
Oh my, those are gorgeous.
I am interested to see what comes next.
Tech21 is my personal favorite case. I'm a college student and relatively rough on my phones and it's the only one that doesn't add tons of bulk but still has excellent protection.
What are good underwear brands? I have big thighs from lifting weights which leads to my underwear always riding up around my thighs.
Is anyone having a problem updating apps on the iPhone 6? I can't update or download any apps from the App Store. When I called, the representative wanted me to do a factory reset.
My dark brown carmina boots came in today. They are gorgeous, thanks Steve for making this a possibility! Tomorrow will be a fit pic with them.
New Posts  All Forums: