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Great recommendations! I have been torn away from SF with the trip coming up but I appreciate all the input. I actually picked up an Osprey Transporter 40 which when stored is about the size of a 4x11 piece of paper. I was very impressed with the sturdiness of the bag and have always been a fan of osprey as they make my favorite backpack/water bladder combo bag. Hopefully it will be a great trip, and if anyone cares I'll update how the bag does throughout.
Looking for some lululemon shorts in a size 36. PM me with whatever you have and we can work something out.
Gotta use the promo code at the top of the screen in the cart to get to $15.
Has anyone washed the polos? Mine fit great, but if they get any smaller they will be too small.
Anyone have the linen socks? I ordered a few pairs from the recent sale.
Thought about picking up a pair but I am very hard on sunglasses. Hard to justify the $200 price tag when they might end up broken in a few months.
I imagine a 42 in the U last would fit since the shoes I posted a pic of are a size 42. I sized down to a 41.5 for the 3636 which felt a touch roomy in the toe box both vertically and horizontally.
+1 on the consensus and +1 on the grossa grenadine being awesome. Great tie.
Thoughts on U last double monks? How does U fit in comparison to the 3636 and these shoes (not sure what last)? Edit to add they are Vass in case that wasn't clear.
IMO you can't go wrong with anything from hober. But I also haven't tried chipp either.
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