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So I have decided that I have another question. Will you be using any fresco for the SS suits? I know this is pretty far off but I imagine you're starting to plan here shortly for that. Would love to see something in fresco, but I know it's a more expensive fabric. I also am curious because the clothing budget I have put together will allow me two suits between now and then, so I'm just trying to get a handle on what you guys will have available and if I can get away with...
Very helpful! I am tempted to order something in January when I am back in the states to nail down sizing prior to the full canvas release. Either way purchases will have to wait until I am back from Spain in January.I really do appreciate the awesome customer service and the speedy reply here as well. Makes purchasing from your company all the more justified in my opinion.
That full canvas looks great. Can't wait to order that in some staples that have been sorely missing from my wardrobe. I am in dire need of both a solid navy suit and a good grey suit as well. I usually run hot so I'd prefer something not deigned with winter in mind or I'd snag some of the current offerings.
Your suits look fantastic. Can't wait to see them up on the site. I wish I was stateside right now, but it's hard to pass up the coast of Spain any time of year. Once I am back stateside, and if I haven't spent all my money in Spain I will be ordering some of those new full canvas suits you are putting together.
Quick update, I have decided to go for a double monk and Valway instead of the shell Valway. I love shell, but the two pairs I have currently aren't getting much wear so getting another pair doesn't seem like a smart move. Here are the pics I sent to Vass of what I wanted. The monk will be on the F last and the boot on the P2. Boots will have double leather sole with the 270 goyser welt. Monks will have single leather for easy break in and hopefully lots of wears. Will...
So, do I get a Valway and a double monk in calf or a pair of Valways in deep cognac or cigar cordovan? I like the idea of shell, but the price difference is significant.
So I'm considering upgrading since I'm eligible and don't pay any more if I have the latest phone or not, but the catch is I'm in Spain but my carrier is T Mobile. Is there any ways to upgrade while here? I won't be back for another three and a half months.
I am sad to hear this as I am currently in Spain and will be visiting their factory in a few weeks time. The interactions I've had with Betty have been nothing but great so far, but I've only needed a replacement string for a pair of loafers. I will still be going to see their factory, and I will enquire about the availability of shell from them. Let me know if you all would like me to ask anything else while there.
Great recommendations! I have been torn away from SF with the trip coming up but I appreciate all the input. I actually picked up an Osprey Transporter 40 which when stored is about the size of a 4x11 piece of paper. I was very impressed with the sturdiness of the bag and have always been a fan of osprey as they make my favorite backpack/water bladder combo bag. Hopefully it will be a great trip, and if anyone cares I'll update how the bag does throughout.
Looking for some lululemon shorts in a size 36. PM me with whatever you have and we can work something out.
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