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Gonna try the v neck and see if it fits.
Really tempted by the blue v neck, but I'm not sure I can swing a 17.5 shoulder. I wear a 18.5 in suits, so I guess that's not that far off and t shirts do fit closer to the skin then a suit jacket.
Bags as well?
Removed, didn't look hard enough.
Thanks man! I will grab a bottle of the invulner.Also, should I do something to clean the kiwi suede stuff off of my suede chukkas? Maybe I should grab both of them and use the reno on the suede I have now and then the invulner after I reno them.I have a new pair of suede boots coming for the winter. I have renomat and renovateur currently.
So what is the difference between the saphir suede renovateur and the Saphir leather invulner? I have a pair of carmina suede boots from a MTO on danite soles that I plan to wear this winter. Which would be best for keeping them cleanish and as protected from the elements as possible? To clarify, I will be on a college campus, and as such I will be only walking through snow that has been plowed previously. Maybe a few snow drifts of 2-3ft for these boots. Thank you.
RT seven fold number 9 of 40
Turns out the paradise found is too small, so if anyone wants to trade a medium for a large hit me up.
Today, paradise found short sleeve button down, 99 cents, RT 7 fold for $2 the limited edition 9/40 and an ancient Burberry with Burberry buttons to be harvested. Pics to come. Need an opinion on the RT 7 fold cuz it need to be pressed or something.
Dang it only the orange left in either a large or a 34,super tempted by the 36 gray swirls but I think it would be too big.
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