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So I've been wondering, doesn't staining shoe trees get rid of their moisture absorbency?
So yesterday, my RL C&J cordovan lindericks came out, but by the end of the day the bottom of the vamp was rubbing on my third toe. It rubbed a few layers of skin off and was quite painful. Is there anything that can be done to fix this? It appears that the crease has formed right on top of that area, and will rub on that toe. 
Sad i spent too much money on carmina MTO, instead of those Vass but oh well.
Do you need my email again Steve?
@mimo "if they have all your data, you can never leave." Eagles reference?
Problem is, previous owner (guy on here) let them out all the way so they are more like a size 36. I'm not really sure if I should try to stretch them back out or just sell them, but if anyone is interested let me know.
So I washed and dried my rivets, is there any way to unshrink them? I have read that baby shampoo soak and then trying to stretch them works some, but I figured I'd ask here before trying it.
If any of you guys know VBA could you drop me a PM please?
I use the TECH21 cases, slim but haven't had any breakage.
"natural cotton herringbone twill runs down the inside of each leg..."From epaulets website. Not terribly helpful, but helps some.
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