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Ordered! Thank you for posting! I love loafers (college student so easy to throw them on) and at that price this is a steal!!
It was NMWA and Gentlemans footwear. Both are unlined and untapped I think.
So I am currently looking at both a bigi and a drakes navy grenadine, and they are relatively the same price. Is one better quality than the other?
What happened to the Kent Wang tux? Did it not sell and was thus taken off the site?
Any info on this? Looks like a Neil Barrett line, but fits and is pretty well made.
I'm pretty sure (aka don't feel I'm qualified to say that) your jackets are all too short in the length. Try a long maybe?
Please excuse the dirty mirror and bad tie knot, still very much learning how to dress better. I would like feed back however, Shoes are RL Linderick Cordovan. Also, excuse the phone in the pic, was the best I could do.
I would be all over these in my size.
Going back to school soon (back to poor college student land) but before I become a lurker on this thread again I wanted to give a shout out to Mike @Epaulet for being an upstanding guy who backs up his word. Been rocking the carmina loafers quite a bit and I really appreciate jumping through the hoops for me! I will try and grab a pic of them out in the wild with some rivets as well.
What's the difference between Saphir invulner and terrago Nano? Is one better then the other?
New Posts  All Forums: