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Hi, I´ve got this lovely Cantarelli sport jacket for sale. Unfortunately it is a tad roomy for me in the chest, plus I lost 4kg since I took up road cycling and since I need the money for a new frame instead of taking it to the tailor I decided to sell it :) The jacket is used but is in a very good flawless condition. I can send more pictures if you want. Classical three buttoned, double vented. The material is very nice (pure wool), the shoulders sit perfectly naturally....
40EUR / 44USD !!!
Providing precise measurements would help since the size on the label equals nothing ;)
Price reduced to 50USD/45€! Final reduction, grab a bargain!
Price reduced to 80USD/70€
Hi, I´m selling these awesome brand new limited edition 850 FBW sneakers in a rare color combination. For this price it is really a bargain... Originally bought for myself in spite of the fact that these are one size bigger than my normal size (what a naive moron..!). I only tried them on at home and they are OK  but I am afraid that after wearing in the sneakers would be too big.   Season: 2009 Condition: brand new, unworn. the only "fault" is that the plastic end...
Hi, I´m selling this Canali Super 120´s jacket (jacket only!) with a lovely pattern. It has been previously worn but it is in a very good condition, the jacket has no signs of wearing! There is a tiny fault, however, I should mention. There is an appr. 4mm big hole at the chest pocket (see pic.) but this can be easily repaired. Originally I bought it for myself but I am not satisfied with the fit (blind purchase...) and I don´t want to invest any time or money into the...
becnal is right, to me it seems perfect as well. both the suit and shirt sleeves are good imo :)  
Hi there, I just bought this light summer jacket recently. Unfortunately it does not have any label in the inside at all. There is a "Made in Italy" label on the neck from the inside. The only thing which might help to identify the jacket is a small, hand written label, which I found in the inside pocket (see pic). Does anyone have a guess what it might be? Is it possible that the jacket comes from a small tailor´s shop? I don´t even know what the material is, I...
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