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Hi, I´m selling this new red/ "pale bordeaux" Del Mare 1911 jacket. I bought it online but the size is not good so it must go unfortunately. The jacket is single vented, has three patch pockets (the lower two still unopened). The shoulders are padded. The label says it is 48  6  R, however as we already know, it does not say almost anything about the jacket :) The measurements are the following: Chest : 55cm - 21.65 inches Waist : 51cm - 20.10 inches Jacket : 77cm -...
Hi, I´m selling this Canali Super 120´s jacket (jacket only!) with a lovely pattern. It has been previously worn but it is in a very good condition, the jacket has no signs of wearing! There is a tiny fault, however, I should mention. There is an appr. 4mm big hole at the chest pocket (see pic.) but this can be easily repaired. Originally I bought it for myself but I am not satisfied with the fit (blind purchase...) and I don´t want to invest any time or money into the...
becnal is right, to me it seems perfect as well. both the suit and shirt sleeves are good imo :)  
Hi there, I just bought this light summer jacket recently. Unfortunately it does not have any label in the inside at all. There is a "Made in Italy" label on the neck from the inside. The only thing which might help to identify the jacket is a small, hand written label, which I found in the inside pocket (see pic). Does anyone have a guess what it might be? Is it possible that the jacket comes from a small tailor´s shop? I don´t even know what the material is, I...
price drop - last offer!  
final drop!
final drop to 20€!!
price drop!
Hi, I´m selling this very nice Hugo Boss Rossellini herringbone jacket in a very good condition, it has absolutely no signs of wearing. I took the measurements based on the "How to measure for ebay" (http://www.styleforum.net/t/1463/hof-how-to-measure-for-ebay/30) instructions The measurements are as follows :   Chest: 57cm - 22.4 inches Waist: 52.5cm - 20.7 inches Jacket: 79cm - 31.1 inches (from the bottom of the collar) Shoulder: 48cm - 18.9 inches (seam...
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