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I've realized that suede shoes don't fit well into my rotation, these shoes have been worn maybe 3 times.  Original box and shoe bags are included, G&G trees are not included.  The flush metal toe taps were installed by G&G.
Is anyone familiar with Grape Misty calf?   Any photos would be appreciated....
 There is fading on the top of the lower piece that matches the outline of the upper piece.  You may be right about these two pieces not originally being together; but, they have been married for a long time.
 I'm surprised about your comment regarding the top and bottom sections.  The vertical frames that separate the glass panels on the top line up perfectly with the door panels on the bottom.  I don't see how there is any lack of cohesion between the two pieces.  In fact, this symmetry is the first thing that caught my eye. I haven't been able to find much information about Dillingham.  Apparently, they were associated with designs of Milo Baughman, Pierre Cardin, and Martin...
This is my first post in this section of the forum.  I have to thank SF for piquing my interest in mid-century modern design.  Is anyone familiar with Dillingham furniture from the early 60's?  Is it well made?  I found this two piece credenza with a china cabinet that will be a nice fit in our dining room.  I like the way that the door pull for the glass doors is sculpted into the frame.  The finish is in great shape, I believe it is walnut.   Did I do well, at...
Any interest in a GMTO for this Simpson Derby, in Burgundy Calf, with leather sole?  
 I don't think that you'll ever see a big drop in the prices for air-cooled 911s.  The bloated and cushy water pumpers are a completely different animal.  Except for the rarest of them, they will continue to depreciate like most cars.  I was fortunate to pick up a 95 C2 with ~40k miles 5 years ago, for $28k.  I sold my '81 SC about 10 years earlier, and regretted it right away.  My '95 isn't going to go anywhere, no matter how high prices get.    Air-cooled, there is no...
There has been some discussion about what constitutes an "unlined" Cappelli tie.  I just received my first Cappelli,  a beautiful blue jacquard unlined 7-fold.  I'm fairly certain that there is no interlining.
 Thanks for posting this!   Could you add Rain to that comparison?  I'm looking for something between Rain and Simpson.  My instep is too low for Rain, and the heel is too wide. Simpson (in the same size) works for me; but, it is just a little too snug overall.
Has anyone in the US had difficulty with wiring money to Antonio?   I've tried to pay him via Transferwise and Ria; but, both services will not provide the transfer due to "security reasons". 
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