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Don't be too quick to write-off the JAB gold signature tux.  This is within your budget when on sale.  Obviously, it is not made to last a lifetime; but, it is probably at least as well made as anything made by Boss or Vera Wang.  It is also classically styled (peak lapels faced in grosgrain, no vent, single button).  I bought one for my wedding a couple of years ago, and it has served me well for the very few occasions that I've worn it since.  I did invest in a very high...
 How about this, in burgundy calf? http://www.carmina.telemaco.es/articulo.asp?idarticulo=3640214
This...   http://www.shoetrap.com/main.asp   They come in various sizes that can accommodate anything from loafers to boots.
I've been looking at Isaia sport jackets online, and I see a lot of references to different models, such as Base S, Base V, and Gregory.  I assume that the difference is how they are cut.   Does anyone know where I could find a description of the differences between the various models?
Epaulet cuffs??   Found a Caruso sports jacket on Yoox that I'm interested in.  The description says that it has epaulet cuffs. Anyone know what that means?  Is this another way of saying functional cuffs?
  Chromexcel is stuffed full of grease and oil.  Most chromexcel shoes do not take a high shine, my Rancourt penny loafers being an exception.  Reno is probably removing some of the oil from the surface, allowing them to take a shine.  Probably not a good idea in the long term, as it is the stuffing that makes chromexcel such a tough leather.
 They were listed as 7uk/8us.  I typically wear an 8us or 7.5uk, and they fit very well.  In fact, St C are the most comfortable shoes I own. 
  FWIW, I bought those saddle derbies during the last MTO.  I wear a 7.5 in Simpson,  7.5 for all 3 of the G&G lasts, and 7.0 in St Crispin Classic and Chiseled lasts.   I like my shoes to be comfortably snug. The Rain in 7.5 was too loose for me.  The length was right; but, there is too much volume in the instep for me.  I experienced heel slippage, which I think was made worse by the fact that these shoes have a double sole.  I still wear them, with thickish socks and a...
I'd like to be in for that plain suede loafer, but I have no idea about sizing for that last. Simpson in 7.5 fits fine, but Rain in same size seems to have too much volume inside. Edited to add: The toe box on those loafers looks a lot like the Rain last. Are we sure that those are on Uetam?
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