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actually i was going to purchase it resale online. but, i've decided against it. thank you though.
i know this is a forum for mens clothing. but i was wondering if anyone could help me determine if this versace bag is real or fake?  
ask the seller to send photos of the actual item (it does seem to come in that color) if they refuse. don't buy. also go through comments to see if any other customers bought the item and what they had  to say about it.
real or fake? vintage gianni versace tie:  
i think in terms of vintage i guess it just depends on who you ask. i see vintage 70's and 80's concert tee's going for hundreds in places like urban outfitters and thrift stores down town. so. i guess it's neither here nor-there. i think this is a run way jacket though, seeing as how it's styled with the spiked buttons going up the side. very haute couture, which means it's not "redy-to-wear" high end. making it more rare.  it's special to me though! and i got it for a...
thanks! i knew it was either 80's or 90's. at first i thought 90's myself, but after i put the garment on i noticed that it has these huge oversized shoulder pads. which is why i though possibly 80's. thanks for your comments though!
i'll admit the photos don't do it justice. the jacket is in really great condition though. near mint, and a deep dark blue. these photos yellow it and make it seem more beat up than it actually is. with of course the exception being the label.
if you were talking about my mugler jacket, it's in near mint condition excepting the label. the photos however for some reason make it look more worn than it actually is. but thanks for your comments.
yeah i couldn't tell if it was 80's or 90's. it has rather large shoulder pads though, which is why i put it in the 90's. but thank you! :)
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