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Hey all,    I am looking into buying the trench boot cap and I was reading this thread that they are TSS. Normally I wear size 8.5-9 but when I tried on the Wolverine 1000 Mile boots in size 8, they were too big.I was not able to try on the 7.5 because no store carries that size but I assume they will fit.    What size should I go with trench boot then? 
I am going to use these shoes for mostly going to work/everyday wear. 
To Boot New York "Windsor" Wing Tip Lace-Up Shoes - $389       Salvatore Ferragamo "Fantino" Cap Toe Oxfords in Black - $495       I was able to try on the Ferragamos, size 7.5 and 8. 7.5 was perfect but the width was  too tight. Hopefully a 7.5EE will work, if anyone has experience in the EE sizes of ferragamos, can you give me some more insight on it?    Anyhow, I am able to get a 36% discount on both shoes. What do you guys think about these...
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