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Sure. I bought it in the Lardini store in Sarravale. All of the brands I mentioned are there and with the sale on at the moment the prices were fantastic.
LP do go on sale although maybe you are referring to US only. I'm on holiday in Milan right now and LP, Kiton, Lardini, Pal Zileri, Canali, Zenga, Cornelliani and Brioni are all on sale.Picked up a wonderful Lardini suit at a frankly scandalous price yesterday. Wonderful fit.
I purchased up my first pair of C&Js shoes today   Monkton Chestnut Burnished Calf Last 348       Reduced from €469 to €239   Couldn't resist   Now, what polish should I use?
I've been looking for a pair of double-monk burgundy shoes for a while now without any luck.   Any help appreciated and if you can recommend a pair in the Jan sales then all the better. (I'm EU based)   Thanks 
 I'm far from playing around. This bag is 100% fake - the tag is a dead giveaway.
Love the briefcases, particularly the soft cognac.   I'd love to write a review if you send me a case to put through its paces   
Only seeing this post now and I can tell you with 100% certainty that that bag is fake. Mont Blanc never NEVER use a black snowcap on their logo. Have a look at the label with the price. Stands out like a sore thumb. Hope you didn't buy.   Good luck with future purchases     Arctic81Fox
Anyone else have experience with 
How many pairs did you order? 
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