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Anyone else have experience with poineermade.com? 
How many pairs did you order? 
Funds sent, thanks!
Money sent!   Thanks
Thanks Jays    Looking forward to receiving my Hermes tie! 
PM Sent 
Funds sent via Paypal for the G&H 
They don't sell through dealers and their business model is now 100% online - orders through their website only I'm afraid.     http://www.stowa.de/lshop,shopstart,13314333412400,en,1331433341-2400,,,,,.htm   From wikipedia: "Since around 2001/02, STOWA has almost exclusively sold its watches directly to the customer, either through its website or from its factory in Engelsbrand. STOWA claims that this allows them to keep their distribution, wholesale, and retail...
I absolutely love the Stowa Marine - these photos (iPhone 3 ) don't do it justice at all I'm afraid.....understated, beautifully finished brushed steel case and I can't speak highly enough of their customer service.    Stock photo  
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