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Does anyone know where I can get any Saphir products in the montreal area. I can't find them anywhere. Most places online don't ship to Canada for a reasonable fee! Thanks in advance.
ThanksThanks for the info. I live in Quebec About 45 minutes away from the border. It's a great suggestion and will have to try that out. The shipping charges from AE directly to my house are a little rediculous especially since they offer free shipping in the US!
A little off topic however I am an EA lover from the great white north (aka Canada) and was wondering if there are any fellow Canadians that order directly from the shoebank or ae.com? I have only ever bought when I am in the states but have been very tempted to order from the shoebank/online. I was hoping someone Can give me their two cents!
Hey Namor what size are they?
I would like a quote on the strands brown burnished calf 8.5d shipping to montreal Canada. Thanks!
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