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  I wear a 9D New Balance and an 8D in Trubalance, so your experience is similar to mine.   I even have a pair of 7.5D in Trubalance (I've lately found the 8D to be slightly roomy... the 7.5 is a little more snug but seems more comfortable for me).
Read a few posts back about someone getting a pair of Aldens that seemed "tried on" due to the fact that the laces were already in the shoe. Just curious: have your Alden's arrived with the laces completely separate? I recall that the last two pairs I received had the laces in only the first hole (both left and right).
  I'm gonna have to agree with you that these seem more like a Barrie fit than a Trubalance... wouldn't be surprised if the J Crew web folks did a simple copy and paste from the Indy description.  Either way, they're pretty nice... maybe slightly dainty looking compared to an Indy with a commando sole.
Hey I just received these same boots from J Crew. I find that these look narrower and fit slimmer than my AF89's and Indy 403's. The site said it was on a Trubalance last, but it doesn't exactly feel like it. Are you having the same experience?
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