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 I'm trying to see how I can further improve the fit of this suit, so I would really appreciate it if you could please critique the suit fit? Yes - I'm aware that the worst fitting item is the vest (way too big, too much excess fabric visible in the upper and lower back, too long as well). Other than that, could you guys please help me in pointing out what could further be improved for the jacket, vest and pants?
Hi Kent, Very interested in one of your MTM suits for my wedding next year. Was wondering if it's possible if you could provide pictures of actual suits for the following colors: Light grey herringbone - 0036 Grey twill -102701 Grey birdseye - 0032 Grey herringbone - 107611 Thanks in advance!
Hey guys,   I've never owned aviator-style sunglasses before, and when I saw these sunglasses online - I thought they looked really good. Due to the fact that I've always owned "shield" style sunglasses in the past, these felt a little... small for my face when I tried them on. What are your guys' thoughts based on the pic - are they too small, or just the right size? The model is the Tom Ford TF108...
Would you be able to provide dimensions of the shoes please?
How does the 1105 last fit? Will this fit a size 8D us?
Very nice. Congrats on the pair. Contemplating on getting one for myself as well... People have advised to be careful, as the EG-buying curse is very addicting..
Forgot to add - I'm looking for size 8 in US/Canadian
Just as the title states - let me know if you have either pair, preferably with shoe trees. Like new or new condition only, please send me a message or reply through this thread. Thanks!
Beautiful!Just got these in the mail.
Correct, I didn't think so as well when I tried looking (though it certainly would be ideal), which is why I just got a generic Rochester shoe tree for these.
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