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Okay. I tried another picture without the place matt. I did not have a white board so I used a cookie sheet. I think it's a lot better.    
  Is that like the panels I see the photographer assistants using down at the beach?
  Thank you for the good advice. You are much nicer than that nasty man.
  I know I am new here, but that is no reason to talk sideways to me. 
  Thank you. Do you think I might benefit from new place matts?
  I love your work. I am desperately trying to work on my food photography skills. I am quite a good cook, but I'm having a little trouble taking photos of my handy work. Here is my dinner from last night.        
  Everybody knows that the 410 was outlawed by the Geneva Convention. The scorn of the world would come down on you if you used them in war.
    Maybe, but isn't he cute?
This is a shot I took of my boyfriend Bobby.    
Everything is better with bacon. And cheese.
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