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yay! Thanks Alex!
'cause I got them at the thrift store... just not sure what size they are and thought you fellas might know
Hello SF, So I copped these monk strap Church's at the Value Village here in Hamilton two days ago and needed some help decyphering the size info written inside. I take a size 10 and these don't fit me, they're very narrow To Me it looks like: 100 E 00 then some writing I can't make out 7820100 09TCB (this last bit might not be right) then more writing On the instep outsole it says 'E' & '100'   The shoe measure 12" long x 4.25" wide on its...
Hi Styleforum! I love this site! I'm Steve from Hamilton On Canada, lover of thrifting, fedoras, ww2 jackets and caps and old jackets from Canada. I just posted in the men's style thread about some nice Church's monk strap shoes I scored at the thrift yesterday for $25. My girl are just rolling out now for the any 4 items for $15 event at the local Salvation scores await! So, nice to meet you ;) Steve
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