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wow your grandad sounds awesome! That said, I would pay 80% of the time, sometimes i would test to see if she would offer, but i wouldn't let her anyway
why people press the "close" button in the lift so many times, as if it will make the doors close faster
Bought my tickets at a steal from wego travel online, i usually use these sites to help me find these kind of deals. Gonna go Japan - Tokyo in August, although it is the hottest month but I intend to climb Mt Fuji and that is the best time to go.    Also check when is their golden week because that is when the Japanese travel in hoards and it might not be the best time to travel as all the hotels are going to be fully booked.    In Tokyo, there are only a few...
Just watched jack the giant slayer. Pretty good movie in 3D i must say, although the storyline is predictable, don't expect oohs and aahs but overall good entertainment when you need a movie to chill out and veg to
just be careful if you have bad knees, i couldn't do a lot of the insanity moves because they were mostly high impact. squat thrusts, hi knees, etc
Could it be a plantar fascia tear instead of plantar fasciitis?  Had all the symptoms you were facing..    Because I am having the same problem, the pain I get is in the arc of my foot (i have flat feet) and not on the heel. I have found that for me, the cause was actaully tight calves which i spastically ignored and keep on goin for intense exercise (interval training, sprints, etc) thinking that they would heal on their own. Now, its been almost 7 weeks out and i...
i use new balance minimus, no problems so far. Previously used Asics gel foundation because of my flat feet. They did not work out good for me and I ended up getting injured and did not enjoy my runs
am having this fruit beer from taiwan       Pretty nice to be honest. my gf introduced it to me and now i am hooked. I don't drink it outside the house though. 
you forgot exercise
McDonald quarter pounder and a mc flurry. my first burger this year
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