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I got the Filson Zippered Tote in tan color recently because I was in the same predicament as you. They also sell a non-zippered version for easier access. It is my everyday work bag and it can fit all that you mentioned plus more. I personally wanted one large compartment over a bunch of pockets and separate partitions within the bag. The handles are long enough that it can become a shoulder bag. I personally don't like putting bags on my shoulders and wish the handles...
 I can see where you got your username from. TheObserver's counting/math is accurate as is mine.
 I didn't think of it as "in addition" to the already-quoted wait time. I am assuming it would be 35 weeks total which would put me at a 7/15/14 shipping/arrival date for an 11/12/13 order/pay date. But again, I am not confident in this quote as most people have been getting delays. I just guess I'm around half way there at 23 weeks.
 I don't know about the tapering off part. I ordered 11/12/13 and was quoted 16-20 weeks at the time due to the drop in order volume. Once I hit week 20 (4/1/14), I asked again about wait and was quoted 35 weeks. But I'm not too confident in that number since June orders aren't even done yet.
Mike, what is the status of the G&L Selvedge pants that needed to be dyed to a darker tan color? I paid about a month ago and am wondering about the ETA.
I purchased from Meermin in Fall of 2012 and again in Spring of 2013. You basically just pay online and then you'll get an order processing confirmation. It took about 2 months for both of my pairs to actually arrive in my hands. It seems like they don't actually carry sufficient stock and each order is made after it is ordered. Then you can expect to get hit with customs/duties a couple of weeks after you receive the shoes.   There may be quality issues as is well...
I'm considering getting some jumper boots from skoak (model 80184). The website says this Oscar last shoe is normal width so I guess I should get my normal UK size since I have normal width feet?   Allen Edmonds Park Avenue 5 last 8D US - great fit Meermin Double Monk Hiro 7UK - a little bit of heel slip Meermin Balmoral Olfe 7UK - great fit C&J/RL Lindrick 7.5US/7UK - great fit
Sounds good. I was actually kind of glad when you posted the tobacco color as I prefer that over the standard khaki. I guess we'll have to wait and see on the resulting shade.
I also want to wash/soak my jeans for the first time. I've been wearing my PNS for 9 months and the fabric is starting to feel a little dirty to me. I've heard soaking with Woolite Black is the way to keep the dark color, but I think I'm just going to use regular laundry detergent. I also don't have a bathtub (only shower) so I'm going to just fold the jeans up and soak them in a bucket. I know my conditions aren't ideal but I'm also not a huge OCD type with my clothes.
I am part of the Wilshire G&L pre-order and I want tobacco brown.
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