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 What about cordovan shoes? I'm thinking about a pair.
Just look when TOJ actually does their job and delivers jackets, the complaining seriously dies down. Some of the ass kissers in this thread have been defending TOJ saying that SF represents only a small fraction of their customer base and that it was quite possible that they were really delivering jackets but they were for customers who weren't SF members. It looks like that theory was complete BS. We have probably the majority if not a large chunk of the orders, and...
Several weeks ago I had a phone interview for a financial analyst position and it went very well. This is a corporate finance role where all the team members are former investment bankers and management consultants (JP Morgan, Bain, etc.). My skill set matches what they need very well, though I don't come from a banking/consulting background.   I was invited on the spot during the phone interview for an in-person interview. The face-to-face involved me cycling through 7...
I am looking to pick up a new pair of jeans. My only jeans right now are some APC PNS's. I find them a little too slim for me, but the New Standard is a little too baggy. I realize I can get a pair that might not be the best fit and tailor them, but I'd like to keep the tailoring to a minimum with a fit that's already good for me.   I've been looking at the ST-100x by 3sixteen. I want a leg opening at about 7" and these are almost there at size 29. I'm a TTS 31. How is...
 Lookin good!
 I'm in the same boat - November order. Week 45 right now.
Have any other people ordered 2011 motos? It seems to me that there's very little talk regarding this model so I'm wondering if my order will end up being made much later due to lower volume.
 I ordered in November 2013 and asked yesterday about the status. Charly apologized for the production lag and told me that the jacket would probably arrive by the end of the year or early 2015. Let's just see if they actually pull through. I'm not going to back out now that I've waited almost a year.
Ahh the good ol' ToJ thread. I've checked in to see this thread once in a while. I'm on week 41 (November order for 2011 Moto). I see that the update is just more of the same - "Guys, x, y and z happened. I'm not giving you a real idea of what's shipping. But at least this time I'm sparing you the monologue of my love life."   It's funny because I ordered my jacket as a 30th birthday present to myself. I was quoted 16-20 weeks before ordering so I would have received the...
I'm curious if I can find some casual sport shirts (either button down or non button down collar, shorter length, slim cut, long sleeve) that are better than what I can find at J Crew but in similar styles. Any suggestions are welcome. Thanks.
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