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 I thought that starting some time in 2014 US customers had to go through US or foreign retailers. Is that now not the case? It's the main thing that has stopped me from ordering more.
A couple pics      
This configuration costs $850 on the website. My loss is your gain.   Brand new, never worn, just tried on briefly in house. Sadly it's a little too big for me. This is in black goat, and it's very soft and has a nice grain texture. The size is a stock 47 - please know your sizing - no returns. Thanks.
Brand new, don't fit and I will re-order a size up. Size is 40.5.   Asking $290 shipped in the US - you get a discount, save on customs, and don't have to wait. Please know your sizing - no returns.
I think I'm going to sell it. I find if you don't love something, you shouldn't keep it. It will just sit around. Might take some time to sell though or I'll have to take a hit.
As a side note, this jacket is in goatskin and it is very interesting. I own leather jackets in horsehide (not Falcon), lamb (Falcon), and now goat (Falcon). I think the only other common leather I haven't tried is calf.   The goat is soft and has a grain to it. You can't see the grain from more than a few feet away, but it provides some interesting surface detail. It isn't as soft as lamb, and lamb is very smooth with no grain. Goat does feel a little tougher than lamb,...
Quick fit of the stadium jacket from the sample sale. Should I keep it? It feels a bit big for me as a stock 47.  
Cross post, first time in WAYWT.     Aero Uniqlo Acne Carmina
Here are a few pics of my Aero. This is a work wear jacket but it's slim for one. I kind of wish it had a more fashion cut, but I guess that's just nitpicking. This always gets compliments from my friends whenever I wear it. It is very aggressive and attention-grabbing and thus I sometimes avoid wearing it. I have more subdued looking bombers without all the zippers and hardware dangling around.          
The suiting wool MA-1 looks way better than the TOJ version. The TOJ was too puffy and I hated that thing
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