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I see people who've paid Drew as creditors. When you fail to make timely payments to your credit card company or bank, do they just sit back and civilly contact you over the course of 2 years hoping to get remunerated? They hound your ass, harass your cell, home, work, send repo men to get any of your possessions, report everything on your credit report so that you get fucked for the future, etc. Frankly, I think people have been soft on the guy, and he's still not owning...
@proteinnerd recommended something similar to you. He told me via PM to perhaps not even adjust sleeve length at all due to the bunching up with wear. Maybe I'll go with 0.5". But what about the body? Is a taper needed or no?
I'm 5'9", 145 lbs, and take a 22.5" sleeve length (I think) for a dress shirt.
I've already mailed back the jacket because I don't have any time in the next work week to stop by USPS/UPS/Fedex. Anyway, the length with the sleeves zipped up is the same. Carrie told me to add back 0.5" from whatever length I decide. I think the stock fit was pretty good as it is, but maybe could be improved for me just a little. I haven't submitted my final specs but I will in the next couple of days.
Hey guys can you please advise on fit adjustments? I received a fit jacket from Thurston.   The current sleeve is 25.5" and the current length is 25.5". I'm thinking 1.5" shorter sleeves and 1" shorter in the body. When I view the side pics the look is a bit fuller than I'd like so would a taper from the armpit down to the bottom of the jacket 0.5" on each side work? 3 pics unzipped, and 3 pics zipped:            
If the material is similar to the rigid selvedge chino twill, then no they won't fade like jeans do. They will lighten overall in color with washing. I posted some pics a month or so ago. There are other pics in the Blake thread. For my pair they also ended up getting way more wrinkly after the first wash.
Can someone please explain the fit jacket process? Does Thurston send you a sample jacket to test your fit, and then you identify changes to the fit for your custom order?
 Moon is a Korean surname. Perhaps the actual jacket makers are sending the product through an agreement with Drew. I'm not saying this is the case since I don't know, but the wtf comment is not necessary. Just as Johnson Leather might send out a jacket, Moon Leather could also send out a jacket.
I really wanted the Baker jacket during the sale. Post up some pics!
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