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Email sent. Thank you!
I have the economy modeling of a 6th grader. Ok. I make a six figure income doing financial modeling and I own a business. I think that's beyond the level of a 6th grader. I'm trying to disprove your wildly inaccurate assumption of this guy producing 10,000 jackets.
Brah, look at who I quoted. He said 10k jackets.
 Lol. 10,000 jackets in 5 years. At $800 per jacket, 10,000 jackets would be $8,000,000. At a 45% margin, you're looking at $4.4m in production/overhead costs, which would leave $3.6m in gross profit. Let's just take away 1/2 for taxes. That's $1.8m assuming no interest. Let's also reduce that by $100k per year for his lavish lifestyle. So he should theoretically have $1.3m in the bank. Let's further reduce it by another $500k since he invested in some restaurant with 6...
I emailed Charly a few days ago and he didn't respond. I don't contact him much (last time was beginning of Sep). This was the first time he didn't respond. Perhaps he's getting sick of replying? I hope ToJ just wraps this debacle up. It took about 1 year+ to get June 2013 orders out. From the last time I saw the spreadsheet about 1/3 of the July orders were completed. This is crawling at a snail's pace.   On the one hand as a customer I am frustrated with the lack of...
Unfortunately I also paid with my bank account. At the time I ordered everything was great in this thread and I was quoted 16-20 weeks. It has been 55 weeks for me. I didn't expect this to happen but it is what it is now. I hope my jacket gets delivered within the next 6 months but I am not too sure it will happen.
I'm at 54 weeks only. I hope I'll have my jacket by April. It'll be too hot to wear it in LA by then, but at least I'll have it and be done with toj. :)
I hit 1 year this week. Also waiting on a 2011 moto.
Happy anniversary for me. 1 year of waiting for my moto with no end in near sight.
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