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I hit 1 year this week. Also waiting on a 2011 moto.
Happy anniversary for me. 1 year of waiting for my moto with no end in near sight.
I'm thinking of buying a cardigan soon and don't own an RRL. Does the fabric pill onto your clothes? For example if I wore a white t shirt under a dark cardigan would I get a shitload of fabric hairs on my shirt? Is J Crew close to the quality (at 1/2 the price)?
I don't really hear any fanboys anymore. The spreadsheet that destroyed this thread has silenced them all. Where's the damn update from Drew? June 2013 orders aren't even done yet. I'm guessing there's no money left to make the jackets and we have all essentially been robbed. Most of this money should have been set aside for the jackets and not been completely devoured for his restaurant.
 TOJ crashed its own stock. Since they couldn't provide any useful information ("orders from x to y will get shipped on z"), users had to compile their own information to draw some conclusions. At this point, the data seems overwhelmingly in favor of the disgruntled.
Jesus as this file gets more and more populated, I'm thinking my money is gone. Compare the number of green data points vs no fill data points. 23 vs 132 at the time of this writing.
Just added my November order. I'm a long ways away...
I picked up my first Thomas Mason shirt along with a regular shirt this weekend and I honestly can't tell the difference in quality and why the price is so much higher. Sure, the buttons are MoP, but the fabric quality seems the same to me. Perhaps with age and washing, the Thomas Mason shirt will last longer and look better over time but that's just a guess.
 FWIW I bought a pair of Rogue Territory Stantons 14.5 oz and they fit nicely. I bought them locally in LA and got them chain stitch hemmed by Self Edge. Anyway, they are higher quality than my APC's and more importantly they aren't as skinny as the PNS but they are still a very slim jean. I tried on the 3sixteen ST (I forget exact model) and the 3sixteen's were definitely looser fitting. One thing I noticed was the 3sixteen's were softer to the touch. The Rogue...
New Posts  All Forums: