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I purchased a pair of black boots in anticipation of wearing them with my black leather jacket, which was quoted to come within 16-20 weeks (lol). I'm at 70 now. Hopefully I'll get a jacket before 100 weeks.
[[SPOILER]]  How do you like these? Do you have pics of these bad boys?
How long does it take Notch to respond? I sent him money and am waiting on confirmation that he has it and my order has been placed. It's been 1 week...
How much narrower is the toe box for K compared to U? My toes are on the edge for U but it isn't uncomfortable. I think K would be ok based on my research, but any insight would be appreciated.
My the naivete in this thread... I could think of many ways a new owner would be beneficial to a struggling company. Did anyone read LAGuy's posts a while back? He said the BEST possibility would be for a third party to jump in. But I won't let his or my business experience lend any credence. I'm done arguing this point.
 Have you ever owned a business? I purchased a business and I changed the name, suppliers, employees, many operations, but I kept other basic infrastructure intact. That's worth money. Now, again, I'm not saying this Argentinian guy bought Drew's business. In fact I think it is very unlikely and the more probable explanation is the guy just copied the website. People are taking one little post of mine and making it more than it is. I did say I hope the guy did, because...
 Ahh I can see why your avatar is what it is. I am not wishing some reddit guy bought TOJ. I don't care. I just want my jacket. I am naturally analytical and think of many possibilities. This is just fun mental exercise for me.
I don't see how my theory, however unlikely it may be, is necessarily incongruent with what Drew has said all along: he wants to keep his designs and pattterns (hence the new guy has his own patterns and designs), he wants to resurrect TOJ at some later point (so the name is now different), etc.   Just because I'm using a quote from 2012 doesn't mean that Drew cannot change his mind again. He says one thing, but then does another. Haven't we all been witness to that?
 I'm just saying... Also, this is not naive hope. If you've followed this thread at all and read my comments, I have never been so naive to think that Drew would 100% deliver the jackets. I am still very skeptical of his order fulfillment capabilities. I just wanted to bring to light one possibility for the same website design and removal of the TOJ gallery.
New Posts  All Forums: