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 Yes you can take the waist in. I took the waist in on my Sugarcanes 1.75"! The jeans fit great when I purchased them at Self Edge and after 5 wears, the waist stretched like crazy. I was able to fully button the jeans and slide them off my body without undoing a single button. That was way too much stretch. I also tapered below the knee. So in reality, all I sized correctly were my thighs. Even though I'm a thin guy, I guess my thighs are relatively large due to...
 How has the lamb held up over time? I see the couple detail shots, but are there areas where the leather looks frayed or worn down a bit too much? I ask because people have complained about the thinness, rips, tears, etc. I placed an order for a brown lamb A2 a couple days ago. I'm guessing the people complaining about the longevity are blowing things out of proportion, but I just wanted another experienced user's take.
Yeah I know prices went up since the TOJ days. Charly is talking about another increase on top of that. But it's unclear to me if it's just for black lamb or all leathers.
Is it just black lamb that's going up?
Aero. Merry Christmas.  
Same with me. My boots arrived in LA on Saturday 12/5 at the UPS distribution center. So I'm thinking great, they'll be at my house on Monday. Tracking said they would be. Monday comes and goes. Tuesday comes and goes. I had to call customer service and start a claim for these guys to do anything. They finally delivered my boots last night.   My work next week will end up having me on a construction site. I'm hesitant to wear these due to the cost and potential dirt, but...
Bad lighting, but here are my brown waxed flesh boots! These will be going on their maiden voyage tomorrow with the non-leather laces. I wasn't expecting the contrasting tongue, but I like it. For future reference, what product do I need to re-wax these to achieve the original look? I've read about Huberd's and Obenauf's on reddit, but I'm not even sure if these are wax products, and which would work better.    
Perhaps not a common or liked model by many. But I love my new acquisition!    
Good advice above. I used to wear business casual for 10 years. Thankfully I have a job where I can wear jeans everyday now.   If I had to start again, I would say this for shirts. Go to your local Nordstrom Rack or outlet and pick up shirts for $20-$30 a piece. Make sure they fit in the neck and shoulders. If they are baggy everywhere else, that's ok. Take them to a tailor to slim them up and add darts. One of my best fitting shirts resulted from this method. Then when...
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