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Spaghetti, I'm not trying to be demeaning here so I'll use a better term and call you the eternal optimist. I highly doubt the unfulfilled lead times had anything to do with fit adjustments as you have pointed out.   Why have refunds not been doled out given the fact that a lot of the commotion would be quashed immediately with relatively little work? Is it because the PayPal account has been locked for so long that a simple $800 dispute on a $1m balance was not sorted...
Spaghetti, please read my post indicating they were still giving out 16-20 week lead times late into the year.
Lol I ordered 11/12/13 and was quoted one day before sending my money that my lead time was 16-20 weeks. I purposely wanted to confirm lead time before placing my order due to the high level of activity.
Nice edit there @dieworkwear   You just told us to shut the fuck up. Thanks for that. I felt I had to sell my spot for a $170 loss for no other reason then being lied to and being manipulated.
Quote: Here's your answer jim_n. This was posted 3 weeks ago. Charly gave up on the guy already. It seems to me that the only way to get Drew himself to respond is to continue the Libertine "updates."
85% completion is horseshit. The guy is buying himself some more time. He said nearly all orders would be complete by end of 2014 with just the few leftovers to ship out in January. Sure send those emails out. He said the same thing last time about sending an updated email with all details of your order, address, etc. He's stringing more people along. Drew, if you can prove me wrong, then do it. I will fully admit brashness if you complete all the orders quickly.
Maiden voyage. @Torsion I don't notice any difference in fit between shell vs calf or even derby vs bal.  
Disgruntled Customer (arriving at Libertine without having ordered anything): I really enjoyed my last meal here! Can I talk to the owner or chef about catering my next event? (Drew comes out) Disgruntled Customer: Hey mother fucker I sent your ass $800 and you stole my money! What do you have to say for yourself? You stole money from hundreds of people! Drew: (whatever) Disgruntled Customer: Hey fucker! Your answer isn't good enough! What do you have to say for...
I specify to my tailor to take it in from the inside of the pant leg.
 Perhaps a little long and pointy in your size. I think because the last is elongated to begin with, smaller sized feet look more balanced with U last. I know that's completely the opposite of what I just said a couple of posts ago but we are all a little anal when it comes to details. If I saw you walking down the street in U last 45.5's I'd want to admire and congratulate.
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