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Bump price reduced
I've barely worn these and they're just sitting around in my closet. So it's time to let these go to a new owner.   MSRP is over $500   Size 8 US (fits true to size)   Dark brown waxed flesh (Horween leather), Dainite sole, contrasting lighter brown tongue, structured toe   Comes with Truman bag (never used) and extra set of waxed brown laces (never used)   International (make offer)   SOLD
Well I just bought something on grailed - a classic black blazer. We'll see how it turns out. I like the wyatt boots and might get those later.   I've been looking for a while for a black sportcoat to wear with jeans and chelseas on a night out. I have bespoke suits and sportcoats and while they look great, they don't achieve the super slim look I want when I wear jeans. And I don't want to go to one of those tailors to make something, because they are "old" guys and...
I'm brand new to SLP and don't own a single item from the brand. How is the quality of the shoes, and other clothing items in general? I mainly buy brands from the classic menswear side (Vass, Carmina, etc), but I like how SLP stuff looks for streetwear.
I'm considering a loafer on Elton. Is the size the same for Hiro and Elton? I haven't purchased Meermin shoes in several years but I wore 7UK in both Hiro and Olfe. Olfe fit me great. The heel on Hiro was a little wide and the toe box a little narrow but not uncomfortably so.
RRL Limited Edition Navy Wool Sweater   Gently used, want to sell because I haven't really worn it.   Size Small Limited Edition 1 of 100 pieces Original retail $595 100% wool, navy Made in USA Corozo buttons   Chest/Pit-to-Pit Width 21" Sleeve Length 25.75" (cuffs should be turned back, reducing length) Front Length (front collar to hem) 21.75" Back Length 25.75" Hem Width 14"
 I'm guessing the overwhelming forum response would be to never wear balmorals with jeans or chinos. In fact the rules dictate you should only wear oxfords with suits only, not even just wool trousers with a sport coat. My personal preference is to wear oxfords with anything from a suit down to jeans. But this depends on the style of the oxford and the overall look of my clothing. If I'm wearing jeans and a t-shirt, of course I won't wear oxfords. But if they are dark...
No I sent a pic of @RogerP's pair, but they just turned out this way. I'm fine with it, and just attribute it to Vass variance.
Latest arrival. I'm done with shoes for a while. I don't even have many pairs compared to most on this board but I feel like I just don't really need more. So I ordered some Vass double monks over a year ago but sold them due to the fit of K. @RogerP always made these look great and after getting side-tracked with other shoes, I decided to give these a try again on a different last. These new ones fit nicely. I didn't expect the design to turn out the way it did with the...
PCL = Polished Center Link DJ = DateJust, a Rolex model Brushed is a type of finishing to the metal that looks like a "grain" on the surface. It hides scratches better and has a matte finish. Polished metal, on the other hand, is very shiny and shows scratches more easily. Thus, you'll mostly find tool/rugged watches with a brushed finish, and more delicate/dress watches with a polished finish. And many watches will contain both types of finishing within the same watch....
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