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When I lift my arms on my CT shirts, the sleeve pulls up the arm 1/3 the distance of the forearm. When I'm wearing a suit, this causes the shirt sleeve to bunch up inside the coat sleeve and when I put my arms back down, the sleeve is all bundled up in the coat sleeve so that you can't see the 1/4" shirt cuff anymore. This is very annoying to me.   I think this is due to the CT shirt armhole for my body type being too low. I have another shirt from Nordstrom that does...
I just received a pair of Old English after exchanging for a different size from Ascot. These are replacements for my now-sold AE PA. I took the advice of rikod, Louis XIV and Torsion on sizing the second time around and they are a better fit. I think my next shoe will also be a Vass.          
I'm necro-bumping this thread. The whole reason I started this thread is we had a new guy start in my group and he kept asking about my clothes. Sometimes I'd give him vague answers and other times I'd be more specific because it would just look weird if I kept dodging.   Anyway, he's upgraded his wardrobe over the last year and for the items I told him about, he went out and bought the exact same items. I'm not talking about a similar style from a different maker, or...
Considering that June orders aren't even done yet, I wouldn't bet on it.
I vote for either Loake or Meermin for your first black cap toe. Research the sizing and you should be fine (maybe one return if needed). One strategy you can use is go to Nordstrom and try on a few pairs of AE so that you know what your size is. Then research here what your equivalent Loake or Meermin size is. Then buy.
If I get size 40.5 U last shoes, should I be getting 40 or 41 trees? I specified 40, but the above info makes me think I should be getting 41?
I have some Olfe oxfords and they are very comfortable. They feel like a normal width shoe. I can't close up the laces all the way so I would say they are normal instep. They fit similarly to my AE Park Ave's (now sold).
I have a pair of Hiro double monks and the instep is indeed high. I have to strap them up at the tightest hole (3rd hole) and I still get heel slip.
I guess I'd wear suit and tie if I knew no other information. But I'll say this much. I interviewed earlier this year at a smaller Hollywood movie studio and I knew going in that the attire there is completely casual (jeans, t-shirts, whatever). At the behest of my headhunter, I went in suit and tie, but personally I wanted to go in a nicer jeans look. Needless to say, it felt a bit weird sitting there in full blown conservative business dress when the interviewer and...
Good stuff. After going bespoke I too will never go back. Nothing off the rack fits me well (skinny at 145 lbs and 5'9" yet athletic 9" drop). I don't make a lot of money but I don't need to wear suits much. I just set aside a budget for myself to get one suit a couple years ago and another the following year (staple navy and dark gray). I don't really need any more suits than that for now. I figure if you only need a couple of suits, make them all-star quality and fit....
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