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Got these in today. Maiden voyage tomorrow. Thought I'd snap some pics pre-creasing.        
I'd say a touch wider than the blue line. Don't mind all the folks poking fun at you. Everyone's shoulders have some curve to them, so it's not an exact science of how to measure. Also, a lot of people on this forum obsess over the smallest measurement adjustments. 0.25" here or there isn't going to make a jacket go from shitty to great. Do your best to be accurate, and it's most likely good enough.
Of course both jackets can only be worn casually. What I meant by the word casually is that because the jacket is so heavy, it feels like a huge effort to put it on, walk around in it, etc. I can't just "casually" throw it on during a 10 min trip to the grocery store. I could with a lighter sweater made of cotton or wool, or even this Falcon lamb. But with the FQHH, it takes effort to even get it on and go for a walk in it. Perhaps the word "easily" should have been used...
The fur collar is in my closet. I anticipate I'll wear the jacket without the fur 99% of the time, but it's a nice option to have.The lamb is buttery soft. It feels good in thickness - not too thick or thin. The only other leather I have is an Aero in FQHH, which is thicker/heavier and frankly hard to wear casually. But it's nice to have options. I feel that at some point the lamb will scratch and wear down much faster than the horsehide.And yes, this jacket was mtm, with...
Received a brown lamb A2 last week.  
@diadem Yup I'd be pissed in your shoes (or lack thereof) too. You aren't bashing anybody or any brand. You are simply stating facts. You paid for a product and that product was not delivered as agreed upon. I have a pair on its way to me and I hope they come out well.
 Yes you can take the waist in. I took the waist in on my Sugarcanes 1.75"! The jeans fit great when I purchased them at Self Edge and after 5 wears, the waist stretched like crazy. I was able to fully button the jeans and slide them off my body without undoing a single button. That was way too much stretch. I also tapered below the knee. So in reality, all I sized correctly were my thighs. Even though I'm a thin guy, I guess my thighs are relatively large due to...
 How has the lamb held up over time? I see the couple detail shots, but are there areas where the leather looks frayed or worn down a bit too much? I ask because people have complained about the thinness, rips, tears, etc. I placed an order for a brown lamb A2 a couple days ago. I'm guessing the people complaining about the longevity are blowing things out of proportion, but I just wanted another experienced user's take.
Yeah I know prices went up since the TOJ days. Charly is talking about another increase on top of that. But it's unclear to me if it's just for black lamb or all leathers.
Is it just black lamb that's going up?
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