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A couple pics      
This configuration costs $850 on the website. My loss is your gain.   Brand new, never worn, just tried on briefly in house. Sadly it's a little too big for me. This is in black goat, and it's very soft and has a nice grain texture. The size is a stock 47 - please know your sizing - no returns. Thanks.
Brand new, don't fit and I will re-order a size up. Size is 40.5.   Asking $290 shipped in the US - you get a discount, save on customs, and don't have to wait. Please know your sizing - no returns.
I think I'm going to sell it. I find if you don't love something, you shouldn't keep it. It will just sit around. Might take some time to sell though or I'll have to take a hit.
As a side note, this jacket is in goatskin and it is very interesting. I own leather jackets in horsehide (not Falcon), lamb (Falcon), and now goat (Falcon). I think the only other common leather I haven't tried is calf.   The goat is soft and has a grain to it. You can't see the grain from more than a few feet away, but it provides some interesting surface detail. It isn't as soft as lamb, and lamb is very smooth with no grain. Goat does feel a little tougher than lamb,...
Quick fit of the stadium jacket from the sample sale. Should I keep it? It feels a bit big for me as a stock 47.  
Cross post, first time in WAYWT.     Aero Uniqlo Acne Carmina
Here are a few pics of my Aero. This is a work wear jacket but it's slim for one. I kind of wish it had a more fashion cut, but I guess that's just nitpicking. This always gets compliments from my friends whenever I wear it. It is very aggressive and attention-grabbing and thus I sometimes avoid wearing it. I have more subdued looking bombers without all the zippers and hardware dangling around.          
The suiting wool MA-1 looks way better than the TOJ version. The TOJ was too puffy and I hated that thing
Selling my brown lamb A-2 from Falcon Garments to make way for other clothing items. Great condition 9/10. There are some tiny fuzzballs on the interior side of the bottom ribbing, but this is expected with a few wears. The MTM measurements used to create the jacket are below, but it fits very close to a stock 46 or 47.   shoulders 17.0" chest (pit-to-pit) 20.8" waist 19.5" body length, front 22.0" body length, back 24.5" sleeve length, from shoulder 25.7" sleeve width @...
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