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I expect my November 2013 order to arrive sometime in the summer if he keeps up the pace. But knowing Drew, he'll come up with some excuse in a month like "My dog ate my homework."
Based on the few jackets received, it looks like Drew overestimated his abilities once again. Time is essentially up. We have 1 more business day in the month. Where is the large bulk of orders?
How long do most people average for getting a shirt? My first Luxire shirt took 2 months to receive. I did send in a shirt to be copied, but 2 months was still a long time. My second shirt is about to hit the 1 month mark and hasn't shipped yet.
From Drew's last post he mentioned motos will ship next week correct? Will he not honor his word once again?
They're trying to pump jackets out the door, which is about 5 jacket per month. In their sudden rush to get things out they are messing up orders. I have not once changed measurements or specs. I better get my bemberg and silver zips.
 It's actually called a cable knit like Kensington said. For whatever reason late last night I thought quilted. I am a small across the board for many brands (5'9" 150 lbs) and both of those cardigans above are size small. I guess they are slim, but it depends on your definition of slim. The J Crew above is also size small and it looks like it fits about the same so you should use that as a gauge.
I always enjoy looking at others' pics so here are some pics of cardigans. I ended up buying the hunter green quilted cardigan.   J Crew - Much thinner than the RRL stuff I was looking at.   RRL Chocolate. This didn't really look chocolate to my eyes. Mostly gray with very slight brown.   RRL Quilted Hunter Green. This was the most expensive of the 3 but I ended up buying it.
Lol maybe the guy is 5'1". Enough with the purses. What about the full leather jacket mass delivery that was supposed to have happened already?
 I'm a moto guy so I'm biased but from my recollection they've been producing varsities/TOJ0's , wool MA-1's, and other non-MTM jackets for the past year now. These shipments have been few and far between but when the complaints got loud, these were the jackets to come out. I want motos to start coming. It looks like a December guy got his jacket before many July-November guys, so Drew is probably sending specific make/leather combinations as they come.
What about the jackets? Are we still on track for January completion?
New Posts  All Forums: