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Thought I'd share pics of a shell wallet I got from Mitchell Leather 2 years ago. Outside is black shell and inside is burgundy CXL.    
Many people are overweight and have larger midsections than their hips. I do concede the average customer who would be interested in such a jacket would not be significantly overweight, but it might work for the right person. If he let it go for say 50%-75% of purchase price, he could use it toward another purchase. Since he is aiming for perfect fit, I believe this is the cost of doing MTM business as a consumer. You don't always know with 100% certainty that your custom...
 I am consistently getting what I deserve. I paid $800 for a jacket and have received nothing. So $800 = nothing. Perhaps for someone who spends $$$$ on jackets, it may be nothing. However for me that amount could have been used toward other purchases. With that said, I do agree that the jacket fit isn't great. But at this point, I would sell the piece if I were him. At least he has something to sell.
I have a November 2013 full leather spot available for purchase. PM for details.
Drew is sending by batches but he is going in chronological order. Good to hear that it's going to take him another year to deliver one month's worth of orders. At this rate, the 2014 guys will be grandpas. Thanks for the update.
Funny story. Back in early 2014 I was dating a girl who works in the fashion industry and has her own designs selling in Nordstrom and other higher-end department stores. I said, "I ordered a leather jacket 6 months ago and I'm waiting for it. It's going to be so awesome. The cut and materials used for the jacket are top-notch."   Her response was, "Dude, the guy stole your money!" She was half-joking at the time, but now looking back, she was totally correct. I wanted...
I have no qualms with Charly. I am very appreciative of his services considering the fact that he's not getting paid. He just feels guilty about the whole situation and is willing to contribute to finish out the orders. I very much respect that. It's his honor on the line. He has my utmost respect.   What I don't appreciate is Drew's lack of communication, blatantly false advertisements, leading on, lack of transparency, and the list goes on.   If he flat out came out...
 Right.... Because I brought evidence to the table, you are now trying to backtrack and call me unsavory. Pretty typical ad hominem response. But if you "hear of anything," sure pass them along...lol.
 Hey, why don't you send some people who want to buy the jacket then? Here's my ad posted several days ago with NO response... lol. http://www.styleforum.net/t/467547/toj-temple-of-jawnz-full-leather-spot-nov-13/0_50
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