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Lol 40.5, oxblood calf
Damn I just received some K last oxblood double monks today but they're too tight for me. I'll have to sell them. I'll snap some pics at some point.
EG is too rich for my blood, but I might want to try on some shoes when I visit Unipair in a couple weeks. Just for my mental notes, which lasts would be the main ones I should try on?
I'm going to Seoul in a couple weeks and plan on stopping by Unipair. I've only tried on Rain and Oscar before. Are there any other lasts I should try on? Simpson is on my list.
Got these in the mail today. The Skoak trees are very nice but very difficult to get in and out of shoes.   Rain, vegano marron, 7UK, Tomir sole   My first chelseas. This is my first time with Rain and they feel generous (not tight, not too loose). I think I want to try some black Simpson 7.5UK chelseas with full leather sole now.        
 Congratulations. Great username too.
FWIW I posted a few weeks ago about some shell budapester shoes where the right shoe felt tight. I paid $8 to my local cobbler to stretch just the right shoe and now it feels 10x better than before. He stretched it from the ball towards the toe, but not all the way to the stiffener for obvious reasons. If anyone experiences this issue, I highly recommend stretching!
I've always been curious, how do people know that these specific models are made by C&J? Is it the writing inside the shoe?
Cool, what kind of leather is your super heavy jacket?
No don't get Meermin. You've already graduated to the upper echelon. I merely stated that brand as an alternative to ae.
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