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I'm wearing the shoes today. They feel fine on my feet for most of the day. It's just a little tighter in the right foot, and I feel some discomfort by the end of the day. I'm not entirely sure if it's even the toe box that's the problem. I'm just going to keep wearing them and at some point may ask a cobbler to stretch them.
Just want to confirm. The general consensus is to size up 1/2 from Rain to Simpson? I don't own either, but I do own an Oscar lasted boot at 7UK. That's pretty much the size I wear for all brands.   Vass U last 40.5 C&J 325 boot 7UK Carmina Oscar 7UK Meermin Olfe & Hiro 7UK Allen Edmonds 5 last 8D US   I believe I'd be 7UK Rain and 7.5UK Simpson. Correct me if I'm wrong.
I think it's cordovan steerhide.
Agreed. I don't think he's dressed very well and his angry facial expression is annoying.
I'm probably going to pick up some Carmina Chelseas this upcoming season from Skoak. I wish they had more full leather sole options, but I guess the climate there warrants rubber for many shoes.   I last ordered from Skoak 1.5 years ago, and I remember paying no customs fees. I see online you can ship Fedex for cheaper than USPS. If I go either route, I assume I will most likely not get hit with import duties. Is that correct?
By the way NAMOR, how many pairs of shoes do you own? You must be a damn millionaire to be buying a pair every week.
Funny cause I was hoping to get the darker version you got your U last budapester boot made on.
Lol antic cognac.
After wearing these guys for a couple months I am feeling discomfort still from the right shoe only. It feels too tight, mostly in the toe box. The left shoe feels fine. Can I take these to a cobbler and ask him to stretch the right shoe slightly? Keep in mind these are shell and a wingtip.  
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