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Good advice above. I used to wear business casual for 10 years. Thankfully I have a job where I can wear jeans everyday now.   If I had to start again, I would say this for shirts. Go to your local Nordstrom Rack or outlet and pick up shirts for $20-$30 a piece. Make sure they fit in the neck and shoulders. If they are baggy everywhere else, that's ok. Take them to a tailor to slim them up and add darts. One of my best fitting shirts resulted from this method. Then when...
 Yeah, it's called food. But in all seriousness, I hope your bank gives you your money back. Frankly I think all of these legal pursuits, facebook bombing, newspaper publications, police reports, etc will end up nowhere. Guys who have no skin in the game keep coming in here and poking fun at all the victims, saying they are not doing enough. I think most people have done enough. What is the result of dww's behind-the-scenes investigations? What is the result of all these...
 I've owned a balmoral in Olfe and a double monk in Hiro, both in size 7UK. I am also 8US D in AE 5 last. I have the opposite problem as you - my heel slips out of Hiro but is nicely snug in Olfe. So I will say this: Hiro has a wider, bigger heel than Olfe. However, the toe box is a bit narrower. Olfe fits me very well, but with Hiro I get heel slip. The toe area is a bit more narrow with Hiro, but it's not uncomfortably narrow. That's the best description I can give.
Decided to clean these guys up. About 6 months (1x per week) wear. I like how shell cordovan looks when it's conditioned and cleaned up. But after 2-3 wears or any bit of rain, they look like crap.      
I applied it with a clean rag. I was surprised and happy when all the stains just came right out. But note from my pics that it takes much of the color away from the leather and you have to apply polish to achieve the color you want. Also, loving the "discussion" going on right now
Order placed for brown waxed flesh. This will be my first work boot and I'm excited more so than I have been in a while for a pair of shoes. The iconic Viberg beat-up WF pic that makes its rounds around here drew me to this style, but I couldn't justify the price. Viberg charges an arm and a leg for their products and I didn't want to shell out that kind of money. From all the pics I've seen and the material I've read, it seems these Truman boots will be a fine alternative...
 I don't own F last, but it will definitely have a tighter toe box from my reading of the Vass thread.
Thanks for the input. I'm trying to minimize tailoring costs. I like the measurements of the 29's more than the 30's. How is the quality compared to Epaulet Rivets?
I've never purchased a Gustin garment before but I want some chinos. Does the waistband stretch at all? I'm a true 31 and want to get the 29's (which are measured at 30). My experience with most brands is the waistband will stretch.
-Double leather sole tapering to single at the waist -Flush metal toe taps -Comes with original box, shoe bags, lasted trees -Free shipping to continental US, international extra -No returns so please know your size.
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