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I am looking to buy a Filson x Levis Trucker Jacket sized M   Please let me know price! Thanks!
Anyone have worn pictures of Navy blue boat mocs? I recently got a pair of navy boat mocs but debating if I should exchange for brown. I don't have any navy shoes so I am out of my comfort zone. I primarily have brown shoes (wolverine 1k miles in brown, iron rangers in amber, quoddy bluchers in burnt toast suede)
any luck man? i'm trying to find a rucksack also
any luck man? i'm trying to look for a rucksack also
Hey guys,   Anyone take advantage of the TannerGoods grab bag/sample sale?   If anyone got a wilderness rucksack and want to sell it or trade it let me know!   Otherwise, post up what you looted!
WTB: Tanner Goods Wilderness Rucksack pref. in tan but any color is okay.   It can be a factory sample from the grab bag or a new/used one. Let me know, thanks!
Bought at the LA sample sale and they don't fit. My loss is your gain!
or both for $25
Worn at most 5 times! I don't have fungus or smelly feet!
one is worn 2 times other is worn ~6 times. The good Gap selvedge not the ones that gave Gap a bad rep. These are noticeably stiffer and thicker than previous ones.   25/35$$
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