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Saw some dude wearing this season's print tee today. Looked really good under an over shirt. +1 to the ocean print
Benesyed, where are those from?
I'm usually a 31, and I got a 48. Fits a bit loose in the waist for me, which leaves me wondering what a 46 feels like. If anyone in NYC wants to do a potential swap meet up, PM me. Otherwise, I gotta think about how to do these pants justice... people post fit pics plz
Pretty excited about finding an electric blue cotton pocket sweater in B/S - it's probably the pocket sweater variation I've wanted the most.
Has anyone ever gotten anything from WTB listings? I've never found anything from those I put up, and I've never sold anything to other people's either.
Just went - didn't see any S but did see XS (cardigans, collegiate jacket, etc.) There's a good selection of pants left - probably cause you can't try them on. If you know your size, you should go.
Is it worth going to the sample sale after the first day? Would there be anything left in Medium? Can't make Friday, but debating whether to go on Saturday.
Suede harrington and baseball jacket are the two pieces I regret not picking up.
Yeah not sure what's going on with FW14. I bet some brand consultant told Ervell to start branding his stuff to get name recognition
Gruntle - how does that cardigan fit you (and how tall are you)?
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