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@OccultaVexillum any more details you can share on those shorts? They look awesome.
Price includes shipping and tracking in the continental USA Payment by PayPal only No refunds FW10 Size 38 (Medium) Made in USA 100% Wool exterior Measurements S2S: 17'' P2P: 19'' Body Length: 30.5'' Sleeve Length: 25'' Condition: 9/10. Barely worn. There's a slight coffee stain remaining on the inside lining of the jacket that wasn't able to be fully removed from dry cleaning. Not very noticeable (see third photo), and doesn't appear on the exterior at all.
I've been eyeing: But, I don't know if I can wear it everyday because of the color. Anyone have fit pics?
A lot of interesting stuff in this thread. It's funny that most posters here seem to end up in the same place, which is trying to pare down their wardrobe (vs. increasing size). It makes sense given most of us are not fabulously wealthy, so there's the money, space constraints etc. I've pretty much followed the same path. I really like the idea of a "mobile" wardrobe that I can easily take with me whenever I move (since I move a fair amount), so by definition, that forces...
I actually avoid any Schneider pieces with Mohair in them. Although it rules out a lot of great looking cardigans and scarves, I just can't stand all the shedding (maybe this only affects OCD people like myself?). Also makes the choice of what to buy easier
For the cotton versions, you could risk a hot dry and see what happens. I tried that once with a newer dryer unit, and it worked pretty well but I knew I was taking a chance with the fit afterwards. For the alpaca ones... not sure.
Price includes shipping and tracking in the continental USA Payment by PayPal only No refunds Extremely rare grail from 2009 Rare size (8.5 EE) Topys added, to prolong life of boots (not noticeable) Barely worn For reference, I wear 42 in CPs, GATs, and 8.5 in Converse.
Preordered the Jacket Canvas from Cruvoir. Didn't see it get a lot of love on SF but I'm pretty pumped : [[SPOILER]]
At least you'll look good. Fit pics!
Getting addicted to Schneider shirts... so soft and comfy. Surprisingly warm too
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