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 gd the man himself actually responded to my email personally. what a rad guy.
anyone have thoughts on OL lab blazers? i know the fits on some of their suiting can be a lil wonky at times. and i'm worried about this looking a little too formal. basically i'm just looking for a relaxed casual cardi-esque blazer that i can work into my limited minimal-ish wardrobe. any other recs along these lines would be appreciated. i know barena stuff is a decent option too.
LMAO that is awful   ok unrelatedly, have any of y'all ever emailed geller (the brand, not the guy i know i know) using the address on are they pretty good about responding?
essentially bnwt w/ tags, only tried on.   50% cotton, 44% wool, 6% nylon fits me quite well as someone between 44-46 usually.   and i think this could work well from a slim 46 as well.   if you have any other questions, just let me know! will put up more pics soon. it's a beautiful coat!
ah, ok. the best advice i can offer then is that the Geller x CP zip boots i have right now fit basically the same (i.e. slim/narrow as hell) as my other CPs, so i'm guessing you'd want to stick with your normal CP size. but someone else with more experience might have a better answer.
i have to size down one for CPs, Geller collabs included. i think that's generally the case. i do know some people go TTS with CPs though so?
just scored the standard FW14 chelseas for a ridic price on yjp! i'm too weak. at least they're technically my first 'chelsea' boots, i guess :|   anyway, there's a pair of the black/grey version in a 42 up for another hour or so, and they're still pretty cheap right now given the current exchange rate. price is sure to go up a bit, but i figured it was worth a mention considering.
Got this for an amazing deal on Rakuten, but I haven't been really able to wear it due to weather, so I figured it would be best to let it go/pass along my savings to someone who could actually use it. It's in great condition! Leather is lamb. The only real small flaw is a tiny hole (like, a loose stitch or two & too small for anything to fall through) in the right pocket lining, which could be fixed up with the right tools. Would definitely be best for a standard 44/xs,...
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Bought this on on a whim, and even though it's really really nice, I'm not sure whether or not it works for me. It's brand new, with all of the tags still attached. The price includes fees but not shipping. Sorry about the stock photos, but the only camera I currently have around is my iPhone.   The coat fits pretty oversized, so even though it's tagged a 46, it would probably work for a 48 as well.   Just let me know if you have any questions!
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