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I'm currently wearing a pair of ray ban glasses, model 5150. They're plastic frames that keeps sliding off my nose every other second. I'm unsatisfied with how they look on me and I'm looking for a pair of round frames. I initially ordered a few browline frames from Shuron to see how they would look. I tried the Zyl and Timberline and unfortunately with my Asian facial features, I was unable to fit it. The nose bridge would hover above my nose even after adjusting the nose...
And uh, getting your shoe size measured is a free service right? I can just go in, get measured, and leave without feeling guilty?
Am I a weird dude with super fat feet or something? Does the majority of men have size D feet?
I just go in and ask to be measured?
7D had a really huge gap. I'm thinking maybe moving back up to 7E or 7EE. I don't live close to an Allen Edmonds store so I can't really try it out and it takes a week or longer for the exchange process.
This is the guy who had a super wide gap wearing a size 7D walnut strand. I took the forum's advice and moved down half a size and wider and exchanging it for a 6.5E. Here's how it looks like:             The ball of my feet still feels like it's on the widest part of the shoe, which was also true for size 7D. My toes aren't cramped together but the circled area and the upper area feels pretty tight. It's also a lot harder for me to slip my foot in the...
As I'll be applying to college soon, I think it's about time I get myself a watch. However, with my budget, I'm willing to go maybe $250 max for a watch. I don't want anything too extravagant, if there are any in this price range, but nothing cheap like a swatch watch. Does anyone have a recommendation of a good watch that might fit my needs?
If the ball of my foot is on the right location, should I go for a 7E instead of dropping to a 6.5E? It also seems a bit cramp around my pinky toe area.
Perhaps an inch for larger sized shoes but probably not for a size 7 shoe. It's definitely more than a thumbnail, but my thumb isn't exactly the largest. I marked the general area where my big toe should be when I stick it up to meet the top of the shoe. I've also worked a little on paint showing where the ball of my feet feels like it is. Should it be at where the cap toe ends? The knuckle of my big toe is about where the cap toe line is.
How much space should there be between the end of the shoe and your big toe?
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