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 I'm not sure if that's the case and if it is, I don't think it'd be that big of a difference. My right big toe is a bit more "swollen" than my left big toe though and curves up a bit as well. Do you think the boots should be fitting like this? Should I try to stretch it out through wearing it more?
Just got my first pair of cxl service boots in the 2030 last. They're also my first unstructured boots so I'm not sure if they fit right. They fit snug which I have no problem with and the ball of my foot lines up and my feet don't feel cramped. The problem is when I'm standing or walking, I feel a bit of pressure on my big toe of my right foot, with my left foot being fine. It's not painful but it does get a bit uncomfortable and annoying. There's also a very slight bump...
Looking for a pair of Viberg brown chromexcel service boots in the 2030 last size 6.5. I prefer the older models with a cap toe, partially structured, and stichdown, instead of the goodyear welt currently being used. I live in NYC and willing to do meet ups. PM me to negotiate price.
Looking to purchase a pair of Common Projects Achiles Low in white size EU 39. Please send me pictures of the shoe and the condition they're in. Willing to negotiate price. I am located in NY.
What's holding me back is I want a darker brown than that that's closer to color 8 but I'm not 100% sure if I want the purple-ness in color 8.
I've seen some people put in their shoe tree partially into their service boots because they didn't want to mess with its partially structured toe. Can anyone confirm whether putting the shoe tree in entirely does anything to a partially structured toe or is that just being overly careful.   Also, an impossible choice to make but should I go with the brown cxl or color 8 cxl service boot if I can only afford one.
Looking for the sold out snap backpack in military from Everlane. I'm in New York City and willing to pick up if you're in the city.
I'm thinking about getting the snap backpack in military but they're out of stock. Does anyone know when everlane generally restock? I'm also interested in purchasing a used one if anyone is looking to selling theirs.
I'm about to pull the trigger on another bayswater peacoat. Can I get some opinion on whether it's better after being tailored or the original?
        I recently tailored the Bayswater peacoat from JCrew and I'm not completely satisfied. As for my body specs, I am 5'5, about 120 lb, 34S in chest, and 28 waist.   The first three photos were before they were tailored. I felt there was too much room even with layering, especially in the back. I also feel like the length was a bit too long but shortening it would put the last buttons too close to the end so I wasn't sure if I wanted to do it. The last two...
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