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Any feedback on the "moleskin" Rick uses on the AW14 DRKSHDW hooded bombers?    du14f4764/MAD   Drape differently? Warmer?   Thanks!
Great, well I'd love to buy your mainline down version ASAP. Please pm me back so we can get this done!
Can anyone give me a general idea of how warm this might be for a NYC winter:   I'm able to get a big enough size that I can layer a bit if need be....I just don't want to be investing in a winter piece that isn't quite "winter" enough.   Thanks guys.
looking for RO down parka, bomber, hooded bomber etc.....haven't been able to find any in sz 54. holler if anyone has a link or a deal!
still available?
anybody?! it's getting cold here!
Looking for RO down filled bomber, hooded bomber, exploder parka etc. in size 52/54 or XL/XXL. Willing to pay for what's available
Looking to purchase bombers/jacket/parka. Fear of God tanks and hoodies as well.   Size L/XL, I'm 6'4 205lbs.
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