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Looking for RO down filled bomber, hooded bomber, exploder parka etc. in size 52/54 or XL/XXL. Willing to pay for what's available
Looking to purchase bombers/jacket/parka. Fear of God tanks and hoodies as well.   Size L/XL, I'm 6'4 205lbs.
sent pm
can you provide any more pictures or product information?   thanks!
are you willing to sell the jacket out right?
I am looking for this Thom Browne Thick Plaid Flannel in Red/Navy in TB3. I've seen it described as gingham as well. Haven't had any luck finding it in my size this past year.   http://www.barneys.com/product/502881340,default,pd.html   http://www.lyst.com/clothing/thom-browne-mens-longsleeve-gingham-flannel-work-shirt-red/
I'm looking for Common Project Achilles in sz 45/46. Preferably black/black, black/white, white/white, grey/grey. Lows and Highs.   Deadstock or VNDS preferred.
Sorry about the tone of my response, but honestly, your comments on the answer I gave for your question in my thread, which I am looking for honest and helpful advice was, at the time, seemingly offensive and condescending.    I never said that the 42L Napoli fit the "same" as the 44L Jort. Rather that, again, "the roomier/boxier fit of the Napoli line in a 42L allowed me the breathing room I needed in the shoulders and back area,  but because of my smaller waist size and...
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