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 This statement infers that there were 2 camps, you were in one or the other. In reality it was not that clear cut - many skinheads were on the early Northern Soul 'scene' (not that it had that name then) and some of the clothes mentioned were worn by both skinheads and soul fans who were not skinheads. In fact, they still are. Photos of the Twisted Wheel 1969-1970 show styles that we would recognise as late Mod and Skinhead as well as other types of clothes.
 Agreed - a very 1972 look. I'm pleased to say that I never wore either garment.
 Looks a bit of a hotch-pot of styles to me - Skinhead/Suedehead/Mid 70's Northern Soulie
 As promised, an update on the Twisted Wheel. We had a good night on Friday as we had a nice chat with others, the music is always good and we did plenty of dancing. The club itself, however, was VERY quiet. I would say that there were about 50 people there - we all congregated in the smaller of the two rooms and everyone who was there decided to make the most of the night and we enjoyed it. Early on we had a good chat with Pete (featured in video clips that have been...
 OK, No worries.
Yes, It would be good to meet up. Had I the I T skills, I would post a link to the web-site but as I am The Anti-Geek, I'll have to point you in the right direction - www.twistedwheel.net. Location, prices, play lists, even photos of recent events, it's all there. Oh, I appear to have done it.........
 As you are aware, the Twisted Wheel closed at the end of January 1971 but lots of other places carried on the 'scene'. Big clubs that people traveled to were in Burnley and most notably Blackpool Mecca - right up your street! You could most certainly have carried on, had you so wished.(and still been in the area!) I never went to the original 'Wheel' as I had just turned 16 when it closed. I had only just started going to the local soul club in Shaw (Called the 'Motown...
 M-o-M, You have always struck me as being pretty clued up about music.
 I shall be at the latest 'new' Twisted Wheel tomorrow night!
 Clouseau - that pretty much sums me up!
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