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 As ever M-o-M, it depends on the old time and place continuum........
 Colin, took your advice about a visit to Brick Lane market last Sunday, we really enjoyed it and I picked up a very nice navy fly fronted mac, so thanks for the tip. I was also reminded of another of our number as there were two skinheads discussing the shoes one of them was considering buying ......... in French!
 Fair play, M-o,M, you really do have a photo for every occasion!
  If I had been asked to date this photo, I would have said the summer of 1971 - i.e late skinhead, becoming suedehead. (and therefore  returning to more of a Mod image) It's all about the time/place continuum - slight variations in clothes and length of hair in different regions at various times make it very difficult to accurately date things, so our opinions will always vary.
  Yes, got it on Blu-ray last week and watched it over the week-end Hmm ... I'm a bit reluctant to be critical as I understand the affection and care with which it has been put together but I have to admit to being a bit disappointed.  I enjoyed it, funnily enough, until the point where they got to Wigan Casino. Thereafter the plot (already pretty predictable)  drifted a bit aimlessly and became a series of random incidents, some not giving anything to the main story - I...
I think Steve McQueen is a great example of the issues we've been discussing. Not of true 'Ivy League' culture, he borrowed some of the look to develop his own style. He was not a devotee of Ivy as he did not slavishly follow the look and wore many other types of clothes. Surely this is the essence of Mod through to Suedehead - we adopted and adapted those items that suited us at a particular moment in time, regardless of where the origins of those influences arose. 
 Clouseau - I must admit that I don't understand the difference between 'Ivy League Style' and 'Preppy'. I'm sure someone on here can enlighten me!
 Isn't this a bit of a contradiction?  He also states that after Elvis Presley wore it in the film 'Kid Creole' in 1958 it crossed over to main street and became an American Staple. So ... British Golf jacket ------American Celebrity Golf clothing ---------Ivy League apparel ----------- American main street staple ---------- Soap star wear --------Mod and Skinhead icon.  Cross - fertilisation indeed!!
 The Harrington jacket is an interesting case in point. Originally designed and manufactured in the North West of England in the 1930s (Some dispute as to whether it was Manchester, Burnley or Stockport who produced the very first) named the baracuta jacket. It became popular in the US as a golf garment. It was also worn by Elvis Presley, James Dean and Frank Sinatra, none of whom, as far as I'm aware, with Ivy League college connections or were particular devotees of the...
   Prior to writing my submission yesterday I got up early and watched Animal House - I had forgotten just how funny it was - corny, immature, unsophisticated and at times slapstick humour, but how I laughed!  
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