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 Hi SoCalBoy and welcome.  Yes, I have one of these coats, though mine is navy. Very nice material and  smart looking. If you are thinking of purchasing one you need to be aware that they are slim fitting so if you buy one in your normal size it will not fit over a jacket - you may even need to go 2 sizes up depending on what you wish to wear under it. They are also a little longer than the classic Crombies we wore in our youth.
 Can't comment on the truth of this or otherwise. What I can say is that none of us would have been seen dead near a donkey ride - that would have been considered VERY uncool.......
 Certainly as late as Easter 1972 (the tail end of 'Suedehead' in our area......)
 Yes, true for the Manchester area too.
Good call - I have a silk hankie my Granddad gave me in 1971. I wore it with a blazer then and wore it to a soul club only last year!
My old Levi denim jacket, originally bought in 1969. Unsurprisingly it doesn't fit now as I was 14 or 15 at the time. I wore it through the skinhead and bootboy eras, for 3 years as a student and even to go to work when I was 23. A couple of years ago I got it down from the loft and gave it to my girlfriend as they were quite trendy at the time.
 'Old' money made sense. Goods often come in packs of 12 - a box 3x4 - so, if something was 5 old pence, then they were 5 shillings for a dozen. Drifting right off topic here...........  still, fits with the era, I suppose.... For our younger members (and those overseas) 12 pennies = 1 shilling . 20 shilling = £1 A throwback to the Roman occupation was that the pound symbol £ originally stood for Lira and the symbol for a penny was d, which originally stood for dinar...
Best of luck with the op. Ed. Look forward to seeing more posts from you as soon as you are able.
 Levis were £3 7s 6d. Levi Denim Jackets £4 7s 6d in 1969 If I recall correctly. Wranglers were slightly cheaper. My first wage packet in the summer of 1971 was £10, minus National Insurance, so the Levis were quite expensive. LPs were £2.25 in 1971. Funny how the value of things has changed. Good quality jeans can still cost dozens of pounds but CDs (albums!) can be picked up very cheaply - in 45 years they only gone up 4 or 5 fold in price. Compare that with the price of...
To be honest, I can't remember. There were certainly no gangs who called themselves "Anytown Suedeheads" unlike the numerous, "Crossley Skins", "Royton Skins" , "High Crompton and Heyside Boot Boys" (Although it was actually HCHBB - they weren't painting the Sistene Chapel!) you saw sprayed all over the place between 1969 and 1971. My guess is that once the Richard Allen book 'Suedehead' hit the streets that some of the younger lads probably did. My memory of the 'look'...
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