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 Botolph - Good for you! I don't think anyone is suggesting that you shouldn't wear one. If it's right for you, then it's right. I believe that most of us on this forum select those items from 'the look' that suit us now and add to them to create our own style. I wouldn't get too concerned about some of the comments, most of it is tongue in cheek - I don;t think anyone feels as strongly as "abhorrence". I'm sure some aspects of British humour must be unfathomable to those...
 Sirryacus, This is what we mean by 'Donkey Jacket'    
 Yes, and over something that none of us even wore!
  Didn't really think we were having an 'argument!'  
 Clouseau and cerneabbas - having said all of of that, there is an illustration in the Nick Knight book 'Skinhead' which shows a skinhead in a donkey jacket, so they probably were worn at one time in some areas. Collarless 'union shirts' were apparently also worn but I I never saw any of these either. Yet more examples of 'time and place'.
  Sorry, M-o-M, you beat me to it!
 Yes, supposedly based on the style portrayed in the film 'On the Waterfront' - though to me it looks more Rocky Balboa than Marlon Brando...... With regard to donkey jackets, they were not an item worn by skinheads in our area but I did see some on visiting Aston Villa fans in September 1970. Generally the Villa fans were 'bang on the money' with their look but I had never seen a skinhead in a donkey jacket before that day - maybe they had come straight from work? In...
 Mine was navy blue with red, white and navy piping on the collar and cuffs. My memory is that most had coloured piping - another local variation?
I had a friend who bought a pair of flares (trousers, not jeans). I'm guessing that this would have been in 1968 (we would have been 13 at that time). To get them to hang as he wanted them (or maybe because they were a bit too big) he wore them with braces. Three other mates thought these trousers were great and highly fashionable, so they bought an identical pair. They also wore them with braces. Growing up at that time we had always regarded Mods to be the trendsetters...
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