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 Yes, very popular with girls at our school.
Thanks Browniecj. I'm a bit of a begger for dying. Based on recommendations from this site, I have recently purchased a pair of Mikkel Rude sta-prest. The web-site said they were 'stone' but on trying them on after delivery, I felt as if I was going out to open the batting at Lord's! I have now dyed them off white/stone and am chuffed to bits with them. Incidentally my tailor (a grandios title for the ex-mod who does my alterations) was in absolute raptures about the...
  Note width of turn-ups and popularity of 'double denim'. This was an extremely common look in the north of England during the skinhead era. As stated before,  80% of the lads at the back of a northern football terrace at this time would be wearing denim jacket and jeans with boots. Speaking personally, this was pretty much my appearance from late 1969 to early 1971. M-o-M , I was always lead to believe that these were Blackpool lads, would you know if this is true? I...
 Welcome Chris, At this time, would you have described yourselves as 'skinheads'?
 Happy Birthday for yesterday M.o. M.
  Of more concern is what they are doing!!!!!!!!!! Looks like Roy was spot on with this one from the outset..............
  Happy Birthday, Ed!  Keep up the good work!
 No, but I have been wondering what happened to that young chap I used to see in the bathroom mirror every morning!
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