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 I agree - I have a number of 'trucker' style jackets - mine are all denim and made by Levi. Only one of them has side pockets, that one is only ever worn  under another jacket. The others are all the 70500 style that I wore in my youth. I've bought one off e-bay, others I have found in charity shops. They are in different states of wear from almost new to quite faded. I have dyed some other colours.
I was right in the throes of it ........ Wranglers were slightly cheaper. I think that there was also a preference for the style - they were  wider and weren't quite as dark indigo as Levi's when new, so took on that slightly faded look a bit sooner. Personally I wore Levi's and went through 2 or 3 pairs  before finally buying a pair of Wranglers in 1971. From 1969 onwards jeans and trousers generally got gradually  wider culminating in what we have been discussing...
 I would say that by 1969 and through to 1971 that Wranglers were by far the most commonly seen jeans in the North West.
 Sorry M-o-M, I wasn't inferring that you did, I could see you were implying the opposite. Unusually for me, I jumped straight  in with a reply without carefully choosing my words.   The point I was trying to make was that not all football fans of the era were skinheads or skinhead types. This was especially true in 1968 and before. 
 I agree Gsvs5 - lots of lads were of this appearance in the mid to late '60's. (and not just football fans) As I wrote in one of my very first posts ("When I was 17" - page 754) about this very period  - "Your average football hooligan of the period was as likely to be of this appearance as he was to look like a forerunner of the skinhead" The epaulettes in combat jackets were sometimes adorned with club scarves - sometimes scarves of other clubs that the wearer had taken...
 M-o-M That's exactly the point - they are not skinheads. This photo illustrates an opinion I and all my mates held at the time. I didn't raise it yesterday as I may be perceived to be merely a biased, bitter and vitriol filled Manchester City fan - but as all of those things are true, what the hell! Back in 1968 and 1969 it was a commonly held belief amongst City fans that WE were the style leaders in the area and that united fans were either greasers or scuffy nobodies....
 I remember red and black ones being popular at City in 1969. Our 'away' strip at the time was red and black striped shirts.  
 Judging by their faces, it is 1968 and they are no longer champions, having lost out on the last day of the season......... to City! (AKA the club 'with no history')
I thought I wasn't going to post any more of these stories!!
 Spot on cerneabbas. Villa went down to the Division 3, as it was called then. in 1970. One of their early matches that September was at Rochdale and as City were away that Saturday Gary Mayal, another skinhead in my class at school, and I decided to go as we knew there would be lots of Villa fans there and that it would consequently be an 'interesting' afternoon. What an understatement! There would have been about 9000 there that day and 6000 of them were Aston Villa...
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