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 During the 70's (October 19th 1974 to be exact) I went to see Roxy Music at Leeds University (now known as a 'legendary' venue). Bryan Ferry's solo albums, which I bought that year on cassette, were the first recordings I had bought by a white artist since 'Bits and Pieces' by  The Dave Clark Five in 1964.
 And the whole country rejoiced!
 Yes, I remember getting soaked walking home from a League Cup quarter Final at Maine Road which was played on a Wednesday afternoon due to the floodlight ban. No public transport either. During this period there was no hot food in the college refectory - we lived on salads and fruit for a short while. It was at this time that, at the age of 19, my teenage spots miraculously finally disappeared. I have been eating 'healthily' ever since!
During the 70's we still referred to Nestle as 'Nestles'  as in 'Nestles Milky Bar' "The MIlky Bars are on me". At one time any kid with glasses was known as the Milky Bar Kid, then later they were called Joe 90.
 So (with apologies to those who may have read this on another thread) a personal view of how the look evelved:  Autumn 1969 - I was wearing brown work boots with commando sole, turned up Levi's, plain BD and fairisle sleeveless v-neck pull-over. Top coat was a Parka with fur around the hood. At this stage (Age 14) my skinhead experience was confined to hanging around street corners and the football terraces where I had already been involved in one or two 'incidents'...
  I have just tried to find it on the internet, but no joy. I'm sure it must be on there somewhere!
 Funnily enough, Gsvs5, you and I have had this conversation on this forum in the past - March 2013! It just goes to underline how varied the skinhead look was, both in different areas and over time. To add to Ivyskin's comment, there was no definitive skinhead outfit, the look evolved from Mod to Suedehead in slightly different ways and times over a 3 year period.The archetypal skinhead uniform of cherry red Doc Martens, turned up jeans, checked shirt with braces showing...
 Yes, 'peanut' - shape of the head with short hair. I don't recall skinheads in Granddad vests either though one or two pictures have appeared on this forum. Maybe a regional thing. Similarly, collarless 'union shirts' were supposedly 'skinhead wear' but I never saw anyone wearing them.
Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to you all.
Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year to you all.
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