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 Wing tip brogues very late mod/skinhead in our locality. I'm wearing a pair right now!
  Just had a look on your site Mr. K - VERY nice brogues!
 More of a slight diversion.
 Once the Germans knew of the plan they reinforced the area. It was months later when the Canadians were finally able to take Arnhem.  WAY off topic but the failure to break into Germany in September and the need then to consolidate in parts of Holland allowed the Germans to counter-attack in the Ardennes in December (The Battle of the Bulge) This cost the allies a lot of casualties and the Germans fought hard thereafter to keep them out of Germany.
 Sorry, I'm drifting quite a bit off topic there......  I enjoyed This is England' as I didn't relate it to 'our' culture, so didn't judge the clothes or the style in which they were worn, I just thought some of it was really funny - especially Woody. I could probably relate to his speech pattern! I think it is set in Nottingham, but some of it is filmed in Grimsby.
 As an action film it is really good. It is the historical accuracy - or rather slant that I object to - Elliot Gould single handedly building a Bailey Bridge to keep the operation on track. (People there at the time don't remember any American involvement) The film focuses on the crossing of the River Waal at Nijmegen by US troops under fire in small boats but omits to say that they had failed to take it on schedule in the first place. In fact, the Americans had failed to...
 The trouble is, we'd all disagree about it! We wouldn't have done that, we never wore this,  that never happened, the music is wrong  etc. etc. etc. etc............... As M-o-M is no doubt acutely aware, this is the inherent danger of producing a book about the period.
 I'm pretty much the same - some films are so inaccurate they are an insult to the intelligence - particularly if you have a little knowledge of the subject. Some of my pet hates: Boy In The Striped Pyjamas - but for the tragic subject matter, it would be laughable. Warhorse - One day someone will make a great film about the First World War - unfortunately this wasn't it. Pearl Harbour - Corny in the extreme - some of the early scenes are nauseatingly insulting to the...
 They were probably that bit older and so had a bit more idea how to dress. Most skinhead girls I knew at the time were only 14 or 15 - it's the old 'style' versus 'fashion' debate. Even today I see teenage girls who follow the latest fashion and probably have no idea that they look awful, whereas some look good because they have a better idea of what to wear for their body shape and colouring - Oooh, I'm turning into Mr. Royton, the stylist!
  Like this? (next to the end on the right) 
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