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 Not his bus, obviously!!
 Anyway, back on topic..... In our locality, to be viewed as 'authentic', the leather patches had to be cut from a bus seat. (yes, they were real leather in those days!)
Thanks for the responses fellas, (and apologies to everybody else for straying off topic) that's interesting.   Far from there being a 'northern'  accent they are many and varied.If we take the old Lancashire boundary, it used to include Liverpool and Manchester which both have quite distinct accents (Liverpool heavily influenced by Irish and slightly influence by the Welsh, Manchester having a quite distinct nasal sound introduced by Jewish immigrants) other towns have...
 It's just taken me ten minutes to work out what you were meant to be saying!! Incidentally, north of Birmingham posh people (and those who would like to consider themselves posh) also say baath instead of bath and lorf instead of laff. Both sh*t and sh*te are in common usage! A question I've often pondered - can people in London tell whereabouts other Londoners are from by their accents?
 I would say that the drawings are an accurate depiction of styles we were wearing in 1971, though it was more likely to be Blazer and trousers than suit (or later in the year, suit jacket with different trousers)
 Thanks to brownie's recommendation I have just finished reading "Mods - The New Religion" and a very interesting read it is, too. It dispels many myths about Mod clothing that have grown up over the years, particularly I think since the Mod revival of the late 1970's. Whilst many of us associate the three button mohair suit as the quintessential mod outfit, photographic and anecdotal evidence in the book reveals that between 1962 and 1967 Mods wore many styles of suits...
 The most frequent combination for denim jackets was two buttons (ie the two chest buttons) You occasionally saw one or three buttons fastened but two was by far the most common. When I got my original Levi Jacket down from the loft to give to my girlfriend a couple of years ago, I had to have these two button holes repaired, such was the wear on them, all the others were OK. For blazers (and later, suit jackets) top button only was the most frequent. The style was top...
 Looks like I've got a fortune hanging up in my wardrobe!
 I can only speak for our area. In our immediate locality there were very few West Indians anyway, so therefore very few black skinheads. I would say that they would lean more towards our culture and style of dress than any other (or was it the other way round?!?) and I can remember a couple who were skinheads/suadeheads in terms of dress and the people they went around with. In terms of Manchester, there was a larger West Indian community centred on Moss Side. This is...
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