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 And not only about teenage fashion ... I remember reading an account of the first London Marathon in the Sunday Times where it was reported that one of the favourites had dropped out because "he had run in to a wall."  Cue much hilarity amongst the running fraternity ..............
 Yes, and painters' white 'bib and brace' (dungarees).
  "You're Ready Now" was also very popular in places we went at the time (again, nor really a soul record)
 Actually, I do see it as seamless, both in terms of music and fashion tastes. When I did a bit of DJ'ing in my student days some of the younger students were into NS and brought me records to play, however they did appreciate and dance to lots of the other stuff I played which was a mixture of contemporary soul and 'oldies'. As has been mentioned before, talk to a dozen Northern Soul fans and you will get a dozen different interpretations of what their definition is. What...
 M-o-M,   I've delayed a response to this until I viewed the latest NS documentary which I have just done on catch up. ('though I'm sure I've seen it before..... ). I never considered myself a Northern Soul fan (although I'm a soul fan from the North) as, at it's zenith in the mid 70's I was in my very early 20s, living the campus life as a student. It was only much later in life I realised that some of the music regarded as 'Northern Soul' was in fact the music of my (and...
 Not DMs but other types of boots - in fact, in 1967/68 we used to call them 'Greebo boots'. They used to wear them with thick socks rolled down over the tops of them. Not long after, the same types of boots were being worn with turned up Levi's and referred to as 'Bovver Boots!'
 I agree - I have a number of 'trucker' style jackets - mine are all denim and made by Levi. Only one of them has side pockets, that one is only ever worn  under another jacket. The others are all the 70500 style that I wore in my youth. I've bought one off e-bay, others I have found in charity shops. They are in different states of wear from almost new to quite faded. I have dyed some other colours.
I was right in the throes of it ........ Wranglers were slightly cheaper. I think that there was also a preference for the style - they were  wider and weren't quite as dark indigo as Levi's when new, so took on that slightly faded look a bit sooner. Personally I wore Levi's and went through 2 or 3 pairs  before finally buying a pair of Wranglers in 1971. From 1969 onwards jeans and trousers generally got gradually  wider culminating in what we have been discussing...
 I would say that by 1969 and through to 1971 that Wranglers were by far the most commonly seen jeans in the North West.
 Sorry M-o-M, I wasn't inferring that you did, I could see you were implying the opposite. Unusually for me, I jumped straight  in with a reply without carefully choosing my words.   The point I was trying to make was that not all football fans of the era were skinheads or skinhead types. This was especially true in 1968 and before. 
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