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Really like the shape of the Grant Indy. Which retailer offered this?
Navy Dundee arrived 2 days ago.  Been really busy and haven't been able to take pics and upload till today.  No blemish on the shell and color looks great.  The issue I have is that I requested for a midsole to be added with the Dainite but it looks like they missed that one (or the midsole is really thin).  It doesn't look bad but I wanted a more substantial stance.  I'm debating whether to ask them to resole.     Chili reverse with Dainite.  But they missed the...
Great shade.
Anyone knows the status of the Chicago store MTOs?
Thanks. I've been on the fence about getting a Navy Dundee in on of the trunk shows. Can't decide between the flat vs reverse welt. These pictures give s me a good idea how the flat would look.
Would like to see how it looks. Thanks.
CXL Bayfield
Loads quickly and images clear when zoomed.   Looking forward to see the new pictures. 
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