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Great shade.
Anyone knows the status of the Chicago store MTOs?
Thanks. I've been on the fence about getting a Navy Dundee in on of the trunk shows. Can't decide between the flat vs reverse welt. These pictures give s me a good idea how the flat would look.
Would like to see how it looks. Thanks.
CXL Bayfield
Loads quickly and images clear when zoomed.   Looking forward to see the new pictures. 
Just arrived yesterday .  Ordered these from Joe of TSM mid-June this year.  I still can't believe they are here already.         Comparison with my DC LWB. 3 months old.  Excuse the condition of the LWB.  They haven't been cleaned.  But I do feel the NST has a deeper hue.  
  I have asked Allison in the past if the Bayfield brogueing in the quarters can be removed and she said it could be done.  So it may be worth an ask.
New Posts  All Forums: