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By any chance, does anyone know who supplies Allen Edmonds with its calf skin? I'm doing a school supply chain project and I'm hoping to do it on Allen Edmonds.    Does anyone know Paul's SF username so I can ask him directly?
Thanks for the input, VinnyMac and MacktasticGDogg.   I guess I'll keep them then. 
@ridethecliche   I'm not sure what they are. They were naturally like this upon examination. It seems more like "ripples" in the leather when I touch it. If they're normal then I will keep it. I just wasn't sure because my right shoe doesn't have that. 
Gentlemen,   What are your thoughts on this seconds Larchmont? Would you keep or exchange for another pair?  
Can someone enlighten me when BB's shirts will be at its lowest price point (including discounts/coupons)?   I'm looking to buy a few to start building my wardrobe.    Thanks!
Does anyone know what last the Lamont is on? I couldn't find any information from Googling. 
Price quote for the following please:   Mora Bourbon 7E   Macneil Shell Burgundy 7E   Wide Basic Walnut 32
 No worries! Thanks for the information.
   cincikid, you can or can't stack the coupon with the 2/$250 sale? I might call in and ask for a credit refund if you can.   Thank you for the information. It would have been a really slick deal if I could have gotten 25% off $299 shell macneil.  Now I'm thinking if I should still purchase them.  
Does anyone know if you can use the 25% off tanger coupon towards a current cordovan shoe purchase?    By the way, can this coupon be used over the phone/email?
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