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In the future I hope they find a cure for gay then there wouldn't be a need for such debates any more. In the meantime if you are gay you should stop having that gay sex cause it is truly disgusting.
I would try the blue jeans.
Go cling on to your guns you gun nut. I bet you walk around all day with a gun strapped to your belt just in case someone shoots you in the back of the head.
Ronald Reagan is a man I can admire. He isn't a short midget like Ron Paul or a short midget like Rand Paul. I wish the media would groom someone else to be the 2016 Republican candidate, someone who at least has a chance.
Are you a midget like Rand Paul?
I actually don't clean toilets for a living. Not that there is anything wrong with cleaning toilets. But I think you have a problem with it and the people who do such work. Tell me, what do you do for a living? I would like to know what kind of work makes you feel so high and mighty.
I prefer people work at the office, better to get the work done at work rather than taking it home at the end of the day. Unless you are already working at home.
I bet you would enjoy it when kids get shot, like how thousands of kids each year get shot (and possibly killed) with their parents guns.I saw a video one time, it was a family going to the gun store to buy a gun. The fucker behind the counter showed a gun to the child (around 4 years old) and said "If you find a gun and see it has a bullet inside, leave it alone and go tell your parents". What a joke. Better not to have the gun in the first place you stupid gun nut. But...
Are these boots heavy? How do they feel for day to day wear?
Not really sure what BlackBerry is trying to pull, I ain't never buying their phones. Rather pick up an iPhone or a Android phone any day of the week. BlackBerry and their second rate phones have their days numbered.
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