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I was thinking light blue. And to the other dude maybe I have a wardrobe and can't figure out where this fits in...
Topic... What would be a good shirt color to match this
I picked it up at a consignment shop here in NYC but there are a few oddities with it. 1 being its custom tailored for Fox News channel. 2 there no tags on the pants besides the clasps that have H F engraved differently on both and 3 there is a tag at the neck of the suit with nothing on it.
Oh I thought mtm was a website lol I googled it and got mtm shirts
Why use mtm if I have cego and ls? Any other suggestions where to get a good off the rack fits
I would try mtm if I knew my exact measurements but I don't know them plus I don't know what kind of material they are and if its wrinkle free
Btw I live in NYC so I have all the shops around
Im currently a 16 1/2 neck about 2 months ago was a 17. Im a muscular build but currently havent been to the gym in awhile so I cant really fill out shirts with 16 1/2 necks anymore. My neck has stayed big but the rest of my body has tapered down. My chest is 41 inch. waste 32. Im a 32/33 length. Im 5'7'' 155lbs currently.   Anyway I went to JAB tried a slim fit. The guy even said to me he wouldn't sell me it because it was to baggy. Went to BB tried the extra...
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