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I searched this forum for age and date of manufacturer for age of suit, but couldn't find anything. How do I know if my blazer is a recent line or older line. I bought a BB golden fleece on ebay
So I bought a 34 waist Naked and Famous Wierd Guy fit raw denim. I went through a cut phase, so the jeans fit my legs since I still kept the mass, but the waist is now huge. How much will tailoring alter my jeans. Also, I only have been wearing these jeans for a few months. So should I wait till they are done stretching out and tailor, but I literally can't wear it now because the waist is too big. So what should I do?
It is a 90s model.
I called J.Crew when they had 30% off ad they specifically told me they don't take any discounts off suiting.
I was talking to this guy about a Hugo Boss Pasolini suit and he said that it is the fullest.
Probably gonna go with a J.Crew Suit, sucks that they don't take any discounts off their suiting. Not even the student discount... Also, there isn't a Suit Supply near me unfortunately.
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