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Lens, you are a light in the fog.
I feel like the John Adams experiment was simultaneously too great a success and too big a failure. Houston commissions a massive hit in Nixon, it goes on to great success elsewhere, everybody gets very optimistic-- then Klinghoffer happens and everybody panics. (Adams basically stopped writing opera properly so-called; Alice Goodman ran off to Oxford and joined the clergy.) Now we're seeing a little more willingness to develop, but a great deal more caution.
 The larger companies are, by and large, extremely cautious about new work, and that has trickled down. My hope is that the mid-tier and regional companies will gradually become a little more brave. For example, Missy Mazzoli's Breaking the Waves is getting rave reviews in Philly. I tend to find Vavrek's libretti pretty lifeless and thoughtless affairs, and Mazzoli's not my favourite composer, but it's a sign of hope, a least. American Opera Projects in Brooklyn seems to...
Those grenadines look fantastic.
 That's unfortunate; it seemed like a charming idea, particularly for chamber operas.
 But this time it's set in space! (I certainly don't mind new and interesting productions, but the concept of 'director's opera' needs to die a swift and merciless death.)
How are the other 'estate' operas faring relative to Glyndebourne? (It's well beyond that as a venue now, of course, but it's a point of origin.) Better, I'd imagine, than metropolitan companies in standards of dress...
I hate to say it, but I think a lot of death of BT in operatic circles has to do with the opera companies.   In the last decade, opera from Met to the lowliest, hardscrabble companies has become obsessed with the idea of making itself 'more approachable' and actively recruiting 'new audiences'. This has lead to some surprising successes, but a great deal of god-awful pandering, and to a general lowering of standards in every respect. They are producing, commissioning,...
On the formal front, here's a recent Toronto survey on BlackTieGuide.com's blog. Confirms much of what's been said here, adds a little more, and curiously overpraises Spiros...
Fuck you and your Paul Stuart haul! Unless that J. Crww blazer fits me, in which case-- Yvonne, I love you? /Casablanca
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