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On the formal front, here's a recent Toronto survey on BlackTieGuide.com's blog. Confirms much of what's been said here, adds a little more, and curiously overpraises Spiros...
Fuck you and your Paul Stuart haul! Unless that J. Crww blazer fits me, in which case-- Yvonne, I love you? /Casablanca
"Things Have Changed" remains a good late-period Dylan tune, in spite of its associations with formerly associated, deeply obsessed ladies.  The phrase 'whiny cunt' keeps leaping to mind.
VERY good time for cloth!   That pink and blue are infinitely more interesting than their current 'Makers & Merchants' OCBD offerings, though the striped shirts hold up decently to the eye.
Holy shit... fingers crossed for you on those.
 100% not-shell certainty reached: check the Florsheim website for that model number.  It's current, and it's calfskin.  And the creasing is visible on at least half of the photos, albeit just the right amount out of focus to cause uncertainty.
 Agreed... won't fit me, but goddamn that is hot. Speaking of Sammy, and their generous all-FC, all the time policy (and 44Rs)... 2B 'Star' model in taupe -- Available   Also available, H. Freeman & Sons 3/2.5 (rolls naturally, but not all the way over) in black-and-tan tweed of herringbone and barleycorn: 
Waiting for the Germans to reply in kind... maybe some #8ish Pferdeleder PTBs with yellow laces and black self-clocked socks?   P.S. Also love the natural welt above.
Those blue cordovan Rancourts are astonishing, but I'd *personally* want them a few shades closer to midnight-- probably because while I admire astonishing footwear, it stands out a little more than it should in my immediate sartorial context.
 I wish.  I obviously need to plan more trips to St. Louis around your operatic calendar.
New Posts  All Forums: