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Quote: Originally Posted by iammatt unlike Biscione I don't think the other one is all that interesting either. I don't either, actually. To me, plaid sports jackets should look like they couldn't possibly be part of a suit; the other one also looks like a suit jacket. I was just trying to be polite.
Quote: Originally Posted by voxsartoria - B That one actually works fairly well as a sports jacket. Maybe AndrewRogers is right; the flash took all of the warmth out of the fabric. Okay, I won't make any judgements until I see the end product. Although I must say, it's a pity that the amount of fabric was so limited, because those other photographs show just how great a suit it really makes. It's a good example of a plaid suit that...
Quote: Originally Posted by voxsartoria London Lounge Best of Both: - B IMO, that fabric would make a fantastic suit, but it makes a fairly dull sports jacket and a pretty ordinary odd vest.
Yes. I know that his pants were often cut shorter for his films in order to enhance the dancing... I wouldn't be shocked if his jackets were cut slimmer with skinny sleeves as well. In addition, a complicated dance sequence in black tie with low armholes wouldn't look very good.
I'm not so sure, but black and white tie should certainly be worn with slimmer sleeves like Astaire's. In any case, I prefer slimmer sleeves anyway. I personally think that they look better than the Rubinacci sleeves.
Those are still fuller; they're simply worn by men with thin arms.
I think that the difference is that the very slim sleeves are more acceptable in conservative environments these days because they're in vogue. I think that Agnelli and maybe even Astaire took the look to the furthest extreme that they could all those decades ago; any slimmer and it would have appeared that their suits were too small. In this way, I feel that although the sleeves are different, they act as equivalents (for their time periods).
Quote: Originally Posted by mafoofan Those are fairly full, though not billowing, sleeves. They are, but I would also get a flannel suit like that cut a little bit looser than a worsted. By means of contrast, the sleeves here are quite slim:
Thank you for the nice words, gentlemen. Quote: Originally Posted by mafoofan I'm surprised. Wouldn't it be more arrogant and fey to hold the glass nearer the base? On any given night I'll contrive to hold a champagne flute in a few hundred ways. You're just seeing the tip of the iceberg...
I have one. I love it, but I always prefer overcoats/topcoats when they're not dull. Mine is a topcoat, and it looks fine with a suit, but also great with jeans and corduroy trousers. It also looks good with a flat-coloured cashmere scarf; I particularly like it with a yellow one. I was ambivalent about it when I purchased it, but it has quickly proven to be a lot more versatile than I had originally expected. Not too many coats can translate well between formal and...
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