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Casanova '70. The Mother and The Whore. A few Greenaway films.
Congratulations; a third addition into a thread of famous Englishmen wearing completely unremarkable clothing. Not one of these looks is slightly more exceptional than the sort of thing one would expect to see on the regular businessman. In fact, a lot of this is the sort of thing that I'd expect to see on the regular businessman. Ill-fitting dark suits, mediocre black shoes, shirts too-large in the collar, no pocket square, forgettable ties... the list goes on.
Asia: whoever in India made that really terrible three-piece suit for one member. It looked very 1980's and had huge buttons.
I don't actually see any poll... Am I meant to go to the other forum? Anyway, lets just settle on Rubinacci for Italy. That makes everyone happy.
No. It can't be a 'Dumb Thread' because too many of these aspiring comedians consider themselves clever. Perhaps I've said too much. I think someone should bring up drape, armholes or 'iGents' now.
My proposal; a new sub-forum devoted entirely to esoteric jokes and bad attempts at comedy. Any thread that exceeds three pages in length will automatically go there.
I find it interesting how many dress shirts that were popular back then even in relatively conservative dress would now be generally frowned upon. I might add that the shoe in the advertisment is something that would be worthwhile getting copied by a cobbler. That's a cool design that couldn't be found anywhere today.
Casual linen and cotton suits. Casual linen and cotton sports jackets. White jeans and trousers with virtually everything. Slim above-the-knee shorts in subdued colours (khakis, white, blues). Slim-fitting cotton and cotton-cashmere cardigans in a variety of colours. Light-weight ties. A lot of cotton and silk knits. Car shoes, loafers, espadrilles. Those are basically the things that I'll be wearing in summer that I don't wear in winter. There are several...
This thread makes me happy to be studying in Europe. I wear a suit on campus whenever I feel like it. Nobody's repelled, a lot of people appreciate it, and most of them are girls. I should note, however, that I would never turn up in a charcoal or navy worsted... when I do wear a suit on campus I do it youthfully and almost casually. I also understand the allure of details, which girls notice, even if 99% of men don't. Fun socks, pocket squares, boutonnieres, etc. make...
Quote: Originally Posted by voxsartoria That is an interesting point of view. I'm not prepared to be that extreme. A three patch 13oz tweed jacket seems sufficiently "odd" to would be very rare in the US to see that as a suit, although I agree this cloth makes a handsome one. - B Well, I consider my tastes to be far from conservative, and I'm also very young, so we're likely to have different preferences. Still, I have never...
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