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Quote: Originally Posted by Cravate_Noire Biboy, if being in real life what his posts suggest, would be the e.g. I love how you explain a nonsensical term by making even less sense than before.
When I ate at Per Se I wore jeans and a sports jacket. Granted, I'm young, but no eyebrows were raised and I probably looked better than most of the guys wearing suits anyway. On another line of conversation, am I the only one who dislikes restaurants like that? Granted, the food is good, but I could name dozens of places in NY where I'd rather eat because they don't have that atmosphere. It's all a bit too anachronistic and melodramatic for me. Worthwhile eating at...
Well, I could post your flaccid private message that I chose to never reply to, but I don't want to start one of those boring internet arguments that can never be finished. So, lets just keep a distance between our worlds of 'unfound (?) petit bourgeois' and faux aristocracy. B.
Quote: Originally Posted by Cravate_Noire He just continues to bore people to death like he always did. You only say that because I never gave you my msn address.
Quote: Originally Posted by embowafa Not a fresco. Also, Christ has some crazy drape going on.
AA illustrations have always struck me as great cultural documentation. To me they're more interesting from that perspective than they are as showing clothing (because a great deal of the depicted clothing probably wouldn't look half as good in reality).
Quote: Originally Posted by Cravate_Noire Crosspost; Labelking approved arrogant limp hand posture: God, you're such a douche. It's only arrogant if someone else is taking the picture, and if the picture being taken was unexpected; an 'action shot' of sorts. Naturally, this best applies in social events where alcohol is playing some kind of a role. On the other hand, if it's a photo taken by oneself, alone, it's not arrogant. It's just nerdy.
Quote: Originally Posted by Eustace Tilley This classic post is all you need: According to no less an authority than iammatt: "the combinations are great." And here's FNB: "Your looks are terrific, I especially like the the first and last ones. The hotties mustve been digging you" What the fuck? I'm appalled by the discrepancy between those terrible outfits and the reactions...
I agree; if I were an actor or a racecar driver I'd be an eccentric, or at least stylish, dresser.
Quote: Originally Posted by RJman Have you been to L'escargot Montorgueil? It's snail heaven. That place is incredible. It's often a destination when I'm in Paris.
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