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Around 80 hours. I slept for about 10 hours afterwards and awoke still completely exhausted. Wouldn't do it again.
Quote: Originally Posted by Big A I apologize for offending your delicate sensibilities, and for not rising to the usual level of scintillating, wholesome, family-style entertainment we usually enjoy. Now go suck a dick. I can assure you, I probably have a much more open mind that most people here. I don't see how my decision to find a douchebag extremely lacking in wit indicates otherwise. I do like how you've since edited out the 'now...
Quote: Originally Posted by Big A It . . . was . . . a . . . fucking . . . joke. A really bad one, if I might say. Tasteless humour is actually quite offensive when it's not clever.
I've always considered cap-toe brogued balmorals to be a style that unquestionably looks best in black. Those shoes (in their original state) would've been fantastic with a black and white glenplaid. Maybe you've been manipulated a bit by the groupthink here into believing that black shoes are inessential, but they aren't. I think you'll regret doing this sooner or later.
It makes a great mid-season business suit. But I don't really think it should be worn outside of Italy (Northern Italy, really). This isn't just because I consider it rather imbedded in that culture, but also because virtually nobody would understand it outside of Italy. It's a perplexing cloth for those unaquainted with it, and it wouldn't go down well in an American office.
Everyone stop being dumb and read this: Quote: Originally Posted by triniboy27 It's so that you can either have the sleeves shortened from that end or if the sleeve length is right as is, you can have the button holes opened up. A lot of good brands do it. In my mind it makes more sense than putting functional buttonholes on a RTW jacket as arm lengths obviously vary between people. In this respect, it seems to be something more oriented...
Quote: Originally Posted by Big A I failed to read the entire thread so this may have been mentioned, but can we declare white jeans officially over? The ill-fitting white jeans that made repeated appearances on this forum, or just white jeans?
A great pair of black shoes is extremely elegant. As with most of you I wear brown shoes almost exclusively, but black shouldn't be neglected.
Quote: Originally Posted by NS88 Well, since you asked... Awesome. You are the argument for the existence of lifestyle pictures.
Winkelmann tends to wear stupid shoes. I'm not sure whether it's an issue with his feet, a desire for comfort, or an attempt at aping Agnelli's penchant for wearing hiking boots with suits. Whatever the explanation, it doesn't look good.
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