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Just get a topcoat with very soft shoulders. If it, and your jackets, fit well there should be barely any difference.
Quote: Originally Posted by LabelKing I thrive on fetishism, commodity or otherwise. Hear hear. After growing up with so much (beautiful) clutter I love living in a very pure, sparse place, where the few objects that require necessary exposure are as much chosen for their looks as they are for their performance. I can't conceive of owning many of the coffee machines that have been posted in this thread. I'd always turn to a high-quality...
I own a Rocket Giotto. It is one of the main fetish objects in my extremely minimal appartment.
I quite like the idea of a spartan minimal wardrobe, but I honestly have much more fun with a lot of clothing. My ideal is having dozens of dandyish suits and sports jackets too eccentric to be worn frequently, in addition to the sort of staples already mentioned.
I've always thought that Tsarist Russian banknotes of the early 20th century were exquisite:
Wow, that khaki point is very interesting. I've always wondered why I've never found a pair that looked particularly good. My best advice is that plaid suits look better on tall, slim men than they do on anyone else. Striped suits, on the other hand, tend to exaggerate our proportions. I also happen to think that it's better to wear topcoats rather than overcoats, as there's something distinctly creepy about a tall thin person in a long coat. You should do a 34L thread...
I like that if Fuuma wanted to he could probably do a vastly better version of 'classic mens clothing' than 99% of the people who bitch about him. Even if you hate what he does, he does it very well by fashionable standards and has clear style. I also don't see why how much he spends on his clothing should really matter.
Navy and charcoal (mostly the former). As much as I like them, 'fun' socks are completely inessential. I enjoy them because they're a bit naughty, but when they're worn poorly it looks absolutely terrible.
Quote: Originally Posted by MBreinin I hate the pants, and the fact that he is too old to carry this very young look with aplomb. A 60 year old man with a gut does not need to go around in super slim, super tapered pants. Quote: Originally Posted by Rob_Sutherland Plus the trousers are too tight for a 60+ year old man. I don't see why a lot of people here seem to feel that at a certain age men can't wear youthful...
Quote: Originally Posted by jaac How? I've heard stories of people in the army being kept awake for 2-3 days on training and things but 80 hours... It was a silly party that went on for days. I was fuelled by caffeine (amongst other substances), but I can barely remember the last 15 hours of it, and I was apparently making virtually no sense whenever I talked. I ended up falling to sleep/passing out mid conversation.
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