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Out in Long Island but I don't mind to drive to NYC or any of the boroughs.. but I am looking to get 3-4 pairs of jeans tapered. 
Im in NY/LI looking for a competent tailor to work on a few pieces.. any recommendations from SFers? or can anyone point me to the right topic to ask in. Thanks. 
Their model is muscular? LMAOO you small man
Received all my JE orders from Black Friday/Cyber Monday.. I like all of them, should of gotten each Villain color, the fit is perfect for me.. and this is coming from someone that has a hard time finding slim fitting clothing for an atheltic build... Probably has been asked already, will there be any Christmas promotions?
Is the Sand color more white or an off white? (maybe beige?) Anyone have problems with staining it easily or denim staining it? (possibly a silly question)
Where are yall from that has shipping that expensive? lol
Any photos of the Stacked Guy Black Wax denim? How do they fit? I wear a 33 in Nudie Thin Finn and 30 APC NS.
Did a lot of damage at JE lately.. hope everything fits fine.. :D   What happens if I want to exchange but my item is sold out? 
I am 5'10, 170lbs.. Muscular build.. went with a Large in the Villain. Hope I sized correctly, originally ordered a medium but sent in an email to change it to a Large. IDK why I thought the Medium would of worked. 
I was charged a flat rate and no tax shipped to NY. $5 shipping.    But I flopped with what I ordered lol.. I sent them 2 emails, hopefully I can change my order in time.. Ordered a Burgundy Villain, but would like Black instead. 
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