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I did, but its weird.. I feel like I could size down in the waist but definitely the thigh area will be very tight. 
That's where.. END is already below retail but they had a 10% off sale last month when i purchased
I have 2 pairs, very worth it. Looks better imo and definitely feels better. I didn't pay retail tho lol
Whats sizing for the JORTS? Same as Cast denim ?
   I hope it works out for me then. I'm 5'10 180lbs, Athletic build.. the Large Villain is fairly fitted. The Medium Kake better work lol 
I usually wear a Large in Villains.. but bought a Medium in the Kake Mock. I don't really care for the "oversized" look.. will I run into problems with the fit? Or is sizing down recommended if I don't want it to look oversized? 
    Completely unrelated :lol But the blue denim the model is wearing on the Product page, is Saint Laurent? 
Since the product page is unavailable for the Pigtail Mercer Sweaters.. what was the composition of the sweater? and also, is it heavy (can handle Fall/Winter temperatures) or Spring-Summer weight? I'm leaning towards Spring-Summer because it released in this season, just want to make sure.. 
Bruh I couldn't agree more.. JE is still relatively small, they should shit USPS in the US.. UPS Ground takes a week to get to NY, but I can ship returns back to Cali for less than $10 for 2 day service with USPS!!! USPS > UPS
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