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Did a lot of damage at JE lately.. hope everything fits fine.. :D   What happens if I want to exchange but my item is sold out? 
I am 5'10, 170lbs.. Muscular build.. went with a Large in the Villain. Hope I sized correctly, originally ordered a medium but sent in an email to change it to a Large. IDK why I thought the Medium would of worked. 
I was charged a flat rate and no tax shipped to NY. $5 shipping.    But I flopped with what I ordered lol.. I sent them 2 emails, hopefully I can change my order in time.. Ordered a Burgundy Villain, but would like Black instead. 
I picked up the Olive crewneck from Gap today.. Very impressed. Thicker than I expected. Perfect for late fall/early winter with light layering. Went with a Large. I'm pretty bulky so it's pretty fitted on me.
I checked.. I was thinking something more fitted and less puffy. Their Reissue line looked good, but it seems as if its being discontinued or a new season is coming? 
Bring this topic back to life.. I want a nice fitting MA-1 for this fall. 
What do you mean? Also does anyone know which season/collection it's from?
Legit Check on these please.  
Any sizing remarks on the Kanye x Army Sweater? TTS or go up one?
Anyone own these sweats and can comment on sizing? http://store.nike.com/us/en_us/pd/squad-strike-3-4-length-tech-soccer-pants/pid-1476506/pgid-10213062#Learn-More   or no where to find for cheaper? :)
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