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These were the two sizes I am torn between.. I wear a 33 in Nudie Thin Finn. 5'9 about 175... what are your measurements? 
 How tall are you? and what do you think a tailor can do? Make the holes wider ? lol you can do that
I'm trying to sell a Large in White Pocket T Shirt that doesn't fit me. Brand New, with tags. 
lmao bruh I've never seen that type of functionality on any other webstore lol
  Cargos do look nice here.. if im not impressed with the denim, I will definitely get a navy or olive pair..    I can't be the only who thinks this might be a sized down fitting? I'd prefer a fit like this.. is this TTS or sized down? Looks pretty fitted to me. 
How'd you size compared to hooded villian? 
lmaoo im sayin he's buggin
They probably pulled the jackets from Spring because of the 25% discount lol
Fit vid on your youtube ?
So no fit pics or info on sizing ? hmm
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