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Any Harlot fit pics? 
Acne Studios Ace Stay Cash Black  Size: 33x32 Retail: $230+tax Condition: 9.5/10 (Pretty much brand new, without tags. Worn one time.) ****************  IF YOU ARE AN INTERNATIONAL (OUTSIDE OF U.S.) BUYER, PLEASE ADD $25 TO YOUR OFFER FOR SHIPPING.  ****************
I did, but its weird.. I feel like I could size down in the waist but definitely the thigh area will be very tight. 
That's where.. END is already below retail but they had a 10% off sale last month when i purchased
I have 2 pairs, very worth it. Looks better imo and definitely feels better. I didn't pay retail tho lol
Whats sizing for the JORTS? Same as Cast denim ?
   I hope it works out for me then. I'm 5'10 180lbs, Athletic build.. the Large Villain is fairly fitted. The Medium Kake better work lol 
I usually wear a Large in Villains.. but bought a Medium in the Kake Mock. I don't really care for the "oversized" look.. will I run into problems with the fit? Or is sizing down recommended if I don't want it to look oversized?
    Completely unrelated :lol But the blue denim the model is wearing on the Product page, is Saint Laurent? 
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