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lmaoo im sayin he's buggin
They probably pulled the jackets from Spring because of the 25% discount lol
Fit vid on your youtube ?
So no fit pics or info on sizing ? hmm
If I size 3/Large is fitted in the Villains should I also get a Large in the Flight Jacket?    How'd yall size? Did you order your Villain size ? 
I searched very hard, and honestly I don't see it.. and code doesn't work for the JE Villain 
Why make this post and not share the 20% code ?
So the Midnight Hooded Villain is a dark/deep Navy ? 
  Anyway I can get this? 
Out in Long Island but I don't mind to drive to NYC or any of the boroughs.. but I am looking to get 3-4 pairs of jeans tapered. 
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