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Has anyone done an MTO Kenilworth in shell? I would love a PTB that's a little sleeker than the Leeds (if I had $600 burning a hole in my pocket)
 How can one get this 25% off coupon at any time?
I recently received my first pair of AE cordovans, Cambridge seconds from the $299 sale:     I already have mink oil renovator for my calf shoes, which I like very much. Is mink oil okay for cordovan or do I need to get VSC or Saphir Reno for these puppies? And can I use my burgundy paste polish that I use on my calf, or again do I need a special cordovan product?
 I like my Kenwoods quite a bit. Got them as seconds for ~$150. They're unlined so I've read some complaints about them pulling people's socks down, but that hasn't been a problem for me and i would imagine that's mostly a problem for people who do not wear over the calf socks.
 Seconds sales are pretty frequent IMO. The Labor Day and Rediscover America sales are annual occurences, so I think it's business as usual. With volume growth, there probably is (at least) a proportional increase in seconds quantity. Makes sense to unload that inventory to make room for the busy fall season and the new fall styles. I doubt they're being positioned to be sold...Goldner Hawn is pretty conservative and AE is presumably churning out the profits. They may look...
Got my order in for the shell Cambridge in burgundy! What a deal for $299. My first shells...
Has AE sold wholecut loafers or oxfords recently? I'd love to see them have a go at something like that - it seems the collection is lacking a nice clean wholecut.   Justin Fitzpatrick ("The Shoe Snob") is offering both wholecut oxfords and loafers in his first collection, and they're stunning IMO.     Also, I would love to see AE add bevelled waists to the Independence and cordovan collections.
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