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I just bought a cutaway poplin shirt from TM Jewin, twill was out of stock so had no choice. Thanks a lot guys !
Thanks for the reply. I had a look on Tmlewin and it looks really good. I need to ask though about the collar, should it be full cutaway or just cutaway will do? What about the material type, poplin, twill or maybe herringbone just like my suit? And yes Harvey Specter is my inspiration, Im just way younger then him, only 18 Ah and my chest size is 38.
The reason the chest is bowing is because it isn't flat. I was born with it like this so maybe that's why, I think its called Pectus Carinatum, doesn't really matter, I need to live with it. I do agree on the collar, it isn't as I expected it to be, now I am not really prepared to spend another ~30 on a shirt... I guess I have to. There isn't too many I could find, three of the few I've seen...
CBrown85, any suggestions on good quality not too expensive spread collar shirt then? The one I am wearing on the picture is Brook Taverner Poplin Slim Fit.
Washington Blue Herringbone Suit, Size 40. Sorry for the quality, I hardly have any time to do this. Pictures taken in the bathroom lol, I need a tripod, on my day off I'll ask my brother to take some better ones in day light pictures.      
This is what I call a detailed answer, thanks, let me add few words.   My first post sure made it look like the TV show has instantly changed my style, but I did say in another post that my usual style was classy just less formal than suits.   -True, most 18 year olds do not walk around in suits especially with ties and pocket squares, but do I really have to be like this part of "most 18 year olds". Interesting, but you have your point. -Yes, I have never worn...
Master-Classter, please explain, because I see it ending much better than just well. If this is about the confidence while wearing a suit, I have it. If this is about my age, then please... All I was looking for here was an advice on a suit and patterns, unfortunately people always have to come up with the usual crap. I respect your experience in fashion judging by number of your posts but give others a chance. Maybe I misunderstood your post, if yes - sorry.   I do...
Hello again.   Just came from work and the suit has been waiting for me. I must say the colour is just as I expected(very dark) and it looks amazing, unfortunately it is a bit too small and I have to exchange it for two sizes bigger. Material feels great and I love myself in it, now I can't wait to get it exchanged.   Would you like me to post some decent pictures of it?
VinnyMac, sorry but maybe I have not got it right in my words. Classy style was my normal style even before I've heard about the TV show, but it was more like classy-casual. After watching the TV show, something has changed in my mind and I have decided to get a suit after seeing how awesome they can really be, nothing wrong with that .  Anyway, I can't tell what colour it really is, I just bought it. We will see when it arrives, if it won't fit well, or the colour...
One of my friends told me that wearing a watch along with the suit at age of 18 would look too desperate, or rather "trying too hard type". I am not desperate, I just want to feel good.   @GBR. Too formal, but if I want to, is that wrong? Why not, I mean I like dressing smartly, will people look weird at me on the airport?    Thanks very much!
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