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Vogelsang .. one of the high Sierra camps.I think this was 3 shots from the N8, but my panorama app deleted the exif data for some reason.This is Merced Lake.. early morning
I feel like a lot of the DSLRs hanging on peoples necks don't really belong there.. but it might be a wrong feeling. I know my "talent" level .. a DSLR exceeds it by quite a bit But I do have one.. funny part is that I got it when I had no idea what I am doing.That is beautiful.. and it will be tricky for a digital cam, great DR. I have a canon F1... should use it more often,Whatever works best.. fz150 will be fine for your trip I think, you do need zoom so that would be...
Spot on.. thanks a lot!
I am going to a wedding (grooms man) and I need to get a light grey suite. I don't really need one, so I think its going to have to be on the cheap side.. maybe up to around $400-500. I know its not a lot of a suite, but its all I can afford so.. I will try locally, but I was wondering if anyone here can suggest an online sale, or a good website for that. The groom will be wearing...
I think developments in screen technology/polarizers might help with that.. I don't know if it will ever be perfect, but they will get better for sure.yes.. they will be around for a while, I just think their market share will shrink drastically. The better your iphone gets, the less they will sell. I think the PandS OEMs are lucky that Apple didn't come up with the PureView (nokia) tech first, otherwise they are capable of causing a lot of damage to the industry, kind of...
no D800 for you ? I've never had a Nikon, but the d800 is very tempting..
Zeiss did an amazing job on the 808's lens.. considering the size restrictions and the amount of detail it needs to resolve for that 41Mpix (1.4 um pixels) to make any sense.. ya, great work.Agreed.. I think a DSLR + smartphone is the best combo, everything in between doesn't make much sense to me. I've been using my smartphone for everyday/random clicks since 2010, no need for p and s overallNokia N8, no editing
Got myself a new smartphone from amazon.. that has a 41 megapixel sensor with a xenon flash stuck on it the results are very good indeed. some clicks, no editing.. you can click on the for full res
Skulls 2+ years in.. crouch is starting to tear.. What is the best way to fix this ? The stitching on one of the back pockets started to tear couple of months back, so I went to a random dry cleaning place and they fixed it..but its starting to tear again. So ... can a tailor do a better job ?
Here is mine
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