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I buy ralph lauren purple label on sale and for $15 my tailor takes in the sides. Oh so sweet!
Greetings,   I just got this suit and would love to hear opinions on the Zegna Corduroy Travel Model Suit. What is the quality, and some background on the Travel Label. The suit appears to be a little lighter and softer than I thought it would be before buying on ebay. Is  lightweight Corduroy suitable for all seasons? Also, I was surprised at how cheap the buttons were and that the paints were made in Switzerland and the Jacket in Italy. The seller claimed a retail...
Many Thanks   I guess I learned something new today.
Greetings,   I have been enjoying this forum for some time and this is my first post   I was hoping for some opinions on an Oxxford suit I bought on ebay. It was a NWT Solid Dark Navy of their HQ or highest quality model. I paid 1000 and believe it retails for over 4k.   After I got it back from my Tailor I noticed two things that concerned me, one is that are all these pin dot impressions on the underside of both lapels and 2 the sleeves have permenant...
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