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Bringing the discussion back around to ice cream since I think there were a few people looking for soft serve a couple weeks ago:   http://laist.com/2016/06/20/free_ice_cream_magpies.php   New soft serve place in Silverlake near Trader Joe's opening this week.
  Anyone else have this issue with the ISC workshirt? Kind of a bummer. It was just starting to soften up and break in and now this. Probably less than 15 full days of wear (half of which I wore it unbuttoned). I'd imagined the canvas would be way tougher. 
Any chance of Telegraph jackets ever being offered in S/R/L sizing?
Winsome is a pretty cool new coffee spot in Echo Park.
No worries - I honestly completely forgot about it until I saw the Chivas Regal thing on the Apolis instagram the other day. July works for me.
Did the glassware from Indiegogo ever get shipped out? I backed one but never received anything.
Salt & Straw was pretty underwhelming the only time I went. I'll stay close to home and roll the dice on some listeria at Jeni's.
 I've started going to Griffith Park Cleaners on Hyperion -- I've been happy with everything I've had done there, so far.
The fit guide for the MW x TS travel chinos links to the slim fit denim sizing chart - is that correct? Same exact measurements?
 I actually just picked up a few from their shop in LA earlier this week. It's early days, so I don't know how they'll hold up and how they'll fit after a wash, but early signs are I've found my new go-to tees. They fit great -- slim without being tight and long. The fabrics (one a pima cotton and the other some sort of slubby cotton) are really nice and there are plenty of options (short sleeve, long sleeve, henley, pocket tees, etc.) and neutral colors. The plain crew...
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