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 I feel like they're almost always on sale at Amazon, plus 30% off today for Cyber Monday.
 You could always just get the Stantons and have them tapered a bit.
http://needsupply.com/catalogsearch/result/?q=rogue+territory   25% off site-wide on Need Supply - seemingly no RgT exclusions. Seems like all sizes in core denim and ISC trousers/work shirts.
That's kind of a silly way to look at it. That's like saying there's really not much difference between 45 degrees and 40 degrees. While it's true in the most observable sense, 40 is definitively colder the same way 720 fill down definitively keeps you less warm than 800 fill.
It's always in person only in LA.
 I think they are fairly strict with their retailers as far as rules go, so not sure in general - but I have seen the Alden x J Crew Indy's on sale for $350-400 once in a blue moon.
Picked up a khaki plaid jumper and tan Ridgeline Supply Jacket on sale (separate retailers). Now going to cut myself off from the internet until Tuesday.
General Quarters sounds like some of their RGT will be on sale. Wheat and Co is doing 25% off and doesn't seem to have restrictions.
I've been using this card holder from Apolis for a few months now:   http://store.apolisglobal.com/accessories/leather-card-holder/#tan-black   It's super simple but functional and is wearing in nicely. I love how slim it is. Not sure how I'll go back to a bifold now...
 There are jeans made with Cordura. Proof NY did some but the cut was terrible.
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