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Snake Oil Provisions does (or at least used to) sell them individually. That's the same dilemma I had and ended up getting exactly what I wanted.
 May as well just switch to Snapchat only if that's how he feels.
  Some good dinner options: Bestia, Faith & Flower, Church & State, Bar Ama. Cocktail spots: Upstairs (at Ace), The Varnish, Honeycut. For beer Barrel Down is nice. Shopping wise, you have Acne, APC, and Tanner within a block of you. 3rd Street in the Arts District has some good stuff, too - Hammer & Spear, Alchemy Works, Apolis, Poketo, etc.
Gonna have to exchange mine -- I ended up sizing up from 40->42, mainly worried about the length and sleeve length, but both of those things seem to fit extremely long, so I'm going back down to a 40. Buttons were fairly hard to button, but that's to be expected on a raw denim shirt/jacket, I think.
  I have a pair of these black roughout Scout Boots from Mohawk General Store I'm thinking about unloading if anyone is interested. Total impulse buy which really doesn't fit my wardrobe and I can't really justify keeping them and not wearing them.   sz10.5, 2030 last, change of laces and original box included. Never worn except to try on about 3 times for 5-10 minutes a time. Haven't tried the marketplace or Grailed because I'm not sure what to list them at. 
Do you want to be my friend?
There's a spot on La Brea just down the block from General Quarters called Trading Post that seems like it may be up your alley. American Rag across the street should also fit the bill (somewhat).
Maybe I'm just being dumb, but I can't find the estimated ship date for the ISC work shirt. Anyone remember when it should be going out?
Lots of great deals on Need Supply's end of the year sale - ISC trousers, supply jackets, shirts, etc.
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