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I got mine at the sample sale, as well. Honestly, it may still be worth a punt. At that price you could easily get your money back if they don't work out. They're so, so nice.
  They recommend sizing down on the boots, so I sized down on both the boots and officer shoes and got a good fit. I usually wear an 11-11.5 in dress shoes and boots and went with a 10.5 in each and it worked out great.
 Make sure you follow their advice and size down -- I picked up a pair a couple weeks ago and went down from an 11.5 to 10.5. They're maybe the most comfy and well-fitting pair of boots I have, not to mention I've gotten boat loads of compliments about them.
Picked up a pair of Fatigue Boots and Officer Shoes for $100 and $80 at the sample sale. So, so good and an incredible deal.
Heavier, denser, more water repellent, four way stretch.
It's Primaloft, so it's really warm given how light it is. Great layering piece - it's not been too cold in LA lately, but I've worn it with a t-shirt into the 40s and been fine.
Yea, not exactly sure of the point of it... but the pen pocket is one of those things I never knew I needed and couldn't do without until I had it, so I put up with it.
I have a pair of brand new, unworn raw selvage 14.5oz SK's up on Grailed - but also interested in trading for some size 32's (with preferably less than 1 week of wear, though ideally also new). May also be interested in other RGT stuff - let me hear offers if you have them.
However unlikely, if anyone has a pair of LONG inseam Slim Dungarees in 33/Black you're looking to get rid of, lemme know.
 The Transit pieces are apparently designed to be layered - the bomber fits into the parka, etc. Ventile is probably about right. 
New Posts  All Forums: