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In my experience it only needs about 5-10 minutes in the dryer to reactivate. For maintenance, I spot clean until they're really dirty and toss them in the dryer for a few minutes every couple of weeks to maintain DWR.
 They actually said on Reddit the return policy is good on these, so check back for restocks.
I would if I could. Good choice.
 Haven't ridden or swam in them yet. Just wore around a few times a week. They pilled for me in the crotch where the fabric rubs together when you walk and kinda starting in the seat. It's not something that's overly noticeable, just an annoyance when F Cloth already has it's shortcomings (wrinkles easily, lint/pet hair magnet, etc). I won't buy anything else made of it.
 I ended up sizing down 1 on dungs because they stretch a bit and I rarely wash them. One size down stretched out comes out to just about TTS that doesn't end up too loose.
 They have some up now. I guess when they started offering the long inseam ones, they added a new pic.
 I wanted to follow up on the pair I ordered for anyone interested. I had some buyers remorse while I was waiting on them to arrive and wasn't even considering keeping them when the package arrived, but as it turns out, after wearing them a few times over the last week, I really like them. I think they looked a little more dad jean'ish on the site because, as usual, they use dudes that are like 5'9" as their models and everything looks stubby. Given they are more of a slim...
 Yes, I still think most of the outerwear is overpriced for what it is.  My point was that for the first time that I bought something direct from Outlier (ie. paid full retail, 10+ pieces), I wasn't sure the value was there. There's stuff I bought second hand, that I definitely like for what I paid, but may not have bought at full price... I'm just talking stuff I liked enough and initially thought was worth the price tag. I understand the concept of R&D, but literally the...
I love the New Ways for what they are, but I do have some problems with them. I haven't noticed much flare, but I have pretty thick legs, so it probably works out in my favor to have a tiny flare without the 4-way stretch.    F Cloth seems like a perfect shorts fabric to me. It's super lightweight and has just enough stretch. However, for the first time buying something from Outlier, I've found myself asking if it's really worth what I paid for it. Take a look at the...
 I've tried a couple pairs of Aether shorts and never thought they were anything special. Nothing technical at all.
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