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Got a canned reply without any real explanation from my email, so looking for other Camp Pant buyers input here:   Here's the photos of my pants, measured:         These are a tag size 32, which according to the size chart I ordered based on, should have a 34 1/2" waist and 8" leg opening. As the photos show, the waist is over an inch off and the leg opening is almost an inch off. I understand with mass produced clothing there is an occasional margin of error,...
 Thanks -- sent over an email last night with some photos.
 That's good to know -- after trying them on again, I was actually waiting to process an exchange until I find my tape measure and make sure I wasn't sent a mislabeled pair. My only TS pants so far are slim denim and since the Camp Pants said they were the same cut as the Chore Pants, I expected the same size to fit a bit looser, if not a lot looser.
 Same here -- went with my denim size but didn't account for lack of stretch. Gonna try to go up a size. Edit: Check that... They don't show up on the website in any form now, which I assume makes an exchange out of the question. Guess I'll just have to return them. Bummer.
Glacier Shirts have snap closures and are more like a Western IMO, where as the Yosemite is just a take on a normal flannel.
Got a shipping email Friday for my Yosemite shirt, but Camp Pants seem to be delayed.
Haven't seen any updates or shipping emails, but are we still expecting the camp pants and Yosemite shirts to go out this week?
 I've always wondered about this dish when I see it on menus and food/travel shows. It sounds exactly like you describe, but people seem to go crazy for it. Maybe we're missing something.
Not sure on pricing, but have you tried Maude? I used to live around the corner and the menu always looked amazing. Never tried it unfortunately.
Praise Jesus, the new sizing charts are live and they are fantastic. 
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