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Haven't seen any updates or shipping emails, but are we still expecting the camp pants and Yosemite shirts to go out this week?
 I've always wondered about this dish when I see it on menus and food/travel shows. It sounds exactly like you describe, but people seem to go crazy for it. Maybe we're missing something.
Not sure on pricing, but have you tried Maude? I used to live around the corner and the menu always looked amazing. Never tried it unfortunately.
Praise Jesus, the new sizing charts are live and they are fantastic. 
Nah, size is right on everywhere else, I just wish it was a little more tailored in the mid-section.
I'm thinking about trying to have my Ridgeline Supply Jacket tailored. It'd be my favorite jacket of all time if not for being so boxy in the mid-section, so I was hoping it may be able to be taken in a tad. Anyone see any issues with that? Are there any issues trying to work with the waxed canvas I may not be thinking of? 
Are the women's Sierra shirts in the workshop a sign that Yosemite shirts are coming in the next workshop update for men? I wanna order the camp pants and I want a Yosemite shirt, but if they're both going to be up at the same time, I'd rather just wait and order them together.     Edit: Durr, Answered my own question. They're up now, just haven't gotten the email yet.
 Good looking out -- just sent an email. Also -- anyone have both the camp and traveler shorts? Can't decide between the two...
Birdies has awesome fried chicken and is 24 hrs on the weekends. Pellicola is my favorite pizza downtown and they're open late. The Pantry is kinda ok in a nostalgic way. Stephanie's taco truck at 9th and Hill is almost always there til 2-3am and my favorite taco truck in LA. Daikokuya is open til 1am some nights (hoping they follow Sawtelle's lead and move it to 3-4am at some point). LA Cafe is always open, some stuff is okay.I still drive to Fairfax and go to Canters...
Bringing the discussion back around to ice cream since I think there were a few people looking for soft serve a couple weeks ago:   http://laist.com/2016/06/20/free_ice_cream_magpies.php   New soft serve place in Silverlake near Trader Joe's opening this week.
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