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Birdies has awesome fried chicken and is 24 hrs on the weekends. Pellicola is my favorite pizza downtown and they're open late. The Pantry is kinda ok in a nostalgic way. Stephanie's taco truck at 9th and Hill is almost always there til 2-3am and my favorite taco truck in LA. Daikokuya is open til 1am some nights (hoping they follow Sawtelle's lead and move it to 3-4am at some point). LA Cafe is always open, some stuff is okay.I still drive to Fairfax and go to Canters...
Bringing the discussion back around to ice cream since I think there were a few people looking for soft serve a couple weeks ago:   http://laist.com/2016/06/20/free_ice_cream_magpies.php   New soft serve place in Silverlake near Trader Joe's opening this week.
  Anyone else have this issue with the ISC workshirt? Kind of a bummer. It was just starting to soften up and break in and now this. Probably less than 15 full days of wear (half of which I wore it unbuttoned). I'd imagined the canvas would be way tougher. 
Any chance of Telegraph jackets ever being offered in S/R/L sizing?
Winsome is a pretty cool new coffee spot in Echo Park.
No worries - I honestly completely forgot about it until I saw the Chivas Regal thing on the Apolis instagram the other day. July works for me.
Did the glassware from Indiegogo ever get shipped out? I backed one but never received anything.
Salt & Straw was pretty underwhelming the only time I went. I'll stay close to home and roll the dice on some listeria at Jeni's.
 I've started going to Griffith Park Cleaners on Hyperion -- I've been happy with everything I've had done there, so far.
The fit guide for the MW x TS travel chinos links to the slim fit denim sizing chart - is that correct? Same exact measurements?
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