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 Yes, I still think most of the outerwear is overpriced for what it is.  My point was that for the first time that I bought something direct from Outlier (ie. paid full retail, 10+ pieces), I wasn't sure the value was there. There's stuff I bought second hand, that I definitely like for what I paid, but may not have bought at full price... I'm just talking stuff I liked enough and initially thought was worth the price tag. I understand the concept of R&D, but literally the...
I love the New Ways for what they are, but I do have some problems with them. I haven't noticed much flare, but I have pretty thick legs, so it probably works out in my favor to have a tiny flare without the 4-way stretch.    F Cloth seems like a perfect shorts fabric to me. It's super lightweight and has just enough stretch. However, for the first time buying something from Outlier, I've found myself asking if it's really worth what I paid for it. Take a look at the...
 I've tried a couple pairs of Aether shorts and never thought they were anything special. Nothing technical at all.
They looked decent on my tiny phone screen so I ordered a pair, but kinda meh now that I've seen them on a bigger screen. I'll probably send them back, but I'll try to post some thoughts on them based on at least trying them on.
I know it isn't new. You have the guys who are essentially professional resellers, but with social media taking off the way it has and hype rising to previously unseen levels, every kid with a debit card and smartphone is sitting by and waiting to jump on any size of any new release just to flip them for even minuscule profits.
Resell culture is taking over.
It seems like it could take a beating. Granted wool is always a bit less durable than full cotton/poly, but I don't expect it to wear through like their t-shirts are prone to doing (apparently, I haven't had one long enough yet).   Another option for a travel shirt is Wool & Prince. I have one of their full merino button ups as well and it's a much lighter (thinner) fabric. I'll probably wear it in the summer and the Merino/Co's in spring/fall/winter.
I really like them. I have one and just ordered a second. The material is nice but probably a bit heavy for anything above the mid-80s, depending on where you're traveling. I havent worn it when it was that hot yet, but that's about where I'd guess it would start getting uncomfortable, at least if it's humid like it is where I live. That said, the feel is excellent. The cotton in the fabric gives it a great hand feel for what can easily pass as either a dress shirt or...
I'll take it. PM'ing now.
Heads-up to anyone who may still be looking for a pair, Nike Outlet by me (and I assume all of them) have the original Flyknit Frees for $60 right now. Mine had black/black, black/blue and rainbow colorways.
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