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I got there before 12pm when they were having the Friends & Family early access and the rest of us lined up -- maybe 40~ people were lined up by noon. There was no line after that.
Much the same as the last few -- some of everything in almost all sizes. Fantastic hospitality as usual.    Some pricing:   Chinos $40 T-shirts $15 Short sleeve shirting $35 Long sleeve shirting $45 Chore jackets / blazers / etc $75   Some of the technical outerwear was in the $100-125 range, but that was as high as I saw. A handful of pairs of boots in size 13 for $50 (!!!). They also had a couple racks of prototype stuff -- some of which looked pretty cool!
I got around about 43 seconds of rain in DLTA today. It temporarily dropped the temps to only the low 90's. 
 Definitely agree with this. If you're into shopping, there's also APC, Tanner Goods and Acne all within half a block of each other at 9th & Broadway. You're also a $4-5 uber ride from the Arts District and tons more shopping and food. The area around Staples is kinda meh. Lots of corporate chain restaurants and stuff. If you do make your way over there, check out Hotel Figueroa and the Grammy Museum.
 Last winter the coldest days still had highs in the high 50's and low 60's. The flannel would probably be the only layer you'd need.
I really hope at some point they do Stanton's or SK's in the Strider fabric.
Isaora is doing an extra 15% off pants today, I believe.   I've nearly pulled the trigger on some pants from them before, but I agree, their model pics are always awful. 
I've never been to Fig & Olive proper, but they used to sell pastries to the coffee shop by my old spot in Beverly Hills and they were incredible.
 Passing it on to the customer in such an 'in your face' way was always going to lead to trouble. Just raise your prices across the board 3% and keep it behind the scenes. Especially when you consider the restaurants involved... if someone's going to go to Animal and pay $35-45 for an entree, that entree costing $36-46 now certainly isn't going to drive anyone away and most likely 99% of the guests won't even notice there was an increase. If it didn't come off like...
Trying to decide what to get. I love the western flannels but think I'll get to wear one of the plaid jumpers more in LA... It's all so, so good, though.
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