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Does anyone have raw 605s? How did you size? Pics would be cool, if you have any.
Looking to trade the attached photo of the Gitman for any of the following, in a size small:   Gitman blue or red dishtowel shirt --   This Gitman madras -- or this Gitman madras --   Gitman navy seersucker --   Gitman dot shirt --   Additionally, some medium Band of Outsiders stuff, small...
@edmi Seconded. I might even pick up a second pair. I'm usually a 30/30 in Levi's, but I bought a 30/34 and they fit me pretty normally, maybe a bit long but otherwise pretty great. And the texture is awesome.
Anyone have any fit pics of 605s?
I have one in large but am looking for medium, as a large is too big on me. PM me. I live in the lower 48 US States (California; willing to pay for shipping). Price set to $1 because I'm willing to hear offers. Or, I can make an offer if that's what you want. Either way, PM me please.
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